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New mapping of post-industrial landscape in Czech Republic
Kolejka, Jaromír ; Klimánek, M.
Using additional databases on industrial architectural heritage, 128 examples of post-industrial landscapes (PILs) were identified on the Czech territory. These PILs were subdued to the genetic classification. One-to four-word-names were applied to describe individual PIL types. Their geographic distribution was analyzed in the Czech Republic.
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Use of new knowledge when removing concrete structures by high-speed water jets
Sitek, Libor ; Bodnárová, L. ; Foldyna, Josef ; Klich, Jiří
The article deals with the application of new knowledge and trends in the generation of high-speed water jets and their utilisation during repair of concrete structures not only in laboratory conditions but also for practical use in-situ. Contribution examines several types of water jets with emphasis on reduction of economical intensity of the process of repair and treatment of rehabilitated surface for subsequent application of repair materials.
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Differentiation of dwarf pine covers in the Hrubý Jeseník Mts. with regard to their effects on mountain landscape and hazards related to its clearance
Buček, A. ; Culek, M. ; Friedl, M. ; Kirchner, Karel ; Maděra, P. ; Pecháček, J. ; Roštínský, Pavel ; Sedláček, A. ; Šenfeldr, M. ; Špinlerová, Z. ; Štykar, J. ; Tippner, A. ; Vavříček, D.
The report includes a collection of research studies dealing with selected effects of dwarf pine vegetation on abiotic and biotic natural components and potential hazards related to their clearance, proposed with regard to unoriginality of this species in mountain landscape of the Hrubý Jeseník Mts. Various subjects are solved, involving dwarf pine covers spatial extension, relations of dwarf pine vegetation to geomorphological processes, dominantly slope deformations, its effects on climate, hydrological and nival processes, soil conditions and spruce populations in upper timberline ecoton, geobiocenological typology of the Hrubý Jeseník Mts. summit positions, mapping dwarf pine covers, biotope evolution after their clearance and their biomass quantity.
Preparation procedure methodology of dwarf pine covers clearance in summit positions of the Hrubý Jeseník Mts
Buček, A. ; Culek, M. ; Friedl, M. ; Maděra, P. ; Matějíček, J. ; Pecháček, J. ; Roštínský, Pavel ; Šenfeldr, M. ; Špinlerová, Z. ; Tippner, A. ; Vavříček, D.
The study summarizes principal natural and social hazards related to planned clearance of dwarf pine covers in the Hrubý Jeseník Mts. and proposes preparation procedure of its future projects leading to their minimalization. The main hazardous factors include change of hydrological condidions, rill and sheet erosion, introskeletal erosion, snow movements, changes of soil rentention ability, increased motion of visitors, changes of timberline and spruce growth and biomass quantity of dwarf pine covers. The report is completed with calculation of damage amounts caused to forest owners due to dwarf pine clearance from forest grounds and some additional economic aspects of this activity.
Influence of the water content on the fracture toughness of sandstone
Vavro, Leona
The presented paper presents another results of the rocks fracture toughness measurement. The influence of the water content on the fracture parameters was investigates. The measurements were realized on selected rocks in the laboratory conditions in the Institute of Geonics AS CR.
Mass and energy inputs/outputs in the energy complex Dukovany-Dalešice and their impacts on the landscape
Hrádek, Mojmír
The Dukovany-Dalešice energy complex, situated west of Brno consist of the Dukovany nuclear power station (NPS) and of the Dalešice pumping power plant (PPP) with equalization reservoir. Geomorphic investigations were targeted the landforms and processes related with mass and energy inputs/outpust and their potential negative impacts. Individual landforms affected by negative impacts were analyzed in detail with using of a systém aproach. Inputs into NPS are limited to the water supply outputs are conncted with some negative response with direkt and indirect human impacts (erosion caused by waste water, equalization reservoir´s bank erosion, hillslopes stability exceeding and lanslide origin etc.).
Current status and potential use of monitoring behaviour and anchor load testing systems used in underground mines OKR conditions
Souček, Kamil ; Koníček, Petr ; Staš, Lubomír ; Ptáček, Jiří
The paper deals with some posssibilities of monitoring behaviour and the rock bolt systems testing using in coal mines of Ostrava Karvina Coalfield. There are some results and the examples of the rock bolt testing in situ and the laboratory conditions in this contribution.
Determination of grain size distribution of compact granular geo-materials using optical microscopy image analysis
Ščučka, Jiří ; Koutník, P. ; Martinec, Petr ; Vičarová, H.
Procedures of image analysis for determination of grain size distribution of compact psammitic rocks and geocomposite materials based on sands grouted with polyurethane resins are presented in the paper. It can be concluded from the experimental results that the image analysis represents an effective tool for assessment of grain size and morphology of compact granular geo-materials. This is a relatively cheap and not time-consuming way of granulometric analysis usable in engineering geology, geotechnics and construction or building-restoration practise.
Environmental geomorphology and possibilities of evaluation of geomorphosites: case study from the Protected Landscape Area Žďárské vrchy
Kirchner, Karel ; Kubalíková, L.
Environmental geomorphology is the practical use of geomorphology for the solution of problems where humans wish to transform or to use and change surface processes. A special issue of environmental geomorphology is the protection of non-living nature or geoconservation. This activity involves the inventory and evaluation of geologic and geomorphologic localities that are worth of protection. These “geosites” or “geomorphosites” are parts of the landscape that acquired some special values thanks to the human perception. The example from Žďárské vrchy protected area is presented; some of the numerous rock forms are evaluated.
Shading of Bézier Patches
Kolcun, Alexej ; Bocek, J.
There are well known shading algorithms (Gouraud, Phong) for the surfaces shading. The problem is that such algorithms just approximate the real shading. Precise shading algorithms require the values of normal vectors at all points of rendered surface. Computation of normal vector for Cartesian and triangular parametric surfaces is presented in the paper.

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