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Methodology of detection of tick-borne pathogens and statistics of their occurrence in the Czech Republic
This bachelor thesis deals with tick-borne transmitted pathogens and with ticks alone. In general, it focuses on ticks species, that are able to infect people. The Thesis is divided into three parts. The goal of the theoretical part is to refer that borreliosis and tick encephalitis are not unique infection diseases endangering human health. In this thesis, infection diseases are divided into bacterial, viral and protozoan. The core of my work is the empirical part, that uses the method of tick-borne pathogen diagnosis. In the practical part I have tried to detect pathogens in ticks by means of PCR and RT-PCR. The third part is based on statistical indexes, where I have compared laboratory results from years 2008-2018. I have analysed the results for a period of 10 years of testing and simultaneously the results of various infection diseases. Statistical data were compared with reports of infection diseases occurrence from the National Institute of Public Health in the time period.

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3 Brožková, Zuzana