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Comparison of Tax Systems of the Czech Republic and Germany
Smolíková, Michaela ; Soukup, Jindřich (advisor) ; Makovský, Petr (referee)
The key topic of my bachelor thesis is the characteristics of the tax system of the Czech Republic, the characteristics of the German tax system and their subsequent comparison. My aim is to compare each tax system. The work is divided into three parts. In the first part I deal with tax theory. The second part focuses on the Czech and German tax systems. The final third part contains comparisons of tax systems by using macroeconomic indicators and specific calculations that illustrate the tax burden on potential employees and employers.
Monetary policy in Russian Federation and its influence on enterpreneurship
Rogozhnikov, Nikita ; Soukup, Jindřich (advisor) ; Kulbakov, Nikolay (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to analyze and to explain motenary policy of Russian federation central bank and to determine specefic characteristics during 2000-2015, its targets, models, main instruments and methods of regulation. First of all, in the first chapter will be introduced theoritical part of monetary policy, in that part there are the main aspects of monetary policy. Then the functions and the effectiveness of Russian central bank will be described. There are described two periods: 2000-2013 and 2014-2015. The conditions and the causes of the crysis 2014-2015 will be depicted during the analysis of the monetary policy. Equally the instruments which are being used by the central bank will be taken place in that bachelor thesis. In the end, the author describes influence of monetary policy on enterpreneurship and economy.
The fiscal policy of the Russian Federation and its influence on the business environment
Kudravets, Yevgeniy ; Soukup, Jindřich (advisor) ; Kulbakov, Nikolay (referee)
The current Bachelor's Thesis describes the basic concepts of the fiscal policy, the distinctiveness of its mechanisms and instruments, problems of the fiscal policy administration and the analysis of its influence on major macroeconomic determinants and the business environment of the Russian Federation during the period of economic crisis and economic growth. For these purposes, there was used the Fiscal Codex of the Russian Federation and the Hodrick-Prescott filter, which enabled the calculation of the product gap and served as the basis for the detailed analysis of the fiscal policy of the Russian Federation. The work also includes the detailed description of the prospects for the development of the fiscal policy of the Russian Federation during the 2017-2019 period including the pre-planned structures of budget revenues and expenditures.
Fiscal policy of the Russian federation after 2008
Isaeva, Anastasia ; Soukup, Jindřich (advisor) ; Kulbakov, Nikolay (referee)
The aim of this bachelors thesis is to evaluate the impact of the fiscal measures of the Russian government on the economy of the state as a whole and to assess the impact of the excessive tax burden on the business sphere. The content of the theoretical part is the definition of the basic concepts of the given issue, the principles of functioning and the objective of fiscal policy, the function of public budgets and information on revenues and expenditures of the state budget. Theoretical part also contains the structure and progression of the government budgets of the Russian Federation after 2008. The practical part includes an analysis of fiscal measures of the Russian government on the model of aggregate demand and aggregate supply. Another important point of the practical part is the analysis of subjective opinion of the management of enterprises on the tax burden in the Russian Federation.
Economic development of South Asian countries
Chyšková, Kateřina ; Soukup, Jindřich (advisor) ; Makovský, Petr (referee)
Aim of this thesis is to empirically verify the validity of Rostows Stages of economic growth model and Solow-Swan model of economic growth realized by using statistical data South Asian countries reported. Theoretical part is devoted to characteristics of the growth models, explaining the assumptions theories work with and defining their origins and possible limitations. Practical part is focused on the analysis of statistical outputs newly industrialized Asian countries (Asian Tigers). The choice of selected data for analysis is justified. The data are further evaluated against expectations out of the Rostows and Solows theory of economic growth. The appropriateness of the growth models with regard to the territories is also evaluated.
Economic policy of the Russian Federation in 2008-2015
Hertz, David ; Soukup, Jindřich (advisor) ; Kulbakov, Nikolay (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the analysis of the economic situation of the Russian Federation in 2008-2015 and it´s future outlooks. The man aim of the thesis is to monitor the development of macroeconomic data in the period 2008-2015, to analyze their impact on different parts of the economy, to identify the reasons and causes of their changes as well as their future development. The first chapter deals with the analysis and assessment of macroeconomic indicators in 2008-2014. The second chapter focuses on the structure of the Russian economy and thoroughly breakdown the two major commodities, namely oil and natural gas. The third chapter describes the main economic shocks affecting the Russian economy in 2014 and their subsequent empact on the country. The aim of the last chapter is to outline the future development of Russia and it´s economy through mid-term and long-term scenarios.
Impact of tax rates on tax revenue for the state – modeling of Laffer curve
Šmejkal, Martin ; Soukup, Jindřich (advisor) ; Makovský, Petr (referee)
There are many recent studies which try to find the evidence of the Laffer curve in national economies or aggregated OECD data. In this Master Thesis I focus on testing of the primary linear relation of the corporate income tax rate and the corporate tax base, that I call herein adjusted Laffer curve. The adjusted Laffer curve is then transferred through the simplification into the ordinary Laffer curve. The linear regression analysis is performed on the OECD data of 34 countries across years 2000 to 2014. Firstly, the countries are split by the national tax system criteria, such as tax quota, tax revenue allocation or tax structure of revenues that I consider essential for further analysis. Based on the results of linear regression I can only find Laffer curve in set of countries that aim to collect tax revenues mainly from direct taxes. However, there are also other major findings, such as the fact that negative relation of the corporate income tax rate and the corporate tax base, can be found in countries with the higher tax quota, while not in those with the lower tax quota.
Comparison of Study-Related Fees at Public Universities
Píšová, Jasmína ; Soukup, Jindřich (advisor) ; Dvořák, Petr (referee)
This Bachelor's thesis addresses the issue of study-related fees at public universities in the Czech Republic. The first theoretical part describes the function and the performance of a university. It also divides universities into different types by their characteristics. Furthermore, the concept of a fee is explored, which is the main point of the thesis. The thesis then explains the fee's components and functions, paying special attention to the types of study-related fees: admission-related fees, fees for exceeding the standard study period and the tuition fee for study in a foreign language. It also examines the charges, conditions under which they are assessed, and the procedure for appeal against the decree. The practical part compares the study-related fees at several public universities in the Czech Republic. The thesis includes a survey among students of University of economics in Prague, who already pay fees for exceeding the standard study period and focus on their views of the study-related fees at universities.
Analýza hospodářské recese 2014 v Ruské federaci
Sergeev, Vladimir ; Soukup, Jindřich (advisor) ; Kulbakov, Nikolay (referee)
The aim of bachelor´s thesis is analyzing of the most important aspects connected with economic crisis in Russian Federation in 2014, defining the basic causes of recession, description of main manifestation in Russian economy, its impact on the economic system and following reaction of the government. The first part of thesis theoretically describes the topic from the perspective of negative economic cycle and trends and processes related with it. Also, thesis presents important characteristics of current Russian economy. Second part starts with main reasons which caused the recession, describes the course of the crisis in years 2014 and 2015, its impact from the perspective of several important macroeconomic indicators and government measures aimed at recovery of damaged economic sectors.
Medical image registration
Lacmanová, Zdeňka ; Soukup, Jindřich (advisor) ; Hnětynková, Iveta (referee)
This thesis deals with the registration of images, which differ only in the shift and rotation, taken from CT angiography. The term of registration and transformation between the images are explained here. Three methods are used for registration. The first method is based on Fourier transform and it is called the phase correlation. The other two methods use the measured data by phase correlation and then the data is processed using the least squares method or singular value decomposition. There is given detailed theoretical foundation, the methods are mathematically derived and then implemented and tested in Matlab. Powered by TCPDF (

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