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Relationship between social and pastoral work
Dvořáčková, Darina ; Milfait, René (advisor) ; Jandejsek, Petr (referee)
This bachelor thesis aims to introduce social work and pastoral work and then to compare them on the basis of their main paradigms. The first part is focused on social work. It deals briefly with its history and then it is presented as a human-rights profession with its main principles and goals according to its most important documents. The second part gives an overview of pastoral work. It clarifies the significance of theological ethics and represents the social doctrine of the Church with its basic principles according to relevant church documents. The third part is devoted to the search for interconnection of social and pastoral work. It focuses on their common ethical dimensions, which are human rights, dignity, justice, solidarity. It offers a view of the possibilities of their mutual dialogue, aiming at mutual enrichment for meaningful cooperation and support of the workers of both professions. At the end of the thesis, a brief summary and evaluation of the thesis goal appears. The appendices include the Ethical Code of Social Workers of the Czech Republic and the International Ethical Code of Social Work. Keywords Social work, pastoral work, human rights, solidarity, human dignity, justice
Theological and Ethical Aspects o Assisted Suicide
Břendová, Veronika ; Milfait, René (advisor) ; Keřkovský, Pavel (referee)
This Diploma Thesis deals with main theological aspects of assisted suicide. It represents particular arguments of discussion on this issue and undergoes them with theological-ethical assessment. This Thesis firstly shows individual concepts concerning the human dying issue and represents individual tools for argument of protagonists and antagonists of assisted suicide. These arguments are afterwards presented to theological ethics for its assessment. Theological ethics is one of the possible view on this issue. It offers relevant tools for proper assessment, decision and behaviour endeavoring for fulfilled human life. It also takes into account different areas of theological ethics, ie. individual, interhuman and social. This Thesis shows the necessity of humanly dignified forming of life of incurably ill and dying people. It is done mainly by support and development of palliative care. Human proximity, community, complex care and comfort are the main ways of the nursing care of uncurably ill and dying people who ask for doctor assistance for suicide. Regardless the ethic ratings, it is necessary not to abandon the patient in this extreme situation but to keep supporting him and accompany him, which is according to the commandement of love. Powered by TCPDF (
Implementatiton of international human rights standards in the field of human trafficking for labour exploitation in the Czech Republic
Jírová, Eliška ; Vorlová, Marie (advisor) ; Bartoň, Daniel (referee) ; Milfait, René (referee)
Trafficking in human beings is considered to be one of the most serious crimes in which there is a significant violation of fundamental human rights. Through recommendations and binding documents, international organisations call on states to prevent human trafficking, and if it occurs, to allow for the settlement of human rights of its victims. National governments are responsible for compliance with human rights commitments, not only on the level of policy formulation, but also in terms of their implementation in practice. However, experience of social work with trafficked persons in the Czech Republic shows that victims of this serious crime have no access to settlement of their rights. The aim of this paper was to evaluate whether the Czech Republic meets the selected human rights standards that ensure the victims' access to their rights. The evaluation of the situation was based on the selected criteria defining the meeting of individual human rights standards of the Aim for Human Rights organisation. Fulfilling the selected criteria was examined on the case of proceeding of state authorities in the case of exploitation of hundreds of foreign workers in the forestry industry, known as the "Stromkaři" (Tree Workers) case. The evaluation showed that while on the formal level the standards required by the...
Should prostitution be legal in the Czech Republic?
Frydrych, Štěpán ; Milfait, René (advisor) ; Svobodová, Zuzana (referee)
Bachelor thesis named Legalization of prostitution in Czech Republic? engages the dilemma of prostitution and its possible legalization. This topic is discussed from historical, juridical and also theological ethics point of view and is trying to answer the question - whether or when and under which conditions, is the legalization of prostitution in CR possible. Powered by TCPDF (
Psychosomatics in Connection with the Corresponding Biblical Stories
Poláková, Veronika ; Milfait, René (advisor) ; Heryán, Ladislav (referee)
The work deals with psychosomatic in connection with the corresponding biblical stories and is divided into several parts. First, the reader is introduce to the general issue of psychosomatics from which is transition to the specific examples of psychosomatic diseases and along with a sample of places which deal with them. The work also continues to the spiritual dimension of a person, where is explain what it is and whether everybody has it. This chapter also includes the topic of spirituality and specifically Christian spirituality. Furthermore, there is an of three ways from a Christian point of view how to take care of own spiritual component, which includes the preoccupation with the Bible. Thus it is move towards a bridging subject between psychosomatics and biblical stories of healing, which is Hagiotherapy. In Hagiotherapy there is clarify the term, describe to how Hagiotherapy session look like, how people work with the Bible there and how the Bible can help a person as a whole. The penultimate circuit are illness and healing in the Bible, where I point to how the disease was understood in biblical times. However, there is refer to the last and crucial part which is an effort of the disassembly of selected biblical stories of healing and an offer how they can help contemporary people to have their...
The Interpretation of Selected Poems of St. Therese of Lisieux in Relationship to the Contemporary Man
Orlová, Terezie ; Milfait, René (advisor) ; Heryán, Ladislav (referee)
The bachelor thesis titled The Interpretation of Selected Poems of St. Therese of Lisieux in Relationship to the Contemporary Man aims to try to find the sense and the contribution of the poems composed by St. Therese of Lisieux for everyday life of a today's man and further the comprehension of the Christian spirituality. The thesis is divided into two main parts. The first part deals with the life of St. Therese of Lisieux, focusing on her childhood, events of which projected into her later life. This part is further pointed on her family, on her inexplicable disease, the sudden healing through mercy, and on her time at Carmelite convent. The second part is focused on the interpretation of selected poems written by St. Therese. The poems are interpreted through the explanation of the main themes included in them with an effort to reveal the benefit for the current people and the understanding of the Christian spirituality. The reader is acquainted with the circumstances of the composition of the poem and the interpretation is made with help of several resources. The main contribution for the contemporary man is seen especially in the topic of the double commandment of love and further the topic of a man created according to the image of God (the Imagio Dei principle) and the Eucharist. These topics are...
Ecclesiastes as an Incentive to Reflection on the Meaning of Life
Hudziecová, Petra ; Heryán, Ladislav (advisor) ; Milfait, René (referee)
Is it possible to find the meaning of life in this chaotic and often incomprehensible world? And in what therefore one can find it? These are the main issues this bachelor thesis deals with. Guide for searching of meaning in this work is the author of the biblical book of Ecclesiastes, who decided to explore what can be explored and will insist on learning how to understand what is the true meaning of human life. Where this sense can be found and where it is not to be found. Bachelor thesis is divided into three chapters. The first discusses who probably is the author of Ecclesiastes, when the book was written and what was and is its importance in Jewish culture and history. The second chapter examines, based on several verses from the book of Ecclesiastes itself and with the usage of other literary sources, in what the author finds the meaning of human life and in what he does not. Finally, the third chapter contains the application of several principles from the book of Ecclesiastes in social work. The method that was used in the creation of this work was exegetical research. In the book Ecclesiastes we can read that the preacher was wise, and he still taught people, that is why his work became a strong incentive to reflection on the meaning of human life. Powered by TCPDF (
Relationship and Sexuality of People with mental Disability in Theological Ethics
Mundok, Marian ; Milfait, René (advisor) ; Svobodová, Zuzana (referee)
This bachelor thesis elaborates on selected theological and ethical aspects of partner relationship and sexuality with people with light and moderate mental retardation. The thesis represents the point of view of the Church morality on partner and sexual relationships and points at the consequences of its selected statements about accompanying people with mental disability with regards to their sexuality. The thesis puts the whole issue within the human rights framework. Through theological and ethical aspects, it suggests a potential help theological ethics can offer to a more humane partner relatationship building and sexuality of people with mental disabilities. The thesis argues with theological ethics in a secular environment and uses a "non-religious" vocabulary, i.e. argues with human rights even when it comes to the issue of relatioships and sexuality. This work describes the specifics of partner relationships, intimity and sexuality of people with light and moderate mental retardation, looking at this issue through relevant theological and ethical aspects. Powered by TCPDF (
An Experience in the Religious Pedagogy
Hradská, Kristina ; Svobodová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Milfait, René (referee)
The theme of this bachelor thesis is "An Experience In The Religious Pedagogy" and it analyses this topic from various approaches and points of view on the given topic. The goal of this thesis is to observe and to describe the interrelationship between the expirinece in religion pedadody? What is the interrelationship between these two? The thesis is divided into three main parts, these are then subdivided into several more subchapters. The first part aims at the experience on a general level. Not only will we look at it from religious point of view, but also from psychological point of view. In the second part we will work with the experience within the process of reception of the faith, which was elaborated by J. W. Fowler. In the last third part we will discover, how to work with such experience in practice, especially in religious pedagogy of holistic education as elaborated by Franz Kett and sister Esther Kaufmann. Powered by TCPDF (
The Interpretation of the Lord's Prayer: The Way of Introduction of Christian Spirituality and Morality
Petrášková, Jana ; Milfait, René (advisor) ; Heryán, Ladislav (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the interpretation of the Lord's Prayer as a contextual and literary centre of Jesus' Mountain speech and contributes to a deeper understanding of the spiritual dimension of humans. The thesis introduces theological ethics, and its proprium, and a definition of Christian morality. The thesis also presents the contents of Jesus' Mountain speech as the Greater Charter of Christian morality that is closely connected with the Lord's Prayer. Within the Lord's Prayer the thesis focuses on spirituality, specifically Christian spirituality and prayer itself, and describes in detail what prayer is. Furthermore, the main part of the thesis focuses on the interpretation of the Lord's Prayer itself and understanding of the individual requests. As a prayer of general liberation that starts with the meeting of the living God and binds oneself to committed behavior in the sense of love and justice; as a prayer of human necessities of life in which a God's issue is not incomprehensible for a human and a human issue is not indifferent for the God. The final part of the thesis seeks to describe and emphasize individual connections of the Lord's Prayer with theological ethics, Christian morality and Christian spirituality. Powered by TCPDF (

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