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Study of biodiversity and account of haematophagous dipterous insects, mainly mosquitoes, in PLA Palava and Litovelské Pomoraví
Gelbič, Ivan ; Minář, Jan ; Olejníček, Jiří
Changes in the biodiversity of haematophagous insects, mainly mosquitoes and effect of artificial flood on the account of mosquitoes were studied in PLA Palava. Global changes of temperature on the biodiversity of mosquitoes in PLA Palava and Litovelské Pomoraví were studied too.
Comments on dragonflies (Odonata) of the Šumava Mountains (Southern Bohemia)
Zelený, Jiří ; Hanel, L.
The study includes survey of dragonflies (Odonata), localities (habitats) and their abundances in the Šumava Mts
Neuropteroidea and Mecoptera of the Bohemian Forest
Zelený, Jiří
General information is given on the current status of knowledge of Neuropteroidea and Mecoptera in the Czech Bohemian Forest (Šumava Mts.), especially in peatbogs. In the Bohemian Forest, 2 species Megaloptera, 6 species of Raphidioptera, 48 species of Neuroptera (Coniopterygidae 10 species, Osmylidae 1 species, Sisyridae 2 species, Hemerobiidae 22 species, Chrysopidae 12 species and Myrmeleontidae 1 species) and 4 species of Mecoptera are known. The most common species are: Hemerobius pini, Conwentzia pineticola, Coniopteryx pygmaea Wesmaelius quadrifasciatus and Chrysoperla carnea.The species importatnt for the nature conservation and biological diversity are: Phaeostigma major, Puncha ratzeburgi, Aleuropteryx loewii, Coniopteryx esbenpeterseni, Parasemidalis fuscipennis, Osmylus fulvicephalus, Sisyra terminalis, Wesmaelius ravus, Micromus lanosus, Sympherobius pellucidus a Myrmeleon formicarius.
Updated list of stoneflies (Insecta, Plecoptera) of the Šumava National Park and Protected Landscape Area with regard to their species protection
Soldán, Tomáš
Update list of Plecoptera of the area in question consists of 75 species,18 genera and 7 families of the order including 5 species the txonomic status of which is unclear and respective historical records seem to be doubtful. Based on recent data,5 species, namely Brachyptera monilicornis (Pictet, 1841), Capnopsis schilleri (Rostock, 1892),Rhabdiopteryx acuminata Klapálek,1905,Nemoura sciurus Aubert, 1949 a Nemoura cf. babiagorensis Sowa,1964,are recorded from the Bohemian part of the mountains for the first time. Long-term data originating from the 1950´s of the past century enable to evaluate the status from their protection point of view (red list):3 species are extinct within the whole Czech Republic,5 species are extinct or missing in the Bohemian Forest (=Šumava Mts.) for more then 20 yearch,2 are critically endangered,6 endangered,7 vulnerable and 8 species are near threatened. Further 6 species show data deficiency and remaining 36 species still do not require any treatment.

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