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Zhodnocení přirozené plemenitby ve stádě krav bez tržní produkce mléka Agrofarmy Dubnice s.r.o.
Šrubařová, Markéta
Abstract This diploma thesis aims to evaluate the natural breeding of cattle that excludes cattle bred for the market production of milk, and the birthing complicatedness in one specific company. The thesis includes short descriptions of the male and female cattle reproductive systems, the pregnancy cycle, and the birth. The most common complications during and after giving birth will be introduced along with a short summary of how to take care of the mother and the calf during the most critical period of their lives. This information is then applied to the circumstances in the chosen company where each birth was recorded with focus on its complicatedness, the size of the calf in relation to the size of the mother, and postnatal complications. The weight gain of selected calves was recorded during two separate weight checks while the data for cows include the age of their first calving and the period of time they have spent in the breeding cycle before the research.
Přirozená plemenitba masného skotu na farmách v ČR
Šrubařová, Markéta
The thesis deals with the natural mating of cattle, excluding the market production, with focus on the time period of using a breeding bull and the reasons for their removal from the breeding. The study includes the description of genitalia both male and female, and also the breeding cycle of cows and the ejaculate of bulls. Further on, the study looks into the process of natural breeding, its rules, advantages and disadvantages, and the dates of spring and winter calving. Shortly described is the selection of breeding bulls, their inclusion to the breeding, the time period of their use, the most common reasons for their removal and the options that enable the elimination of those reasons. In conclu-sion, I introduce a real business, which deals with the breeding of cows without market production of milk. The way of breeding is described, and also the factual replacement of bulls in this business, including reasons for their exclusion from breeding.

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