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Analýza dopadu počítačových trestných činů na podniky
Belgoziyeva, Ulpan ; Pavlíček, Antonín (advisor) ; Böhmová, Lucie (referee)
Global networks enable businesses to operate beyond the geographical boundaries and to make their processes more efficient. However, with digitalization, there also comes threats for businesses and sometimes companies are underestimating the risks associated with cyber-attacks. As the topic is relatively new, there are not many studies that took a deep look at the impact of cyber-attacks on the businesses and analyze those impacts from different angles. The key objective of the thesis was to cover key aspects of the impacts that cyber crimes can have on businesses, taking into account the various types of cyber-attacks, no matter the size and the sector of activity in which the company operates. To achieve this, I used synthesis analysis of real cyber-attacks cases, and I have split each effect into various categories using classification analysis. Furthermore, to study deeply the consequences that cyber incidents can have on businesses, I have analyzed in depth two large corporations that have suffered such attacks, and I have interviewed 15 experts working in the field of cyber-security. This analysis helped to achieve a complete and segmented picture of the impacts that cyber incidents had on businesses and showed how significantly these could affect business.
E-commerce development study and future expectations in Albania
Buçpapaj, Etla ; Pavlíček, Antonín (advisor) ; Böhmová, Lucie (referee)
The aim of this master thesis is to analyze the local Albanian market of e-commerce and to determine the customer behavior of Albanians toward local e-commerce providers. Several studies have been conducted for developed countries. However, there is a research gap in the same studies regarding the developing countries. That is the reason why this thesis considers one of the smallest and on continues developing countries of Europe: Albania. In a fast growing globalized world where the internet is a leading engine, e-commerce is a must for businesses that want to compete and retain customers. Local businesses struggle every day to survive and to have profit in an economy which is globally oriented, and the movement of goods is easier than ever. A questionnaire was designed online using Google form and was distributed online via a social network as the target respondents are online customers. There were 300 relevant answers received from 19-25 March 2017. There is also included a case study in this thesis, analyzing one of the biggest local e-commerce providers in Albania which offers B2C and B2B sales. The results of the questionnaire and the case study show that the customer behavior is influenced by various factors: lack of trust, national culture, online shopping experience, exposure to the internet, infrastructure, family, marketing, etc.
Social Media Networks in Human Resources Management (Model Supporting a Recruitment of Employees)
Böhmová, Lucie ; Střížová, Vlasta (advisor) ; Basl, Josef (referee) ; Horváthová, Petra (referee)
The main goal and contribution of this thesis are to create an artifact in the form of model that supports a recruitment of employees via social media networks and its implementation into practice. For this purpose has been used a depth analysis of current state of researched problematics leading to finding gaps that could be eventually solved while using mentioned model. The Author takes advantage of knowledge obtained from literature research and also from self-created research, particularly the analysis of content type investigated social media networks and specific data obtained manually and automatically; Comparative analysis of job advertisements; periodic questionnaire survey amongst HR staff. A significant part of the research has also been an investigation of already existing frames of social media networks recruitment. A depth analysis of current state determines that there is existence only of few models dealing with social media networks recruiting. Furthermore, these models lack candidate evaluation based on the social media networks behavior. Artifact as a model that supports a recruitment of employees via social media networks contains a suggestion of an automatic solution dealing with user´s data downloading and also a suggestion of subsequent analytical data processing and the creation of a predictive model for assessing the user´s behavior on the social media networks. Final evaluation of the effectiveness of the proposed model is done through the formal verification process and the case study. The case study verification has the suggested artifact been implemented in practice with a name Model PM that is using a recruiting application (Práce na míru) for an extraction of Facebook´s data. For user´s behavior predictor setting has been used a character test (MBTI). With the help of the cluster analysis and machine learning (Decision trees) has been created Stochastic predictive model that determines a character type of particular candidate (The accuracy of the prediction of the MBTI personality category is in the range between 68 % to 84 % in individual cases with confidence value between 43 % and 81 %). The case study verified a usefulness of model that supports a recruitment of employees via social media networks, and afterward, the mode has been implemented into the practice.
Optimization of PPC campaign
Slabihoud, Jan Marek ; Čermák, Radim (advisor) ; Böhmová, Lucie (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to familiarize the reader with the principles of PPC advertising in Sklik advertising network and to describe the process of PPC optimization in order to increase revenue and decrease spending. In the theoretical part of this bachelor's thesis basics of PPC advetising in Sklik advertising network and the most fundamental terms will be explained. Those terms will be used though out all of this thesis. Advantages and disadvantages of PPC advertising will be mentioned along side with advertising channel synergy. After that theory behind search and display networks of Sklik will be introduced. A real client will be introduced in practical part of this thesis and this client will serve as an example for setting up an advertising account. During the process of creating individual campaigns methods of a particular PPC specialist with an explanation of why he does it this that way will be shown. When the setup is complete the optimization process can begin. There will be several methods of optimization listed for the purpose of increasing campaigns results. These methods have been also applied on the client´s campaigns. In the end PPC advertising will be summarized and the results of clients campaigns optimization will be shown.
Nové Trendy v Cloudu
Štefániková, Victoria ; Matuštík, Ondřej (advisor) ; Böhmová, Lucie (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the latest trends in SaaS. The main aim of this thesis is to explore, evaluate and analyze new trends in Cloud Computing based on theoretical knowledge. The theoretical part of this thesis focuses on defining the very concept of Cloud Computing and brings the reader more detailed overview of terms related to this topic. This part of the bachelor thesis also deals with an issue around trends in Cloud Computing. The practical part focuses more closely on trends in the Cloud, specifically on trends in SaaS.This part is devided into three chapters, where the first chapter discusses the current state of Cloud Computing, the second chapter focuses on the most disruptive technologies that are predicted to change the cloud around SaaS in the future. The final chapter is an analysis of the most likely SaaS trends in the future. After reading the bachelor thesis, the reader will be familiar with the current situation of Cloud and will get an overview of the latest and predicted trends in SaaS.
Comparison of marketing activities of the selected eshops
Urban, David ; Čermák, Radim (advisor) ; Böhmová, Lucie (referee)
This bachelor thesis is focused on comparison of on-line marketing activities. It deals with their application in e-shops with swimming accessories. The theoretical part describes the basics terms related to the topic. Firstly, internet marketing is characterized and then its key tools are defined. The practical part is about comparing the use of these tools by two different e-shops - store that sells only swimming accessories and large sports store which sells products from various sports. The aim of this thesis is to compare marketing activities of these e+shops. And then evaluate this comparison and identify recommendations for specialized e-shops. The contribution of this work should be the recommendations for improve of the use of the key on-line marketing tools for specialized stores.
Use of social media for recruitment
Brožová, Aneta ; Böhmová, Lucie (advisor) ; Čermák, Radim (referee)
This thesis focuses on the usage of social media in the recruitment of employees. Its aim is to propose an improved strategy for a selected company and subsequently verify this proposal. In the theoretical part, the study explains the areas of human resources management and its development, defines social media and presents statistics and as a latter, it reveals the principles of social recruiting, where all the prior mentioned areas meet. It also describes the functionality of the most widely used social media and its possible use in recruiting. The analytical part analyses the current state of recruiting in the company. Based on these data and theory, it drafts a new improved social media recruiting strategy. The conclusion then discusses the potential success of the strategy proposal through a questionnaire, whose results supported the strategy proposal.
Social Media as a Marketing Tool
Studnička, Jan ; Böhmová, Lucie (advisor) ; Čermák, Radim (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to analyse marketing tools of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and to suggest a recommended plan for small companies that wish to start using social media as a marketing tool. The aim is achieved with knowledge gained from a theoretical part of this thesis, which explains marketing, its forms on the internet and social networks. Further, an analysis of marketing tools of social media, particularly of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, has been used to accomplish a goal of this thesis, as well as a practical application of these networks for a Summer camp Gandalf, and an interview with an expert in this field, all of which are present in the practical application part of this thesis. Based on above mentioned analysis, a company Facebook page has been evaluated as the basic element for success on Facebook, because it offers enough possibilities for communication with a customer and good-quality analytics and marketing tools. An Instagram profile is a very good place for visual presentation of company with photos thanks to the simplicity, good arrangement and a growing number of users, its link to Facebook proved to be very useful as well. YouTube is then an ideal setting for sharing videos of company due to its popularity and cooperation with Google that can find YouTube videos directly in its search engine. A particular suggestion for small companies differs based on its type and result that the company expects from its use of social media. A very important aspect, however, is to create a good relationship with a customer by sharing and publishing a quality content. A contribution of this thesis is its critical evaluation of marketing tools on social networks Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and their utility for small companies. The Summer camp Gandalf was chosen as an example of applicability of these tools. In this thesis a suggested plan has also been laid out for small companies which are beginning on the field of social media.
Study of consumer behavior of generation Y on selected e-shops
Rubínová, Klára ; Čermák, Radim (advisor) ; Böhmová, Lucie (referee)
This diploma thesis analyses the phenomenon of adapting e-shops selling electronics and computers to the Generation Y in the terms of website usability. The theoretical part is divided into three main chapters. The first chapter describes a consumer behavior, shopping behavior and the difference between shopping behavior in physical stores and their cyberspace counterparts. The following chapter deals with the Generation Y and its characteristics. The last part describes the web usability itself, its common flaws in usability and the topic of web usability testing. The practical part is dedicated to a web usability testing on selected e-shops. The testing itself  was conducted by the user testing method, where all the tested subjects belonged to the Generation Y. A questionnaire and a guided interview were also used to gather information for the study. The survey revealed many elemental flaws in the terms of  web usability of studied samples and presented suggestions how to correct them. A big problem was found mainly in the design structure of the sites. Users were under constant advertisement pressure which has neutral or even negative effect on the Generation Y.
Use of oral history in the history lessons
Böhmová, Lucie ; Vaněk, Miroslav (advisor) ; Morávková, Naděžda (referee)
This work describes the use of oral history in history classes in elementary schools. It is a combination of history didactics and methodology of oral history. This work should be the instruction for including oral history into the lessons. Its aim is to prove that this method can be used even with children under the age of sixteen years and it is beneficial for them. Work was based on delimitation of oral-historical sources which are primary and secondary. Segmentation is based on the availability of sources to the students, if they can meet witness in person or they are familiar with his memories indirectly. The parts of the work are also two specific suggestions for the projects which use oral history.

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