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Evaluation Report of Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories 2018
Vyčítalová, Hana ; Černohlávková, Petra
Evaluation od the 11th Conference on Grey Literature and Repositories.
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ARCLib – LTP Solution for Libraries
Pavlásková, Eliška ; Vašek, Zdeněk
The presentation introduces project ARCLib. The project aims to create complex open source Long Term Preservation solution for libraries. ARCLib ensures long term preservation of digital data according OAIS guidelines and provides a free alternative to commercial software solutions. ARCLib is designed as a solution for all types of memory institutions – museums, galleries and archives. As part of the project two methodical guidelines were created – Methodology for logical preservation of digital data and Methodology for bit preservation.
LOCKSS – distribuované sítě pro digitální ochranu
Leroy, Anthony
As university libraries, preserving digital objects for future generations is our key mission. In this talk, we will discuss the crucial features required for an ideal digital preservation solution based on risk assessment. We will then show how the LOCKSS open source technology can help libraries build a robust distributed digital preservation network to ensure the very long term availability of their scientific heritage. Finally, as a concrete case study, we will have a deeper look at the SAFE network, one of a dozen existing LOCKSS networks.
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Legal Framework for Digitalisation and Storage of Digital Works by Public Archives
Koščík, Michal
The paper aims to provide a practical overview of the legal framework for the digitization of copyright works, which are a part of the collections and archives of public and general-interest institutions. The paper also focuses on the legal framework on using digital copies of works, which exist exclusively in digital form (i.e. they cannot be digitized) and for which there is a public interest in their preservation. The paper analyses copyright exemptions under current legislation and the possible evolution of the legal framework for digital archives within the framework of the forthcoming EU Single Digital Market Regulation.
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Sui Generis Database Rights and Official Work Exception
Míšek, Jakub
Sec. 94 of Copyright Act was amended by “Open Data act” in the way that official work exception applies mutatis mutandis, to the maker of the database. The new regulation it easier to work with public sector databases, including grey literature databases. However, it presents interpretation difficulties. This paper points to them and suggests solutions. The first part deals with sui generis database right in the context of grey literature. The second part analyzes the official work exception, its legal construction and the possibility of its application to sui generis database rights. The third part analyzes the transitional provision, which contains the amending act.
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Postoj vyučujících a univerzitních pracovníků k šedé literatuře: průzkum provedený na Univerzitě Constantine 2
Bouderbane, Azzedine ; Gamouh, Nadjia ; Benkaid Kesba,Teboura
Scientific research requires the collection of a variety of information gathered from diverse resources. Grey literature is one of the information resources that may enrich researchers’ scientific works, but, in some situations, some users may not have a positive attitude towards grey literature for various reasons. We led a qualitative study at the University Constantine 2 where we arranged an interview with a representative sample of university teachers. The descriptive approach was adopted. Significant results will be presented to the audience of the conference.
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Providing Public Access to Theses and Copyright Law
Myška, Matěj
The paper presents a basic overview of the issue of providing access to theses from copyright’s perspective. The first part introduces the meaning and purpose of this copyright limitation as well as the development of legal regulation. Attention is paid to the identification of individual interests that might conflict due to its application. The second part deals with the current legislation and identifies its problems, especially the ones related to providing online access to theses. The last part proposes possible solutions to these problems.
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Jsou starší vysokoškolské kvalifikační práce skutečně „šedé“? Pár komentářů k dědictví vědy a k šedé literatuře
Schöpfel, Joachim ; Prost, Hélène ; Ćirković, Snježana
Grey literature is often described as unpublished material, disseminated outside of commercial channels, not peer-reviewed and with limited referencing of information. Especially in the field of digitization projects, the term is also applied for older material and special collections. The objective of the paper is to analyse the meaning of “grey scientific heritage” and, based on empirical and conceptual elements, to contribute to a better understanding of grey literature. Special attention will be paid on older theses and dissertations (OTDs), as a main part of scientific heritage from universities.
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Archiving Social Research Data from the Viewpoint of Czech Social Science Data Archive
Vávra, Martin
Czech Social Science Data Archive is now an established research infrastructure within the Czech Republic and also it is a part of the European research infrastructure through CESSDA organization. The presentation will address the opportunities and constraints associated with data archiving and sharing in the social sciences. Emphasis will be placed on used standards (for metadata, keywords) and tools (on-line database solution) and on how these standards and tools help to develop a pan-European system of data services in the social sciences.
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