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Motor Performance of Students at Sport Classes of Elementary school "Englišova" in Opava
Melová, Kateřina ; Vindušková, Jitka (advisor) ; Komínková, Linda (referee)
Title: Motor performance of students at sport classes of Elementary School Englišova in Opava Objectives: The subject of this study was to analyze changes of motion performance of students at sport classes, grades 6-9, at elementary school Englišova in Opava. The results have been compared with those of common population and other students from different sport schools. To evaluate the performance, seven motoric tests have been used in testing in springs 2009-2012. Methods: I found the results of motion tests in the archive of elementary school Englišova (years 2009-2012). I then divided the students into groups based on their gender and I calculated the average results and the standard deviations. The motoric tests used in the evaluation were: 2 kg medicine ball out throw, shuttle run 4x10 m, long jump from place with both legs together, 2-minute sit-ups, six-jumps, 30 m running with flying start, 12-minute run. Results: In the course of four years, both girls and boys developed the dynamic strength of upper limbs the most. That was measured by a medicine ball throw test. The girls improved by 22,48 % and the boys improved by 65,82 %. A performance drop of 1,24 % occurred in girls' 12-minute run. The smallest improvement for boys was recorded in shuttle run, between grades 6 and 9 their performance...

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