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Clinical trial management information system for university hospital
Zavadil, Martin ; Haase, Jiří (advisor) ; Voříšek, Martin (referee)
This paper is focused on questions about clinical trials of pharmaceuticals and it's management. Clinical trials of pharmaceuticals is essential part of drug's life cycle, which is aiming to meet registration requirments and to be useful for therapeutical practice. The primary goal of this paper is designing of the information system for management and control of clinical trials in University Hospital Motol using the Yourdon modern structured analysis. It's build-up according to requirments of submitter so it provides user friendly web interface with emphasis on convenience administration processes and data clarity.
The accession of the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the OECD
Voříšek, Martin ; Váška, Jan (advisor) ; Just, Petr (referee)
This comparative case study deals with the accession of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The goal of this study is to ascertain how differences in the process of accession of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic to the OECD reflected the political and economic differences between the countries. Furthermore, this study deals with the role which the way and consequences of the dissolution of Czechoslovakia played in the accession. The author build on the thesis that the later entry of the Slovak Republic to the OECD was due to unfavourable political situation in the Mečiar's government, which was reflected in the national economy. This thesis also maintains that the Slovak Republic was not disadvantaged as a result of the dissolution (neither by the Czech side, nor OECD), which would result into delayed accession of Slovakia to the OECD. The key chapters deal with each country's accession to the OECD. While the Czech accession to the OECD ran relatively smoothly, in the case of Slovakia it is necessary to describe the major factors which influenced the long accession process. These include in particular the foreign policy orientation and transformation during the course of Mečiar's governments.
Measuring of Operational Risk in Finacial Institutions
Voříšek, Martin ; Žváčková, Lenka (advisor) ; Kozáková, Markéta (referee)
The aim of this submitted work deals with situation which quite recently occured on financial markets. In 2001, Basel Commitee for Banking Supervision declared that banks had to cover their exposure to a not very well-known operational risk. This work consists of a five main parts. After a few introductory words comes a short chapter about risks generally. Second part repeats some basic economic terms in territory of market failures and then discusses these particular problems in the field of financial markets. Following part brings a view on regulatory documents -- their past, their present and their possible future. A chief attention should be aimed on fourth part. It analyzes operational risk with a focus on its definition, its specifics, examples of its impacts and methods of its control, mitigation, measuring and managing. Last chapter describes one of advanced approaches to measure operational risk. At the end, there are a few last words concerning some questionable areas and future of operational risk management.

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