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The issue of sexual education of the pre-school child
The bachelor thesis "The issue of sexual education of the pre-school child" deals with the importance of sexual education in pre-primary education and shows the possible risks that may occur when this subject is neglected at this stage. The theoretical part deals with the evolution of human sexuality and the possible realization of sexual education in kindergarten. In the practical part, results of a quantitative research are interpreted. Kindergarten teachers were asked to fill in a questionnaire to find out the teachers´ opinion about sexual education and the way they carry it out in the kindergarten. It also includes a proposal of an educational project, which can be applied in the kindergarten.
Personnel activities in the selected company
The aim of the thesis is to evaluate personnel activities in the selected company and to suggest changes to improve them. This thesis consists of theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part explains the basic personnel activities. It explains the following activities: job analysis, personnel planning, recruitment, selection and adaptation of employees, performance management and appraisal, placement and termination of employment, remuneration of employees, motivation and employee benefits, education and development, interpersonal relationships, employee care and personnel information system. The practical part describes the personnel activities in the limited liability company GEFOS Inženýring, based on an interview with directress of the company. She allowed me to look into company´s documents. The next chapter analyzes the results of the questionnaire inquiry. These results are supplemented by information from my direct observation. The final part of this thesis evaluates the personnel activities of the company and suggests changes to improve the current situation.
The Czech National Bank, its legal position and scope of activities
Čechová, Jana ; Bakeš, Milan (advisor) ; Kohajda, Michael (referee)
This thesis uses the available resources to analyze the current legal status of the Czech National Bank. Key parts of the thesis include chapters relate to monetary and economic policy and CNB trades as well as to the emission activity. The later chapter includes description of the legal tenders and its protective elements. The thesis also includes description of the legal aspects of the central bank's role and position with a particular emphasis on the recent accession of the Czech Republic to the European Union and contemplated introduction of Euro as the new Czech currency.
Financial analysis of the company
This bachelor thesis examines the financial situation of the selected company through methods of financial analysis. The theoretical part of this thesis explains basic notions devoted to this subject. It explains the aim, phases, methods and users of financial analysis. The practical part is focused on the analysis of the joint stock company Agrostroj Pelhřimov for the period 2008 - 2012 based on the methods described in the theoretical part. The obtained results are compared with the average industry values and with the recommended values of individual indicators. Based on these results is evaluated the financial situation of the company. The final part of this thesis deals with suggestions for improving the financial situation of the company.
Influence of Breath in classical Dance
Čechová, Jana ; KŘENKOVÁ, Mahulena (advisor) ; DERCSÉNYIOVÁ, Lucie (referee)
Influence of brath on performance in classical dance. Goal of work: The aim of this master thesis is to introdukce the posibility of using conscious breathing not only to perform technically more difficult elements easier, but also in the preparation of dancers to the artistic performance. Method: Comparing thematic literature, questionnare in between the dancers and student sof dance, measuring the breathing of a dancer during the dance variation.
The Sense of Condition Training for Dancers
Čechová, Jana ; Křenková, Mahulena (advisor) ; Rebcová, Monika (referee)
Title: The Sense of Condition Training for Dancers. Goal of work: This bachelors thesis considers the importance of cardiovascular condition of dancers, while conclusion are supported by measurement of energetic distribution of dancers training and rehearsal for performance. Method: Measuring with sporttesters Polar and functional fitness test in sport laboratory of FTVS- UK. Results:Measurement has confirmed the hypothesis that during ballet training the fitness intensity is low and exercises utilize an aerobic system zone, while dance performance utilizes both the aerobic and anaerobic energy system. Key words: Dance condition, dance training, energetic system, intensity of exercising, heart rate.

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