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Django framework based web application for objective analysis of hypokinetic dysarthria
Čapek, Karel ; Zvončák, Vojtěch (referee) ; Galáž, Zoltán (advisor)
This master´s thesis deals with the calculation of parameters that would be able to differentiate healthy speech and speech impaired by hypokinetic dysarthria. There was staged hypokinetic dysarthria, which is a motoric disorder of speech and vocal tract. Were studied speech signal processing methods. Further parameters were studied, which could well differentiate healthy and diseased speech. Subsequently, these parameters were programmed in Python programming language. The next step was to create a web application in Django framework, which is used for the analysis of the dyzartic speech.
Cluster analysis in the field of pathological speech signal processing
Čapek, Karel ; Mžourek, Zdeněk (referee) ; Galáž, Zoltán (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the calculation of speech features that quantifies the degradation of speech production caused by the presence of certain speech pathology and the subsequent clasification of considered speech pathologies into several groups using the k-means algorithm. The purpose was to find the groups of pathologies that in spite of possible differences in the origin do affect phonation and articulation skills of the speakers and damage the quality of speech. The work uses the phonation of vowels "a" speech task as the most commonly used speech task in the field of pathological speech processing, because of its resistance to demographic and linguistic characteristics of the speakers. Furthermore, the preliminary analysis was applied to the featuresin order to select the features to best characterize the degradation of speech production. Finally, the selected features were used to find the resulting groups of pathologies using k-means algorithm.
Complex stage design project of Leoš Janáček opera "JEJÍ PASTORKYŇA"
Čapek, Karel ; Glogr, Karel (advisor) ; Dušek, Jan (referee)
This text is concentrated on the process of an academical project - complex stage design of Jenufa. Included history of the opera and life composer Leoš Janaček and his inspiration. The second part is presented of conception of stage setting and costumes, included image supplement.

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