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What are czech citizens worried about and their future prediction
Horáková, Naděžda
Respondents talked about their worries, whether they have any worries and what are they worried about.In the other people had say, how they predict their own future, future of czech society and future of mankind.
Public attitudes to other nations and nationalities
Kunštát, Daniel
This survey was focused on public attitudes to 24 monitored nations and nationalities. Paople added a mark to members of these nations and nationalities according to Czech citizen positive or negative attitude to them .
Public opinion and situation in Iraq
Červenka, Jan
Czech citizens talked about their attitude to attack on Iraq. In the survey people expressed their opinion, whether attack on Iraq helped to limit terorism and whether overthrow of Saddam Husain's regime encouraged positive development of situation in Iraq.
Public opinion and European Constitution
Horáková, Naděžda
CVVM interoggated Czech citizens, whether European Union should have united European Constitution.Then respondents considered their knowledges of contents of European Constitution. Last part of survey was devoted to chances how to vote for acceptance of European Constitution and whether respondents would vote for it in in referendum.
Public opinions and possible changes of current political system
Šamanová, Gabriela
Czech citizens would gladly accept a chance to decide about important problems in referendum.People criticise high election campaign expenses and they wish the president of Czech Republic was elected by all voters.
Enhancing Public Participation at local government elections
Horáková, Naděžda
In a survey CVVM focused on electoral participation and non-participation.Respondents expressed their opinions how to raise electoral participation.
Confidence in Constitutional Institutions and Satisfaction whith the Political Situation
Kunštát, Daniel
In a May 2005 CVVM surveyed citizens`confidence in the President, the Government of the Czech Republic, the Senate, their own regional and district reresentative bodies, and their satisfaction with the political situation.
Confidence in Top Politicians
Kunštát, Daniel
In a May survey CVVM examined whether respondents have confidence in selected top political figures. The list this time contained 26 of the country`s top politicians (all members of the Government, the President, the chairs of the Senate, the Chamber of Deputies, the parliamentary parties, and EU commissioner Špidla.
Party Preferences - May 2005
Kunštát, Daniel
In a May survey respondents were asked which party they would vote for if the elections to the Chamber of Deputies were held next week. The survey also asked whether they would take part in the elections.
Confidence in Constitutional Institutions and Satisfaction with the Political Situation
Horáková, Naděžda
In April 2005 CVVM surveyed citizens on their confidence in the President, the Government of the Czech Republic, the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate, and their Regional and District Councils. The survey also looked at the level of satisfaction citizens felt with the current political situation.

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