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Comparison of startup ecosystem in Slovakia and in Czech republic
Pipasová, Jaroslava ; Bolotov, Ilya (advisor) ; Andera, Michal (referee)
This master thesis deals with the comparison of startup ecosystems in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The goal is to discover which of these two countries has more developed startup ecosystem. The first chapter aims to define startup and illustrates its importance and development in both countries. The second chapter analyzes the characteristic of startup ecosystem, startup financing and supporting institutions in the 2 countries. The final chapter contains a comparison of the startup ecosystems in both countries based on my research.
A Business Plan of a Fitness Center
Benáková, Denisa ; Olšanová, Květa (advisor) ; Andera, Michal (referee)
The aim of the master thesis is to prepare a business plan of a fitness centre and to assess its feasibility based on market competition and profitability. The thesis is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical. The theoretical part intoduces basic terms in the field of business, the importance of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Czech Republic, the founding budget, possible sources of funding and the structure of a business plan. The practical part is grounded on a survey constituting a foundation for the business plan, which is further developed according to the presented structure. In the end, the author discusses the rate of return.
Business plan: self service car wash
Slabý, Adam ; Andera, Michal (advisor) ; Mareš, Jan (referee)
The objective of this diploma thesis is to form a business plan for a self service car wash. It analyzes the necessary resources, tests the viability, and calculates the financial performance of the project. The thesis is divided into two main parts. The first part theoretical, mainly describes the structure, requirements and purpose of a business plan, especially tools for market analysis, financial planning or financing options available for the proposed project. The second part practical, is composed of an actual business plan drawn up for a self-service car wash in Karlovy Vary.
Dopady telekomunikační regulace na transformaci k digitální ekonomice v České republice
Čupová, Martina ; Andera, Michal (advisor) ; Novák, Svatoslav (referee)
This thesis analyzes the implications of regulation on the transformation to a Digital Economy. A gap analysis shows that Czech Republic is significantly lagging behind in terms of connectivity, which is an essential precondition for a transformation to a digital age. The regulator promotes the entry of the new player as a solution for this situation. However, a simulation based on Herfindahl Hirschman Index does not support this view. This outcome is further supported by the results of correlation between market competitiveness and network advancement, which does not suggest any relationship. These findings are in line with empirical evidence from EU markets, which prove that a three-operator market is efficient and delivers attractive competitive services to the customers and society. The root cause of this situation lies in the current telecommunications regulation, which failed to create a sustainable digital ecosystem for the transition to a digital economy. This paper concludes, that regulatory framework needs to be redefined to address new challenges ahead. The regulatory priority should be shifted from service focus to encouraging long-term connectivity investments, differentiation, and competition.
How IOT changes business model of Microsoft
Hruška, Jan ; Andera, Michal (advisor) ; Urbík, Jan (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to discover how an emerging technological megatrend, the Internet of Things, changes the business model of the Microsoft OEM team. OEM business is fully dependent on sales of Windows licenses; however, the PC market is declining and whole Microsoft is shifting into offering of cloud services while being financed by the OEM revenues. Nevertheless, the strategy of how the OEM team fits into the future of cloud offerings is clearly missing. To discover what changes should be made inside the current business model, 13 interviews with managers across Microsoft were conducted and analyzed. Identified themes were assigned to business model building blocks, ranked by the importance, and supported by relevant quotes from interviews as well as the theoretical background. The most important subjects of changes were identified as partners, activities and value proposition; however, changes will be seen in every aspect of the OEM business. As a result, specific changes in building blocks are described and the first steps towards the Internet of Things strategy suggested. That will ensure the relevance of the conservative OEM team in the connected future.
Analysis of factors that predict crowdfunding campaign to be successful / unsuccessful
Dang Dinh, Tu ; Svobodová, Ivana (advisor) ; Andera, Michal (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the way of financing projects using the online money raising - crowdfunding. This is a modern method of financing, which in the Czech Republic has been experiencing great prosperity in recent years. In this work there is an explanation of the concept of crowdfunding, description of crowdfunding models, its history and possible causes. In order to raise money by using crowdfunding, it is necessary to create the right crowdfunding campaign. The practical part of thesis is about analyzing 4 crowdfunding campaigns using questions that has been answered by campaigns authors. Based on their answers and their experience with this type of financing, there are factors that predict crowdfunding campaign to be successful / unsuccessful.
The Time Management Requirements For Entrepreneurship And University Studies
Erler, Adam ; Andera, Michal (advisor) ; Mareš, Jan (referee)
The bachelor Thesis The Time Requirements For Entrepreneurship And University Studies compares three groups of college students and their time management capabilities. It compares their interest in time management and its usage with the help of individual time management tools. It further examines, which factors disturb students the most when performing tasks and achieving goals. Within each group, it is determined whether a self-employed students have to commit more time to entrepreneurial activities than working students to their job. Which of the three categories of students is devoting the most time to school-related activities. And what overall impact these activities have on grades and on the process of studying itself.
Lean Start Up for product SweetBox
Zhavoronkova, Anna ; Martínez, Felipe (advisor) ; Andera, Michal (referee)
This Bachelors Thesis (BT) aims to purpose a guide for the continuous development of the product SweetBox, applying Lean StartUp approach and Operations Management tools. The motivation of this BT development of a start up company, with little investments and resources in possession. To fulfil the aim, a guide for Lean StartUp development is constructed. This BT is built upon usage of Lean StartUp cycle methodology, through preparation of hypothesis and cycles. Each cycle has hypothesis and knowledge to help create and alter the product. By iteration, after three cycles, a primary guide is proposed. This BT evidences the viability of Lean StartUp model. The obtained knowledge facilitates the presentation of the final product version. Interviewers were successfully transformed from non-buyers to buyers and eventual sales figures stabilized. The methodology is recent, introduced in 2011 year. This kind of method for company and product development was originated and mainly applied in Information Technology firms. The BT contributes to the body of knowledge, evidencing that the methodology works and feasible to apply. This BT demonstrates the application of this method in the product producing companies.
Evaluation of Entrepreneurial Opportunities in the Context of Entrepreneur's Experience and Opportunity Type
Vydláková, Pavlína ; Lukeš, Martin (advisor) ; Andera, Michal (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to find out how start-ups or beginning entrepreneurs evaluate business opportunities. More specifically, the intention is to reveal whether their assessment of business opportunities differs in some way depending on the type of opportunity. It was then examined how the assessment of business opportunities differs from the perspective of beginning versus experienced entrepreneurs. This comparison used the research results of Laboutka (2010), who examined the assessment of the opportunities of experienced entrepreneurs. The research method used was a qualitative research using case studies that reflect business opportunities. Based on the investigation it was found that beginning entrepreneurs mostly reflect personal feelings related to that product or segment in evaluating opportunities and the type of opportunity does not play a major role. When comparing beginning and experienced entrepreneurs, there were not identified any significant differences in their assessments.
Internet of Things: Business plan for an early-stage technology driven start-up
Verteletskyi, Maksym ; Lukeš, Martin (advisor) ; Andera, Michal (referee)
The goal of the thesis is to write a business plan for an early stage internet of things startup, specializing in indoor safety & facility management. Evaluate the potential of this business idea and its value proposition. Select the proper entry markets and calculate financial projections. Do it in such way that it would be acceptable by investors interested in making capital inputs.

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