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Regulation of morphogenic processes in potato - the role of sugar metabolism
Ševčíková, Hana ; Lipavská, Helena (advisor) ; Navrátil, Oldřich (referee) ; Langhansová, Lenka (referee)
Potato (Solanum tuberosum) tuberization is a complex, strictly regulated morphogenic process. Since potato is one of the most important crops in the world, understanding the regulation of this process is gaining in importance not only from a theoretical but also from a practical point of view. This work focuses on the role of sugars, which can serve not only as an energy and building material sources, but also as an important signal regulating many developmental processes including the tuberization. As a primary experimental material potato cv. Lada (WT) and its spontaneously tuberizing (ST) mutant was used. Since the previous results with ST plants suggested altered carbohydrate partitioning between plant organs and significant difference in total carbohydrate contents between ST plants and the WT (Fischer et al. 2008), in the first manuscript presented, the aim was to examine in detail the sugar metabolism of ST plants grown in vitro mixotrophically (MT) and photoautotrophically (PA). We observed changes in soluble carbohydrate allocation and starch deposition, favouring basal stem part in ST. Even thought, gibberellins (GAs) are considered to be the main tuberization inhibitors, ST potato plants had surprisingly high GAs levels. The determination of tuber-inducing marker gene expressions...
The Vlněna - History and the Present
Navrátil, Oldřich
Article for the conference of PhD students at Faculty of Architecture is dedicated to the topic of industrial heritage with a focus on the former woolen textile factory site. It describes the circumstances of formation and development of textile industry in Moravia and in the city of Brno itself. It focus on both of the factories established on this site and on their development till the closure of production and their current condition. It also deal with the aspects, which determinate the possibilities of its future development in connection with the city, and the approach of local authorities, public and specialists to its future use.
Conversion of Martin-Luther-Gedächtniskirche in Berlin - an international workshop
Navrátil, Oldřich
Nowadays there across Europe to reduce the number of active believers in traditional Christian churches. It also brings the issue of churches that are no longer used for its original function. Converting churches are thus becoming more and more common tas
Evaluation of industrial heritage
Navrátil, Oldřich ; Králová, Eva (referee) ; Zemánek, Václav (referee) ; Ryšková, Michaela (referee) ; Zemánková, Helena (advisor)
The main subject is evaluation of effective use in terms of care (not only within protection of monuments) in order to save and protect industrial heritage. Pointing out on critical issues connected with the end of production of traditional branches which played the key role in historical development of our cities. Nowadays abandoned buildings and sites are represented by memory of the place or its prosperity. New owners often don't share the positive approach to the industrial heritage, developers are seeking new sites, cities and inhabitants have developed new needs through the time. The work will demonstrate examples within European context and will make recommendations in monitoring and classification of industrial heritage to prevent undo able losses.
Conversion of VI. electrical Exchange, Ostrava - DOV
Navrátil, Oldřich ; Zemánek, Václav (referee) ; Zemánková, Helena (advisor)
In my diploma project I do reconstruction and looking for new program for old industrial building in Vitkovice iron factory area. This building is part of Cultural heritage and we have to apply all heritage criteria on this. The building is big hall - big space with two old machines. Now the machines don’t work anymore. My idea is to connect this old indutry area with the rest of the city – with still living part of the city – and bring here new life. Students are new young blood. So I decided to put on part of Ostrava Technology University here. The other buildings will be used as a business center and research center. Great interaction for future – University, Business and Research center.
Potato containing a transgene for the fusion protein SPI2::GFP
Navrátil, Oldřich ; Kludkiewicz, Barbara ; Vinokurov, Konstantin ; Horáčková, V. ; Sehnal, František
Plant breeding is facing a new era, the horizons of which are determined by transition from studies of the role of individual genes in biological processes to global search for the role of genome and proteome in determination of biological processes. Thegeneral aim of the center is to utilize the potential of the functional genomics and proteomics to obtain novel information and breeding material to increase the quality of agricultural products, specifically, to improve the agronomic parameters and modifying specific properties of crop plants important not just in the Czech Republic, but also in Central Europe in general. Research will focus on increasing of (i) quality of wheat and barley corn, pea seeds and potato tubers, (ii) potato and pea resistance to pests and pathogenes, and (iii) heavy metal uptake and resistance in flux for phytoremediation.

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