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Pressure losses and heat output of the hydraulic blocks of a linear integrated hydraulic unit
Soukup, Lubomír ; Červinka, Martin (referee) ; Klas, Roman (advisor)
A common problem in the design of hydraulic systems is the pressure losses caused by movement of viscous liquid in individual elements of hydraulic circuits. These losses have negative effects on the overall efficiency of hydraulic systems and thus their overall operation. There is a change in temperature of working fluid and components (elements) of circuit due to the result of the mentioned losses. This master thesis is focused on the heat generation (output) in hydraulic cubes of a linear integrated hydraulic cubes (here in after LIHJ) which is the prototype of hydraulic lifting equipment. Losses, arising during the operation LIHJ in pipes and in hoses, can be determined numerically and experimentally. Most of hydrostatic transmitters and others hydraulic components are almost always supplied with the necessary documentation which contains all the necessary information such as experimental characteristics, etc. However problematic parts are the hydraulic blocks which are specific to their size and function. Of course, each manufacturer must prepare technical documentation including characteristics which are important for trouble-free operation of the hydraulic system. The main aim of this work is to determine pressure losses and the heat generation (output) in the hydraulics blocks by program which is used for creating geometry and computing using software like Ansys Fluent, which is based on the finite element method. If these calculations could be compared with experimental measurement technically, then heat generation (output) in both the cubes will be evaluated towards other hydraulic components and the whole system (device). The simulation results will be implemented in software which is used for calculation of heat generation in LIHJ at different operating modes and loads. Furthermore, these results will be the basis for the design of geometry of hydraulic blocks with low pressure losses which will reduce energy consumption of the device. At the end of this thesis, some advanced methods for the manufacturing of hydraulic blocks are briefly introduced, namely the method 3-D casting.
Study of the vortex impeller pump design
Červinka, Martin ; Koutný, Luděk (referee) ; Klas, Roman (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with problems of design a sludge pump with a vortex impeller. Clearly summarizes the basic information on hydrodynamic pumps with a significant focus on sludge pumps. It contains a design of a vortex impeller, which is supported by CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) calculation in software Fluent. The aim of the work is to design vortex impeller, which could replace the existing channel impeller while maintaining the operating parameters of the pump.
Vegetable wastewater plants and their role nowadays
Petrů, Lukáš ; Červinka, Martin (referee) ; Štigler, Jaroslav (advisor)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is elaboration of the research themed Vegetable wastewater plants and their role nowadays. The paper describes various cleaning methods and their principles. The second part of the report contains a mapping vegetable wastewater plants in Czech Republic.
The use of surface modifications in recent technical practice
Červinka, Martin ; Čelko, Ladislav (referee) ; Klakurková, Lenka (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis deals with problems of surface treatment materials and their basic division. Work is detail focused on technology of thermal spray coatings. This work summarizes the basic information about the technology thermal spray coatings, their features and an overview of methods for their production. The aim of the project is to create an overview of methods of surface modifications used in recent practice and their application in different branches of industry.
Pěstování meziplodin a jejich využití při zakládání porostů kukuřice
Červinka, Martin
This thesis focuses on the cultivation of catch crops, evaluation catch crops ability of coverage of soil surface and dry matter yields of selected species catch crops and their use in the grain maize sowing. The literature review describes the different functions of catch crops in relation to the soil and the environment. In detail are discussed biotic and abiotic factors affecting the cultivation of catch crops and agronomic practices applied in their cultivation. In the thesis are discussed the economic costs associated with the cultivation of catch crops and the possibility of the use of subsidies for its cultivation. Described is also the division of catch crops by date of sowing and the definition of appropriate and inappropriate catch crops, for the individual production area in the Czech republic. The folloving section of the thesis deals with the evaluation of experiments conducted on the experimental field station in Žabčice. Experiments with catch crops were found out in 2006. There were ten catch crops: Sinapis alba L., Raphanus sativus L. var. oleiformis Pers., Phacelia tanacetifolia Benth., Fagopyrum vulgare Hill., Secale cereale L. var. multicaule Metzg. ex Alef., Panicum miliaceum L., Crambe abyssinica L. Hochst., Malva verticillata L., Phalaris canariensis L., Carthamus tictorius L. The thesis follows results from 2011 to 2014. There was catch crops ability of coverage of soil surface using digital image analysis evaluated. Further the dry matter yields of catch crops was evaluated and dry matter yields between autumn and spring sampling were compared. Field experiment was established at experimental field station in Žabčice in the years 2012/2013. The experiment was made to assess the yield of grain maize under different variants of soil tillage (direct seeding, loosening, strip tillage) in system, where Phacelia tanacetifolia was used as catch crop in comparison with soil tillage systems without Phacelia tanacetifolia (ploughing, loosening and strip tillage).

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