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Preparedness of the selected area to participate in implementation of the tasks of civil protection during the release of hazardous chemicals.
ŠEVČÍK, Martin
This diploma thesis and its research deals with the preparedness of the population, pedagogues and representatives of municipal council, to participate in tasks of population protection during the leak of dangerous chemical substances. The work develops research from my Bachelor thesis from 2017, where was my task to verify preparedness of the integrated rescue system to deal with the leak of dangerous chemical substances. The aim of this diploma thesis was to find out, if is the selected area able to adequately respond to hazards arising from the leak of hazardous chemical substances. In order to assess preparedness, slightly different questionnaires were used, those questionnaires were answered by the residents of České Budějovice, teachers working at secondary schools in České Budějovice and representatives of the city and representatives of the South Bohemian Region. The results of the questionnaire survey are presented using descriptive statistics, interesting results are shown using graphs. A high degree of unpreparedness of respondents was found. According to the results of the questionnaire survey, some respondents may also behave dangerously in the events of leakage of hazardous chemicals. The contribution of this work should be increasing and improving awareness in this area. To this purpose, was created an information leaflet containing lot of important information, which was distributed to the population. The benefit which this work has already brought, is to alert representatives from city and region councils, as well as teaching staff, to improve their knowledge of hazardous substances. According to the feedback of several representatives, analyzes focusing the transport of dangerous substances can be expected in the near future. This work can be used as well as a source of information and can be used to compare it with other researches.
Selected chemical substance and preparedness of integrated rescue system to these substance in selected area in South Bohemian region. (AMMONIA, CHLORINE, NATURAL GAS, BENZINE)
ŠEVČÍK, Martin
This bachelor thesis is focused on integrated rescue system, on it´s components and preparedness of this components to avert danger of dangerous chemical substances, specifically is this thesis focused on ammonia, chlorine, natural gas and benzine. Object of this thesis is find out whether the selected components of the integrated rescue system are able to adequately respond to the hazards resulting from the leakage of these substances. One of the partial objectives is the assessment of the preparedness and assessment of the material resources, because of these reasons, was used a questionnaire, which was filled in by the members of the Czech Republic integrated rescue system. The results of the questionnaire survey are displayed with using descriptive statistics. Results which were interesting are shown graphically. This work can be used as a source of information, as a learning tool or it can be used for compare changes in the preparedness of selected subjects after few years. Some kind of technical unprepardeness of police department and medical rescue service. The fire department was well prepared, not only because of the current material resources, but also because of constant modernization of their technology. The knowledge of all components is good enough to carry out its tasks, but there were also have been notised some mistakes in discipline of hazardous substances, which means possible health threats for rescuers. The work also includes possible solutions, for example creation of lectures, for members of the integrated rescue system which would be led by university teachers.
Integrity breach analysis of storage tank using FEM
Ševčík, Martin ; Vincour, Dušan (referee) ; Létal, Tomáš (advisor)
This master thesis is focused on computational modelling of critical external as well as internal pressure acting of the repaired tank. During cleaning of pipelines, the gas mixture entered into this storage tank causing loss of integrity in the connection between the roof and the shell. The first part of the thesis is focused on check calculation of the shell in exceptional conditions. The next part describes the repair of the tank including check of the pillar according to ČSN EN 1993 1 1 and ČSN EN 1993-1-6. The main part of the thesis is focused on determination of the buckling resistances of the tank in original as well as repaired state using ANSYS Mechanical software. The results are comparable with original tank, whose buckling resistance was not decreased due to the repair.
Pressure pipe damage: Numerical estimation of point load effect
Zouhar, Michal ; Hutař, Pavel ; Ševčík, Martin ; Náhlík, Luboš
The most relevant loading conditions for real polymer pipe systems are not only internal pressure, but also loading caused by sand embedding including bending or different kinds of point loads. It has been shown that service lifetime of buried pipes can be reduced especially due to stress concentration caused by external point loads. If the pipe is loaded locally the stress is concentrated here and a crack can initiate at this position or the existing crack can be affected by corresponding stress redistribution. In the paper the effect of the hard indenter, Poisson's ratio, hoop stress level and pipe wall thickness on the crack shape was estimated using numerical simulations of the creep crack propagation based on finite element method. Relation between crack length and crack width was found and expressed by simple relationship. A deeper understanding of the point load effect in order to prevent unexpected failure of the pipelines is of paramount importance for pipeline design.
Modely dynamické podmíněné korelace a jejich aplikace při mitigaci rizika portfolia
Ševčík, Martin ; Frýd, Lukáš (advisor) ; Nevrla, Matěj (referee)
This bachelor thesis investigates asymmetry in returns of corn, gold and crude oil (both spot and futures) and hedging effectiveness of these commodities when employing DCC family models for hedge ratio estimation. The asymmetry in conditional variances was found to be significant only in case of crude oil spot and futures returns and asymmetry in conditional correlation of spot and futures returns was not shown to be significant in neither of the investigated commodities. With respect to the hedging performance, we conclude that differences in hedging performance measured by hedging effectiveness index are negligible and thus do not support superiority of DCC family models over OLS, which served as a benchmark. Historical Value at Risk, on the contrary, identified the DCC with asymmetry in conditional variance (despite asymmetry not being significant) to be appropriate for corn hedging, however not for the other two commodities, where the OLS based hedge ratio performed similarly or even better than the DCC family models. The main contribution of the thesis thus lays in empirical investigation of asymmetry in returns of selected commodities and testing hedging potential of DCC family based hedge ratio.
Mikula, Jakub ; Ševčík, Martin ; Hutař, Pavel ; Náhlík, Luboš
The aim of this paper is to present methodology for estimation of fracture mechanics parameters in polyolefin pipes with an axially oriented crack using three dimensional numerical analyses. Linear elastic fracture mechanics is used for description of fracture behavior. In the paper, three different variants of pipe weld with an internal axial semi-elliptical crack are studied. Numerical models correspond to a cracked pipe containing material nonhomogeneity in the welding area caused by welding process. A critical locations of the crack initiated along the pipe wall is found and the stress intensity factor for such cracks with real crack shape are numerically estimated in these critical locations. The methodology presented here can be used for estimation of residual lifetime of welded polymer pipes containing crack.
Electric wiring and control of the hydraulic press with heating plates
Ševčík, Martin ; Sobotka, Milan (referee) ; Pásek, Jan (advisor)
This work contains elektrowiring and control of hydraulic press with heating plates. The work is carried specification management system and software specifications for the type of work is lisu. The work also made a proposal for the control of heating panels, design of electrical wiring for the safe operation of the press and verification of the proposed control system.
Numerical solution of strain and stress components of pressure vessels
Ševčík, Martin ; Lošák, Petr (referee) ; Florian, Zdeněk (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with pressure vessels in terms of their definition and categorization. In the following part is carried out an assessment of various types of pressure vessels in terms of their using in engineering, this part is a research study. Further part is focused on solution of deformation and stress of pressure vessel by analytical and numerical way. The part of analytical solution is focused on both membrane and momentum shell. Numerical solutions are made by FEM in calculation software Ansys Workbench 16.2.
Possibility of realization of heavy drive of tipping equipment
Ševčík, Martin ; Kočiš, Petr (referee) ; Knoflíček, Radek (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor’s thesis is description of possible implementations of a drive for heavy duty tipping devices, used for tipping large and heavy (up to tens of tonnes) pieces. Besides basic theoretical information contains the thesis also practical part, in which there is designed particular way to drive a tipping device, used in a production.
Racing Game in 3D
Ševčík, Martin ; Láník, Aleš (referee) ; Šuška, Boris (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis describes issues of interaction between Java Monkey Engine (jME) and models created with program Autodesk 3D Studio Max. It contains theoretical basis for the jMonkey Engine architecture and Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL). In the following section, the thesis describes techniques of working with objects in the 3D scene and their way of implementation.

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