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A child in foster care on primary school level
ČERNÁ, Michaela
The bachelor thesis is focused on children , that are the primary school students , growing up in foster care. The theoretical part describes basic theoretical knowledge concerning biological family and substitute family and their importance for the development of the child and preparation for entering the school. The bachelor thesis describes the current legislative framework of foster care in the Czech Republic, the process of mediation of this care and the forms of support of substitute parents, support of children that grow up in foster care, given by the institution of social and legal protection of children, school facilities and other non-state entities. The aim of the practical part of the thesis is to find out and to describe the difficulties in children faced by foster parents after start of school attendance, how the foster parents deal with the difficulties and what tools the schools use to support them. In accordance with the aim of the thesis, a mixed research approach was chosen - data collection using questionnaires and a method of multiple case study.
Brand perception
ČERNÁ, Michaela
This thesis analyze perception of the brand by pubic and the employees of AAA Auto International a.s. The semantic differentials were used for the research of the brand perception. On the basis of the research results were evaluated the initial hypothesis and were made the recommendations for improvement of the brand perception.
Meaning of fashion as a way of expressing woman's individual self
Bílková Černá, Michaela ; Šalanda, Bohuslav (advisor) ; Paulíček, Miroslav (referee)
English Abstract This Master Degree thesis takes up the topic of fashion and deals with the debate concerning fashion as a mean of expressing womens individual self. The main aim of this thesis is to analyse the meanings which women in todays society attach to fashion and their individual lived experience with this phenomenon. This text is based on theoretical assumptions of Gilles Lipovetsky as his conceptual understanding of fashion emphasises free agency of human beings and therefore stays against the opinions of traditional sociology of fashion. For a long time, the area of fashion had been neglected, however, in this text the subject is discussed as a socially relevant and historically developing phenomenon and as an unique institution, which is characteristic for a modern society. Theoretical outcome of this thesis is the suggestion that fashion might be understood as one of the means used by women to express their individual self. Woman is seen as an individual human being, who lives through her own unique experience, on the other hand, her behaviour, her own experience is limited by external factors and conditions.
Sanctions for breaching the obligations within employment law relationships
Černá, Michaela ; Morávek, Jakub (advisor) ; Štefko, Martin (referee)
1 Summary Topic of this Master's thesis are sanctions for breaches of obligations of participants of labor law relationships. The first and the second chapter focus on the introduction into researched issue of legal sanctions. The author defines basic concepts which are relevant for the thesis. Then the author deals with the definition of the legal sanction and analyzes the relationship between the legal sanction and the legal liability. The author furthermore explains the basic behavior of the legal sanction and its significance. The third chapter follows on term definition from the first part of the thesis. It consists of brief interpretation of chosen private law sanctions in the labour law. It presents sanctions as nullity of legal act, relative inefficacy of legal act, limitation of actions and preclusion and liability. The main part of this thesis focuses on liability of employee for damage. The fourth chapter describes the division of labour law liability into different kinds. It also introduces the issue of liability for damage. In the fifth chapter the author introduces the employee liability in context of legal sanctions and a detailed explanation of the valid legal regulation of employee liability for damage. It focuses on the General Liability, Liability for Non-Fulfilment of the Duty to Prevent...
Use of pedagogical-psychological diagnostics in the work of teacher
Černá, Michaela ; Mojžíšová, Jarmila (advisor) ; Nováková, Daniela (referee)
Title: The use of pedagogical-psychological diagnostics in the work of teacher. Annotation: Černá, M.: The use of pedagogical-psychological diagnostics in the work of teacher. /Diploma thesis/ Prague 2013 - Charles University, Faculty of Education, pedagogy, 102p. In the thesis the author looks for methods of pedagogical-psychological diagnostics. She describes the use of pedagogical-psychological diagnostics in the work of teacher. Furthermore the author explores the way in which teacher proceeds the diagnosis, which methods the teacher uses and with which educational problems he or she encounters most frequently. The author is also interested in the teacher's experience with Pedagogical and Psychological Counselling Centre. Keywords: student, teacher, personality, diagnosis, reflection, method, pedagogy, psychology
The Ritual at Successful Completion of Addiction Treatment in Therapeutic Community from the Perspective of Clients at different Phases
Černá, Michaela ; Radimecký, Josef (advisor) ; Richterová-Těmínová, Martina (referee)
Rituals can be described as ceremonial acts, that have typical rules and own significance. They have their place not only for substance abusers within therapeutic communities, but in a daily life also. Usually, rituals are bonded to traditions of a specific community and they provide a possibility for an individual to identify with this community. They provide also strong emotional experience and they concern spiritual parts of the individual as well. The main objective of this study is to provide a possible view of clients of each stages of final ritual in specific therapeutic community and to find out how it is perceived and valued in a case of a given attitude on their process of own treatment. The elaborated work is focused on emotions which are experienced by clients, whether and in a case how they sense the person, to whom is the ritual addressed, and how they sense therapists and objects which are used during the ritual. In the elaborated work is used a qualitative approach. Data were collected by individual semi-structured interviews. The sample was chosen by a method of intended choice via an institution, it is consisted of therapeutic community White Light I clients, which were present in the community at that time and simultaneously participated on the leaving ritual in this community....
Printed municipal bulletins in Prague -cast district
Černá, Michaela ; Köpplová, Barbara (advisor) ; Jüptner, Petr (referee)
Bibliografický záznam ČERNÁ, Michaela. Tištěné obecní zpravodaje v okrese Praha-východ. Praha, 2013. 220 s.: Rigorózní práce (Mgr.) Univerzita Karlova, Fakulta sociálních věd, Institut komunikačních studií a žurnalistiky. Katedra mediálních studií. Vedoucí rigorózní práce Doc. PhDr. Barbara Köpplová, CSc. ABSTRACT Municipal bulletins are specific type of local media, which are not described enough in the Czech Republic. Theses Printed Municipal Bulletins in Prague-East District (Theses) should extend the work, which is necessary for an objective understanding of the functioning of this part of media landscape. The content of Theses is the description of municipal bulletins in the selected region. In the first part, Theses summarizes the theoretical knowledge about municipal bulletins. It presents the basic terminology, legal aspects of municipal bulletins, functions of local media including municipal bulletins and ethical aspects of their publishing. Furthermore, Theses briefly defines researched region and describes methodology, which is used in the practical part of Theses. The practical part of Theses examines municipal bulletins in the Prague-East district. It brings together the list of them and analyzes some of them in detail. On this selected sample of municipal bulletins of Prague-East district...

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