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Reconstruction of the multifunctional room music school with an emphasis on acoustics
Sehnal, František ; Donaťák, Vladislav (referee) ; Donaťáková, Dagmar (advisor)
The aim of the diploma thesis was to design the reconstruction of the music hall in the existing building of the private music school D-Music. The building is located in Kromeriz, cadastral area Kromeriz. I emphasize the design from the perspective of acoustics. The thesis also evaluated the noise load from the adjacent road II. class, for design hole fillings. It is a five-storey building with one underground and four above-ground floors. The music hall is located on the first floor and is designed multifunctionaly - for music with mobile acoustic absorbers for speech.
New building family house
Sehnal, František ; Janíček, Vít (referee) ; Benešová, Romana (advisor)
This bachelor s thesis deals with the creation of a plan for a detached house in Vranov. The building is designed as a two storey building, situated in absolutely leveled terrain, which opens to the south. The entrance is located in the central part of the house, oriented to the nord. In the first floor, there are communication facilities which also provide access to the garrage and technical basement, as well as the kitchen, dining room and the living room. This space is also the way to enter the second floor, which contains the private zone, in adition to the bedroom, children s room, guest room and two bathrooms. Vertical constructions are designed of hollow bricks without the need of any thermal insulation. Floor structures are rib- and-filler refabricated. The building is covered with a 3% slope flat roof.
Optimalization of the ELISA method for determination the content of Cry 3Bb1 toxin in the different parts of maize plant by commercial kit
Habuštová, Oxana ; Sehnal, František ; Svobodová, Zdeňka ; Hussein, Hany
This publication provides information on Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) that is widely used in biological research, medicine, and industry for quantification of diverse antigene compounds. The major purpose of this book guide is a detail description of the ELISA usage for the monitoring of Cry toxins in the plant tissues of genetically modified crops. The Cry toxins are products of Bacillus thuringiensis genes used in plant transformations to make them resistant against specific insect pests. In our work we use ELISA to compare Cry content in different parts of the genetically modified maize during the growing season. We hope that this guide will simplify usage of ELISA not only for the measurements of Cry toxins but also for the analysis of other compounds present in plants naturally and as a result of transgenosis.
Potato containing a transgene for the fusion protein SPI2::GFP
Navrátil, Oldřich ; Kludkiewicz, Barbara ; Vinokurov, Konstantin ; Horáčková, V. ; Sehnal, František
Plant breeding is facing a new era, the horizons of which are determined by transition from studies of the role of individual genes in biological processes to global search for the role of genome and proteome in determination of biological processes. Thegeneral aim of the center is to utilize the potential of the functional genomics and proteomics to obtain novel information and breeding material to increase the quality of agricultural products, specifically, to improve the agronomic parameters and modifying specific properties of crop plants important not just in the Czech Republic, but also in Central Europe in general. Research will focus on increasing of (i) quality of wheat and barley corn, pea seeds and potato tubers, (ii) potato and pea resistance to pests and pathogenes, and (iii) heavy metal uptake and resistance in flux for phytoremediation.
Proteinase inhibitors from cockroaches: perspective of their use in the plant protection
Vinokurov, Konstantin ; Taranushenko, Yuliya ; Kludkiewicz, Barbara ; Kodrík, Dalibor ; Sehnal, František
The salivary glands and the gut of cockroaches contain both the digestive enzymes and their potential inhibitors. Four proteinase inhibitors were identified in the salivary glands of Nauphoeta cinerea and three of them were partially sequenced from the N-terminus. Coding sequences of corresponding cDNAs were established with the aid of RT PCR and degenerate primers. The sequences clearly encode inhibitors of serine proteinases.
Structural diversity of prothoracicotropins and bombyxins in Lepidoptera
Sehnal, František
Structural diversity of prothoracicotropins and bombyxins in Lepidoptera.

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