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Gender-specific perceptions of online dating: the impact on shaping values of its users
Tranova, Thuy Dung ; Vochocová, Lenka (advisor) ; Švelch, Jaroslav (referee)
ANOTATION Abstract The diploma thesis aims to focus on the online platform Tinder, which is an online dating platform tailored for meeting new people. It is a method of communication that has become a common tool for communicating and forming new connections. The thesis focuses on the context and circumstances that has led to this type of behaviour, and explains based on the interdisciplinary cognitive research why has online dating taken such a forefront position when it comes to searching for a romantic partner in the 21st century. Last but not least, the diploma thesis observes if and how the perception of online dating differs based on gender, it will examine users' assumptions, stances and how according to their opinion will the use of Tinder be reflecting on shaping their values. The thesis is divided in three parts. The first part provides a theoretical context of pivotal issues of the paper, such as gender role with a focus on the aspect of relationships, a development of online dating phenomenon in modern society and also an introduction to online dating platform Tinder. The second part, the practical one, consists of detailed analysis of in-depth interviews that will be done with active users of the platform. The thesis will be summed up with a conclusion. Key words: Online dating, gender roles,...
Archeogaming and Cultural Heritage of Gamers
Neuheisl, Lukáš ; Supa, Markéta (advisor) ; Švelch, Jaroslav (referee)
Progression of human civilization in fields of technology, culture and media is closely tied to the creation of remains known as a cultural heritage. These artefacts and knowledge are testimonies of human cultures of distant and recent pasts. In last two decades, a trend of creating and living in synthetic worlds has emerged with social media and vast digital games being prime examples of such synthetic worlds. To better understand human culture, a new, yet undeveloped and academically unestablished (even though suggested by texts in past 30 years) interdisciplinar field has emerged: archaogaming. Its mission is researching distant and recent past through cultural heritage in and of digital games, connecting archaeology, game and media studies, using methods and tools inspired by archaeological practice. Among such methods belongs digital ethnography and on-site research, methods used in this Master's thesis' research. Its aim was to describe artefacts used and left in game worlds by gamers of three chosen digital games: GTA Online, Fortnite Battle Royale and Soul Calibur VI. Moreover, other goals of this research were to identify factors influencing such relics and their lifespan. Analysis of data collected during 60 gaming sessions throughout the trio of synthetic worlds suggests that artefacts...
Analysis of advertising in Czech PC gaming magazines 1998 - 215
Dovole, David ; Vlasák, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Švelch, Jaroslav (referee)
In my work I analyze advertising income in computer gaming magazines Score and Level from August 1998 to January 2015. I find this topic interesting for two reasons: first, I was a longtime reader of both these magazines and second, I worked in one of them for quite a time. My work consists of two parts - theoretical and practical. In the theoretical part I will try to describe the economic situation accompanying the period under review, including the global economic crisis of 2008-2009. I will try to summarize its origin and impacts on the Czech economy as well as the history of gaming journalism in the Czech Republic. In the practical part of the thesis I try to analyze by means of qualitative - quantitative analysis the advertising income in both monitored magazines during the monitored period. Based on the outcomes of this analysis, I will try to draw a context with which it would be possible to evaluate the approach of both magazines to the impacts of the economic crisis and to determine which of them managed to deal better with the crisis.
How do reviewers percieve games? Videogames as artistic and technical products
Kolmann, Karel ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Krobová, Tereza (referee)
The main topic is centered around videogame journalism and the way in which game reviewers look at videogames. The defining question is whether videogame journalists treat videogames as cultural or technical products thorough their work. The role and position of videogame journalism, games as art and aesthetics aspects of videogames are first studied in the theoretical section. These topics are further examined in practice using content analysis of chosen reviews which aims to investigate the means through which reviewers describe videogames in previously theoretically defined categories.
DLC as a Marketing Tool in the Video Game Industry
Brádlerová, Andrea ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Koudelková, Petra (referee)
This thesis deals with the phenomenon of DLC in the context of marketing communication. DLC or downloadable content expanding the basic game, is a relatively new concept in the video game industry and its role is increasingly important in marketing communication in video games. The main focus of this thesis is to map DLC and analyze its importance in marketing communication and public relations of video game titles of various genres. Theoretical part of the thesis is focused on explaining the basic principles of understanding a video game as a medium, the specifics of gaming industry and description of the DLC itself as a content and marketing tool in video games. The research part of the thesis is dedicated to three case studies which deal with video games of different genres. Case studies are focused both on the practice of video game publishing companies and on reception of DLC on the side of the fans. The games being focused on are The Witcher 3 (RPG or a role-playing game), Civilization V (strategy game) and Battlefield 4 (FPS or first-person shooter game). Case studies focus on the role of DLC in games, marketing communication about DLC and conversely its role in marketing communication, reception of DLC in gaming communities and specific functions of DLC dependent on the video game genre.
Life without Facebook: Experimental study of non-using the social networking site Facebook
Kořánková, Olga ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Hladík, Radim (referee)
The diploma thesis Life without Facebook: Experimental study of non-using the social networking site Facebook focuses on non-usage of social networking sites and reflection of the disconnection from it. It aims to map functions that Facebook performs in indiviual and social life of a man, ideas about life without it and the experience of disconnection that was induced under the terms of one week experiment. The aim of the study is to outline what life without Facebook is like, point out possible advantages and disadvantages of it and describe what a person disconnected from social networking site can face both within him or herself and its social surroundings. This diploma thesis aims to contribute to understanding the importace of Facebook in our society as well as offer some paths to reflect its use. In the first theoretical part it offers a description of topics related to social networking sites from the media studies point of view. It briefly describes Facebook itself and the status of it in the Czech Republic. It also submits summary of studies clarifying the usage and non-usage of this social networking site. The second methodological part presents a description of the research which was conducted via experiment, accompanying interview and a short questionnaire. Based on a qualitative analysis of the...
Genre Analysis of the Czech YouTube Scene
Mlejnková, Anna ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Hladík, Radim (referee)
The thesis is focused on the subject of genres in the context of new media, specializing on the biggest Internet online video sharing platform, YouTube. Considering the interactivity of YouTube as a kind of social media site and making contact between the creator and his audience, the genre composition of YouTube channels directly reflects the preferences of the specific audience. The main objective of this thesis is to make an analysis of genres on a sample of five selected professional Czech YouTube channels. The sample is based on current order of channels according to the number of subscribers (namely ViralBrothers, MenT, GEJMR, Jirka Král and Hoggy). After the introduction of how professional YouTube channels operate follows the theoretical part of the thesis defining the basic ideas, which are important to set the methodological framework of the analysis. The analytical part consists of presenting the results of the genre analysis, categorizing genres into a system and defining genres based on their characteristics.
Representation of historic events in the game series Total War
Mokriš, Radek ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Švelch, Jan (referee)
komerční hry. Zaměřuje se na jejich korespondenci s prezentovanými historickými událostmi a výukový potenciál. Práce vznikala v roce 2017 na základě vědeckých prací Bogosta, Chapmana, Juula a dalších, či vlastním výzkumem podpořeným dotazováním respondenty. V úvodní části se autor zaměřuje na dostupnou teorii a poznání jednak v oblasti výuky u her, jednak v oboru herních studií. V následující části se zabývá metodologií diplomové práce, průběhem vlastního výzkumu a dotazníkem. Autor se snaží komerčních her, vnějších vlivů, které formují jejich podobu a přístupu hráčů k tomuto žánru her. Zároveň se snaží zodpovědět otázky "do jaké míry jsou tituly série vzdělávací a jaký je vztah hráče a komerčního obsahu?" V předposlední části diplomové práce autor pracuje s historií prezentovanou akademickými odborníky. Následně podrobuje herní verzi srovnání a zabývá se také reprezentací historie v dalších typech médií. Na závěr seznamuje autor s povídá vytyčené otázky. V neposlední řadě pak na základě výsledků dotazování prezentuje vztah a vliv vybraných her na hráče.
Satire and parody on social networks: fake Czech profiles
Poloch, Jiří ; Hladík, Radim (advisor) ; Švelch, Jaroslav (referee)
The aim of this work is to map fake Czech profiles on social network Facebook and Twitter. "Fake profiles" in this case mean those where authors are acting as a well-known person, company or institution. The authors mostly found these to entertain themselves and readers. They use satire, parody, and often sarcasm as well. After a general introduction to the topic, which includes, among other things, the introduction of social networks, including the regulation they take for the protection of personality, the main part follows. It analyzes 8 different Czech false profiles. The content of the posts, the account statistics, the most successful posts and possibly other related information are presented. An important part of the work are interviews with authors of these profiles as well as with counterparts, real people or companies. This offers a close look at the backstage of the creation and running of the profile and, on the other hand, the possibility to ascertain the reaction of the concerned party. The next section was included in order to bring a wider view of the issue. It is devoted to similar profiles abroad, which gives the possibility of comparison of the local and international environment. The thesis ends with a chapter devoted to the situations when the content of false profiles is used...
Jára Cimrman as a transmedial phenomenon - canon and participation
Fantová, Matylda ; Švelch, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Soukup, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis called Jára Cimrman as a transmedial phenomenon - canon and participation focuses on the fictional character of Jára Cimrman from several points of view. Jára Cimrman is briefly introduced in the thesis and the founding of Jára Cimrman Theatre (Divadlo Járy Cimrmana) and the founding of Cimrman Salon (Salón Cimrman) are also described. The information about a radio programme called Vinárna U Pavouka where the name of Jára Cimrman first appeared are also involved. Identifying the canon of Cimrman presents an important element of the first part of the thesis. The following chapters focus on mystification and fictional world. The practical part of the thesis then deals particularly with fan participation and other user-generated content. The thesis briefly introduces and then uses various media and literary theories. These are especially transmediality theory, fictional worlds theory and mystification. The associated aim of this thesis is to describe composing of Cimrman's fictional world based on the canon with the help of literary theories. The canon or rather a corpus of the chosen texts is subsequently compared to the excerpts (but not only excerpts) of fan participation and produsage. The outcome of the thesis is also a partial mapping of Cimrman's marks in the Czech Republic...

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