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Sanitary technical installations and gas pipeline in the apartment house
Polách, Petr ; Wierzbická, Helena (referee) ; Vaščáková, Alena (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis deals with the design of sanitary technical installations and a gas installations in an apartment house and with their connection to existing engineering networks. It also includes a design of a wastewater pumping facility to protect the underground rooms from the sewage flooding. It also includes a proposal for a light liquid separator, infiltration device and rainwater tank. The theoretical part is focused on gas main, fittings in gas distribution, gas pressure regulator and gas meters. Calculation and project part solves distribution of sewerage, water supply and gas pipeline in the specified object. It is a basement building with three aboveground floors and usable attic. On the ground floor of the apartment house there is a café.
Sanitary technical installations in the guest house
Pecháček, Martin ; Wierzbická, Helena (referee) ; Vaščáková, Alena (advisor)
This Bachelor thesis deals with design of sanitary instalation and gas instalation in guest house. It is guest house with two floor. The teoretical part is focused on possibilities of pre-tretment of waste water. The Computational part and project includes a porposal of sanitary and storm se-wer, water supply system, pipeline and their connection to current pipes.
Plumbing Systems of the Residential Building
Ivan, Aleš ; Wierzbická, Helena (referee) ; Vendlová, Lucie (advisor)
Bachelor´s thesis deals with the issue of plumbing in a residential building in the village Zlosyň. The theoretical part focuses on the methods of preparation of hot water and methods of design of tank heater. Calculation and design part solves sewer system, water mains and gas mains in the specified object.
Heating of Set of Residentail Buildings
Slovák, Zdeněk ; Hořínková, Lucie (referee) ; Wierzbická, Helena (advisor)
This backelors thesis deals coucerned with wifle design of heating set of Residentail Buildings in two variants. The building has one cellered basement, two above – ground floors. The building is heated by means of panel and tubular heaters. The heat source is located in a technical room or boiler room in the basement.
Heating of the Multi-functional Building
Štěpánek, Marek ; Wierzbická, Helena (referee) ; Vendlová, Lucie (advisor)
The topic of this bachelor thesis „Heating of the multi-functional building“ is proper heating and propose functionality. The building has five separate floors. There is proposed double-circuit boiler connection to radiators and underfloor heating. Warm air heating in commercial part of building.
Heationg of Hotel
Batrla, Jan ; Hořínková, Lucie (referee) ; Wierzbická, Helena (advisor)
This bachelor works describes the design of heating the hotel. The main task of this project is to select the appropriate design of heating and its design so as to ensure smooth and effective functioning of what the entire heating system.
The Plumbing systems in Dwelling House
Jíra, Martin ; Topič, Jan (referee) ; Wierzbická, Helena (advisor)
Předkládaná práce se zabývá způsobem ohřevu teplé vody v novém bytovém domě. Teoretická část práce se věnuje jednotlivým způsobům ohřevu teplé vody, popisuje zásobníkové i průtokové způsoby ohřevu, přičemž hlavní důraz je kladen na variantu se zásobníky teplé vody. Hlavním cílem práce je posoudit dvě nabízející se řešení zajištění ohřevu vody ve zvoleném objektu, tedy elektrické zásobníkové ohřevy v jednotlivých bytech a centrální ohřev teplé vody nepřímo napojeným na plynové kotle, a vyhodnotit výhodnější variantu.
Using of graywater in the Hotel
Výstupová, Eliška ; Vendlová, Lucie (referee) ; Wierzbická, Helena (advisor)
This thesis solves sanitary equipment installation and design of distribution of gray water in the hotel. Designed building has three floors and basement. On the first floor there are a restaurant, bar, conservatory, sanitary facilities and kitchen facilities. In the second and third floor are rooms for guests. In the basement there are storages, laundry room, engine room and other rooms, which are important for operation. The theoretical part is focused on familiarization with the theme of gray water, their division and possibilities. The practical part of applied knowledge on the subject at. The work also includes the calculation of return on this technological system.
Hot Water Distribution with Using of Heating Cable
Březinová, Lucie ; Formánek, Marian (referee) ; Formánek, Marian (referee) ; Wierzbická, Helena (advisor)
Master´s thesis is about hot water distribution with using of heating cables. This work is divided into three parts. First part is main function of heating cables, second part is about solution and suggestion of water supply, including hot water heater in two different objects. Important thing is difference a variant of the heating cable and without it. The last part is experimental, whose task is to verify the properties of the cable.
Heating of Apartament Buildings
Tichá, Hana ; Hořínková, Lucie (referee) ; Wierzbická, Helena (advisor)
The thesis is a technical solution for heating two apartment buildings. The project is designed in two versions. The first variant is source of heat boilers for pellets, in the second variant, the heat source heat pumps type of land / water. Part of this work is an experiment which deals with the measurement of floor heating.

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