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Reflective skills of trainee teachers of English language during their teaching practice: Case study
Taušková, Martina ; Žďárek, Karel (advisor) ; Uličná, Klára (referee)
This thesis examines the reflection skills of student English teachers at the Faculty of Education at Charles University in Prague during their teaching practice. The theoretical part introduces the reflective teaching model and looks into the phenomena of the teacher as reflective practitioner. The empirical part deals with the trainee teacher's reflection and methods, topics, depth and frequency. A significant part of the research also examines the influence of university employees (teacher mentors, supervisors, methodologists) as incentive supporters of the students' professional development regarding reflection. Key words: reflection, reflective cycle, reflective practitioner, trainee teacher, teaching practice, teacher mentor, supervisor, teacher education
Use of drama activities and role play in Maturita Solutions - Intermediate
Brandalíková, Petra ; Žďárek, Karel (advisor) ; Dvořák, Bohuslav (referee)
This master thesis deals with interconnection of language teaching and drama. It presents a set of supplementary drama activities to the textbook Maturita Solutions-Intermediate. The concern is the use of drama activities in second language teaching at secondary school; for this purpose the set of drama activities and role-plays was carried out in several classes at two secondary schools in Prague. The theoretical part presents the methods, which emphasize the importance of communicative abilities, and provides a background to the idea that drama is one of the ways of teaching a second language. The practical part introduces the created activities and their pilotage at schools and the work is concluded with a feedback from the students and the teachers who participated. The author of the thesis encloses all the supplementary activities, which can be found in the appendix. Key words: communication, drama in education, techniques, coursebook, role-play
Teaching Northern Irish Accents
Julišová, Markéta ; Červinková Poesová, Kristýna (advisor) ; Žďárek, Karel (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the major accents of English used by Northern Irish speakers and their application in teaching English as a foreign language. In the theoretical part of the text, the fundamental information concerning the language development in the given area is put forward. Furthermore, it concentrates on the division of particular accents and attempts for their characterisation in comparison to Received Pronunciation. In the following practical part, the text concentrates on the application of the theoretical findings in lessons for English language students at a Czech grammar school. It describes the preparation of the teaching materials and of the lesson plan, and their subsequent application in sample lessons. The evaluation of the activities is based on the student feedback which is discussed in the final chapter.
Dogme - The Role of the Teacher in Dogme Approach
Kulíková, Daniela ; Žďárek, Karel (advisor) ; Červinková Poesová, Kristýna (referee)
TITLE OF WORK: Dogme - The Role of the Teacher in Dogme Approach AUTHOR: Bc. Daniela Kulíková, DiS DEPARTMENT: Department of English Language and Literature Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Education SUPERVISOR: Mgr. Karel Žďárek ABSTRACT: This text is primarily for teaching professionals or teachers in training who would like to explore Dogme as an alternative to traditional (coursebook-based) English instruction. This thesis researches and summarizes the principles of Dogme which are later projected through the various roles of the teacher. It contains my personal analysis and reflection of Dogme lessons I have conducted and offers practical tips for fellow professionals. KEY WORDS: Dogme, Scott Thornbury, Luke Meddings, the role of the teacher
Use of "Friends" series in teaching English on B2 level
Kohútová, Lenka ; Žďárek, Karel (advisor) ; Dvořák, Bohuslav (referee)
This thesis deals with the possibilities of using television series `Friends' in teaching English on B2 level to further linguistic and communicative competences of the students. The purpose of this thesis was to find out, whether a systematic use of the series, as a motivation to the students, for sparking a discussion or conversation among them or as means of immersion in the language and acquisition of the language, would be possible in a high school English teaching environment for a prolonged period of time. The thesis also debates the advantages and disadvantages of using series, compared to the advantages and disadvantages of using different multimedia. The thesis contains a list of activities that have been used during the testing of the series and several ideas on their modification.
Using Music in Teaching English
Hořejšová, Kateřina ; Dvořák, Bohuslav (advisor) ; Žďárek, Karel (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on using music (primarily songs) in teaching English as a foreign language. The theoretical part deals with different aspects of the benefits of music. The first chapter covers the discipline of music therapy, it is followed by a chapter about Stephen Krashen's Affective Filter Hypothesis and subsequently about music and brain. Then there is a chapter about the role of motivation through music and the outline of possible criteria for choosing a good song. A chapter about different aspects of using songs: to teach grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and culture close this part. The goal of the practical part is to provide examples of using songs in an English lesson. A short chapter is concerned with other activities connected to music. The practical part consists of two surveys: the first one is a survey of a textbook series and the second one deals with the results of a survey carried out at different types of schools. Key words: music therapy, motivation, song, exploitation of the song
Supplementary Pronunciation Activities to Maturita Solutions Pre-Intermediate
Švehlová, Barbora ; Červinková Poesová, Kristýna (advisor) ; Žďárek, Karel (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with devising a set of pronunciation activities, fully integrated into the units of Maturita Solutions Pre-Intermediate coursebook. The main aim is to create supplementary material for practising various pronunciation features. The theoretical part of the thesis includes a brief overview of the current situation of pronunciation teaching and points out several reasons why it is still a very marginal part of language lessons. Furthermore, it scrutinizes some aspects that are crucial for pronunciation teaching to be effective and analyses the current techniques. Those are consequently applied on the newly created exercises. The practical part consists of the analysis of the Maturita Solutions Pre- Intermediate coursebook in terms of pronunciation followed by introducing the set of newly designed exercises. Finally, the author encloses a short feedback from the piloting of several chosen activities in a high school class.
Popular music as motivating element and means of acquiring listening skills in English language teaching at B1 level
Krajňáková, Jana ; Žďárek, Karel (advisor) ; Červinková Poesová, Kristýna (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the use of music and songs in teaching English as foreign language at B1 level. Its aims are the analysis of the song activities presented in various sources, creating the song activities, their pilotage in the classroom and subsequent evaluation. It is divided into five chapters. The theoretical part deals with listening comprehension as a skill, its relation to other skills, its definitions, reasons for teaching listening comprehension, its principles, approaches towards teaching listening comprehension and sources of listening comprehension activities. Furthermore, the development of language skills at intermediate level is presented and the essential parts introduces reasons for using songs in the development of listening comprehension skills, alternative use of music and songs and classification of song activities. The practical part covers the analysis of the song activities presented in three different course books at intermediate level and their comparison with the song activities presented in other sources. The research examines the application of the chosen song activities in practice and students' perception of them. . Key words: Listening comprehension skill, song activities, motivation, listening to songs, lyrics
Comparison of ELT methods used in a bilingual preschool and a language preschool
Wirnitzerová, Jitka ; Žďárek, Karel (advisor) ; Červinková Poesová, Kristýna (referee)
This bachelor thesis is aimed at comparing ELT methods based on analysis of observed lessons in a bilingual and language preschool, which focus on teaching English. The theoretical part describes eight teaching methods generally used in the teaching process and characterizes their main principles. The explanation of terms method, approach, technique and principle is included in this part as well. The practical part contains description of individual observed lessons and analyses the application of ELT methods put in practice. The outcomes of the study are based on frequency of accurence of the teaching methods. Further, the results of observations in both preschools are subjected to mutual comparison.
Teaching English Dental Fricatives to Czech EFL Students . An Action Research Project
Pospíšilová, Věra ; Červinková Poesová, Kristýna (advisor) ; Žďárek, Karel (referee)
This bachelor thesis presents an educational action research project focused on the teaching of the English dental fricatives /θ/ and /ð/ to Czech EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students. The theoretical part focuses on the description of the dental fricatives and their production in standard and several other English accents. Furthermore, the issue of teaching pronunciation is being discussed with special attention paid to the Czech students of English and their problems with the pronunciation of the target sounds. The practical part turns the attention to a detailed description of the action research project which was implemented by the author of the thesis in one of her English courses during January and February 2011 with the aim to improve her own teaching methods and at the same time help her students to improve their pronunciation of the English dental fricatives.

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