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Dating of cave sediments and reconstruction of karst morphology of the Nízké Tatry Mts
Kadlec, Jaroslav ; Danišík, M. ; Hercman, H. ; Pruner, Petr ; Chadima, Martin ; Schnabl, Petr ; Šlechta, Stanislav ; Grygar, Tomáš ; Granger, D.
The paleomagnetic polarities were measured both in clastic and chemogenic cave sediments preserved in eleven horizontal cave levels occur at different alitudes in the Jánska, Demänovská and Mošnica karst valleys in the Nízké Tatry Mts. Based on the obtained polarity data were are able to distinguish cave sediments deposited during the Brunhes, Matuyama and Gauss chrons. The stratigraphic interpretation was partly verified by U-series datings of speleothems preserved in the sedimentary sections. Except for the horizontal cave levels located in karst valleys, additional cave systems were formed at extremly high alitudes in the Nízké Tatry Mts. Preliminary data show predominantly reverse paleomagnetic orientations in fluvial activity in these caves and deposition of clastic sediments during Gilbert Chron.

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