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Kogenerační jednotka mikro výkonu v RD
Pusztai, Radek ; Skalka, Miroslav (referee) ; Ondrůšek, Čestmír (advisor)
Bachelor paper on "Cogenerational unit of micro energy in a single-family house" occupies with analysis of usage and economical effectiveness of cogenerational installation in the single-family house. Results and used material are based on longtime knowledge of leading Czech and world companies and institutions. Paper is structed into two parts.
Temperature measurement on electrical machines
Prezbruchý, Martin ; Skalka, Miroslav (referee) ; Mikulčík, Aleš (advisor)
This work is trying do describe the temperature allocation on the electric machines. In the first part it is describing the temperature measurment, principals of measuring, thermocouples and a contactless measurment. In the second part, it is theoretically proceeding with engine types and a heat generation on them. In the third part, the work is describing simulation in the programs Autodesk Inventor and Ansys Workbench. In the next part, a work is showing the creation of a elektric machine model in already mentioned programs and a practical measurements of temerature allocation in the laboratory. In the conclusion, it is evaluating the measurment achievements and comparing the results of both used metods.
Diagnosis warming selected parts of an electric machine
Prezbruchý, Martin ; Skalka, Miroslav (referee) ; Veselka, František (advisor)
This work is describing warming parts of an electric machine. In the first part, it is describing heat and temperature, its origin and radiation. Work is carrying on with the problems of heat origin in electric machines and in selected parts of an it. In the next part, the work is describing measurment and devides it in contact and contactless. The third part is dealing with electric machines and considers commutator motors. Work continues with practical part, which describes measurments on selected electric machine, includes calculations and graphs. After this part, work is dealing with temperature allocation in graphic interface and describes a 3D model production. In the conclusion, it is evaluating the measurment achievements and comparing the results of various used metods.
Analysis of damage to the rotor bars of induction machines
Henzel, Roman ; Michailidis, Petr (referee) ; Skalka, Miroslav (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with disorders of induction machines with focus on the failure or damage to the rotor bars or end rings. The work includes a literature research of the low resistance measurement, which can be used to determine the rotor bar resistance of the squirrel cage induction machine. The experimental measurement of the analyzed motor with the following conditions (short-circuit, no-load and load) is also includes. The magnetic model of the machine was described and created in MAXWELL and results were compared with the LabVIEW software (in order to verify the accuracy of the particular simulation). Analysis results evaluation of three phase squirrel cage induction machine with broken rotor bars was done.
Analysis of the electromagnetic field in the induction machine
Adamec, Josef ; Skalka, Miroslav (referee) ; Michailidis, Petr (advisor)
Bachelor's project deals with the kinds of numerical analysis of electromagnetic fields in induction motor with squirrel cage. The main method used is the method of finite elements. The aim of the bachelor project is to analyze induction motor with squirrel cage in the Ansoft Maxwell.
Analytic represantation of AC winding properties
Kubín, Tomáš ; Skalka, Miroslav (referee) ; Ondrůšek, Čestmír (advisor)
My bachelor thesis deals with the issue of overview diagram of magnetic fields of basic free-phase winding. It is divided into four parts.The first part focuses on basic winding types and types of their connection. The second part describes the issue of analytic calculation of the magnetic field intensity in the air gap of rotating machines. This description is easier and faster than modern method of final elements in some cases because it displays course of particular harmonics and their partial sums for selected magnetic fields. The third part presents Görges diagrams of basic winding types and finally there is a calculation of the winding factor shown on two examples in the fourth part.
Design and analysis of electromagnet
Macek, Pavel ; Skalka, Miroslav (referee) ; Vítek, Ondřej (advisor)
This work deals with a proposal and an analysis of electromagnets. The first chapter is an introduction into solve of the problem. In the second chapter there is a general discussion about basic relations of the electromagnetic field. The third chapter is dedicated to the operation principle and construction of electromagnets and is supplemented with their common classification. The fourth chapter introduces the Finite Element Method and the FEMM programm. The fifth chapter is dedicated to the analysis of the DC electromagnet, the sixth chapter analysis single-phase AC electromagnet. In the seventh chapter there is a review of results of general analysis of both electromagnets.
Magnetic field calculating of transformer by using conducting model
Bláha, Martin ; Skalka, Miroslav (referee) ; Kurfűrst, Jiří (advisor)
The paper deals with conductivE-resistive network. Use of this network is modeled transformer. The model is implemented in simulation program PSPICE and Simscape. To evaluace the results were used the values obtained using the finite element method. A simple model of the transformer has been replaced by rezistor network conductivity, which is divided into elements. According to these elements is a simplified model designed and analyzed
Instrument for temperature measurement in electric machines
Klein, Tomáš ; Skalka, Miroslav (referee) ; Janda, Marcel (advisor)
This thesis deals with ways on how to measure temperature in electric machines. It divided into three main parts: summary of methods of temperature fields measuring, application of chosen measuring method, application on particular electric machine, and design of a device for remote temperature measuring using bluetooth.
Electromagnetic field calculation of Induction machine for different mechanical load
Hetflajš, Martin ; Kurfűrst, Jiří (referee) ; Skalka, Miroslav (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis deals with an analysis of the induction machine electromagnetic field distribution with real parameters. Whole analysis was done for three point of the mechanical load by finite element method in ANSYS. In the next part is described a basic theoretically research of the electromagnetic field and also preliminary survey of the numeric method for FEM. This thesis also contains an analysis of electromagnetic model of analyzed induction machine with detailed description of each analysis step and in conclusion the results summary was done.

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