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Device equipement of the paragliding pilot
Mrázek, Martin ; Dvorský, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Fiala, Miloš (referee)
Name of thesis Flight equipment and its importance in efficiency categories of paragliding Abstract: The goals The goal of this thesis is to find out appropriate instruments and the dependence of their using on the performance category of pilot. Practical contribution of this thesis will be find out the most frequent usage of the instruments between pilots and how important they are for pilots. Methods The thesis is compiled in the form of quantitative research. For the collection of data we have chosen questionnaries, which were situated in a paragliding web. Results Detected facts represent that with increasing efficiency category, the count of respondents, for who instruments are important, is increased. The next fact represent, that with increasing efficiency category, the count of respondents, who have and use instruments, is increased. The most important instrument for all efficiency categories is variometr and then GPS. Key words Paragliding, instruments, efficiency category, importance.
Business aspects of healthcare waste
Mrázek, Martin ; Křížová, Eva (advisor)
Thesis "The market in health care - aspects of business management 'I chose to the basis of its interest in the health economy. waste in health are a big problem. I would like in this thesis work focused on the possibility of disposal of infectious waste by new technologies. The amount of waste continues to grow and the future will certainly be very important to seek more efficient and environmentally friendly use of these materials will also need to takemore more sensitive to the environment.
An empirical estimate of the pre-crisis Taylor rule of the Fed using real-time data
Mrázek, Martin ; Potužák, Pavel (advisor) ; Kadeřábková, Božena (referee)
This thesis analyses the monetary policy of the Fed in the period before the financial and economic crisis 2007. The aim of this analysis is to investigate whether the monetary policy significantly deviated from the preceding one which, according to John Taylor, adhered to the Taylor rule. This analysis is performed using both revised and real-time data. I compare the monetary policy with various specifications of the Taylor rule. I also estimate a forward-looking Taylor rule. The results confirm the deviation from the Taylor rule. However, deviations were usual in the whole sample period. Estimated models do not indicate that the monetary policy before the crisis was different from the rest of the analyzed period.
Verification of the original technologies used for art castings
Hřebíček, Lukáš ; Mrázek, Martin (referee) ; Horáček, Milan (advisor)
This diploma thesis is describing making of the same art casting by using different foundry technologies/ moulds (ceramic shell mould, several types of plaster moulds including anhydride gypsum and also natural sand mould). In this thesis there is also description of casting the famous piece of bull from “Byci skala” (Bull Rock). The bull was cast into traditional clay mould which is believed to be the original technology. Also the original shape of the bull casting was reconstructed, i.e. a copy of the original bull casting made. As the main achievement of this work is an overview and comparison of several technologies suitable for making art castings.
Determinants of profitability in banking sector
Mrázek, Martin ; Rod, Aleš (advisor) ; Chytilová, Helena (referee)
This thesis analyzes devolopment of profitabilty and market structure of banking sector in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary. Empirical results are consistent with structure-conduct-performance hypothesis, on the other hand efficiency hypothesis seems to be unlikely. These conclusions are furthermore supported by DEA efficiency analysis. Results of non-structural Panzer-Rosse model suggest that during the period under consideration, market outcome was similar to monopolistic competiton. The results of regression analysis reveal that bank-specific variables, share of banking deposits on GDP, GDP growth and interest rates are the main drivers of banking sector profitability.
Effectivness of Legislative Novel on Procurement Contracts in Prague
Mrázek, Martin ; Babin, Jan (advisor) ; Svoboda, Miroslav (referee)
This paper is focused on impact of amendment to the Act on public procurement contracts of April 1, 2012 in Prague. Assumption that this legislative change will reduce prices of these contracts was not confirmed, at least in the first year of its application. Regression analysis shows that use of more transparent procedures included in the amendment to the Act would lead to 4 % price decline. But contracts affected by this legal change almost disappeared, probably due to manipulation with tenders. Also number of bidders has significant impact on price.

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