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Development of cognitive abilities in the Czech Republic based on data of SHARE
Sirotková, Lucie ; Malá, Ivana (advisor) ; Sobíšek, Lukáš (referee)
This master thesis deals with the description and analysis of the cognitive abilities of persons over 50 years of age in the Czech Republic. The aim of this work is to present the readers the panel data and their use in the analysis of cognitive abilities. For the purpose of the analysis, data from Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) are used. In the theoretical part, panel data, cognitive abilities and SHARE survey are generally described. The practical part is divided into four parts. The first one deals with descriptive analysis of individual blocks from the cognitive function module published in the SHARE. Characteristics: age, gender, education and the number of activities are then described, whose impact on cognitive abilities is tested. The third part focuses on the construction of an index of cognitive abilities. The main part of the thesis is focused on the use of panel data analysis for the modeling of dependence between the index of cognitive abilities and other characteristics. In total, three different models are compiled, which are subsequently compared to each other and tested on new data. The results show that age has a great impact on cognitive abilities. Furthermore, there is a proven impact of education and the number of activities carried out. The influence of gender is only significant in two of the three models.
Data Visualisation Methods in the Statistical Computational Programme R
Hanková, Monika ; Procházka, Jiří (advisor) ; Malá, Ivana (referee)
Visualisation is a key element for analysis in statistics. This thesis describes data visualisation methods in the statistical computational programme R which, thanks to add-on packages, contains several tools for plotting. Data visualisation may be much more complicated than it seems to be, the focus is aimed at the general connection between packages as well as the particular visualisation of base graphics, ggplot2 and lattice package. These packages are built based on the traditional graphical model in R, grammar of graphics and trellis plotting. The interactive shiny app provides an overall view about how the data are visualised by each package.
Odds betting
Kuruc, Michal ; Čabla, Adam (advisor) ; Malá, Ivana (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with problematics of odds betting. The goal of this thesis is to inform the reader about betting shops, betting environment and basic hypothesis about how to became a successful person in betting. The other goal is to test selected betting strategies and figure out if it is possible to make long-term profit from odds betting. In the theoretical part I show the probable dysfunction of the roulette strategy called martingale. Then I test selected betting strategies on real football results. The thesis may also be used as some kind of simple manual about how to make betting analysis and getting the results from them. The results of this work show that there is probably no guaranteed way how to make profit from odds betting but I think that this thesis can be used to gain some advantages in the betting environment.
Quality of Life for European Populations older than fifty years
Svobodová, Veronika ; Malá, Ivana (advisor) ; Miskolczi, Martina (referee)
This master thesis deals with research of Subjective Quality of Life for population fifty years old or more, depending on the selected demographic, social and economic indicators. More and more people live to the older ages, and thus important question of living conditions and well being of this ageing population comes forward. General concept of Quality of Life of older people is described on wide theoretical scale with focus on the cause of the phenomenon, Demographic Ageing of populations. The Demographic Ageing is described not only on the theoretical level, but also in a quantitative way. There are specific fertility rates introduced according to an age of a mother while birth giving, or still increasing Life Expectancy at Birth for both males and females. To explore the dependencies of Subjective Quality of Life on selected indicators, there is a statistical model introduced. The input indicators come from the European panel data research Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe. Techniques used for analyzing the data are Analysis of variance for one single wave (held around year 2013) and Panel data analysis for all available waves (from 2004 to 2013). The results from both analyses for the Czech Republic are compared with results for selected countries, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy and Greece. From the SHARE data set can be read the following results. The variable Age significantly influences all included models for all selected countries, the similar influence can be observed for the Education. For almost all countries and models is proving of the significant influence of Gender to Subjective Quality of Life indefinite (we are not able to observe significant influence). Also the influence of the variable Living alone/with other people is not perfectly convincing. On the other hand, significantly observable categories are Unemployed and Permanently sick or disabled. The question of Quality of Life is related to all parts of population. While the number of older people in population increases, this question of the quality of their lives becomes more and more important. The way how to secure those needed, powerless and often vulnerable people in a decent way and with dignity is not easy.
Statistical models for an MTPL portfolio
Pirozhkova, Daria ; Zimmermann, Pavel (advisor) ; Malá, Ivana (referee)
In this thesis, we consider several statistical techniques applicable to claim frequency models of an MTPL portfolio with a focus on overdispersion. The practical part of the work is focused on the application and comparison of the models on real data represented by an MTPL portfolio. The comparison is presented by the results of goodness-of-fit measures. Furthermore, the predictive power of selected models is tested for the given dataset, using the simulation method. Hence, this thesis provides a combination of the analysis of goodness-of-fit results and the predictive power of the models.
Use of Poisson distribution for prediction of sports matches results
Svoboda, Ondřej ; Malá, Ivana (advisor) ; Čabla, Adam (referee)
The aim of this master thesis is to verify possibility to use Poisson distribution for predicting soccer matches. At first for analysis is applied the original model from English statisticians Mark J. Dixon and Stuart G. Coles from 1997. Thereafter the model is extended in the thesis. All models are based on the maximum likelihood method. Chosen league for deducing conclusions is the first English league - Premier League. The matches are played in the period from season 2004/2005 to half of season 2015/2016. For identification of models performance are used the most market odds from American bookmaker Pinnacle. In the theoretical part are described models and statistical methods that are used in the practical part. In the practical part are realized calculations. Counted performance of models is based on profit from market odds. In the period ex-post are calculated optimum model parameters that are used in the ex-ante period, where is calculated performance of the model. The thesis answers question: Are these models gaining from public database effective in modern age?
Characteristics of deprivation by ageing population in Czech Republic
Kobzová, Alexandra ; Malá, Ivana (advisor) ; Brázdilová, Michaela (referee)
This thesis aims to characteristics of deprivation by population aged over fifty years in Czech Republic. It contains basic descriptions of two surveys that dealing with deprivation and so SHARE and EU-SILC. Then follow the characteristics of indicators of material deprivation in SHARE and in EU-SILC and the characteristic of social deprivation indicator from SHARE. The aim of the thesis is to explore indicators of material and social deprivation in Czech Republic and find the position of Czech Republic in international comparison. In the thesis were analysed percentages of deprived people in every single variable of material or social deprivation, development of material deprivation and factors that affect both indicators. Part of the thesis is also comparison of indicator of material deprivation by EU-SILC and by SHARE. At the end is quantified the summarizing indicator that according to SHARE indicates the risk of social exclusion and it is also analysed.
Prosaic works of contemporary Czech authors for children of pre-school age
Malá, Ivana ; Klumparová, Štěpánka (advisor) ; Hník, Ondřej (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the titles of the contemporary Czech authors of the books for the preschool children. The main target of the thesis is to find and recommend the valuable children's books (published after year 2000) to the preschool teachers, parents and other educators, with the main emphasis on the esthetic, literary-didactic and educational quality aspects. In the theoretical part of the thesis I aimed on the characteristics of the preschool child in relation to reading. I was mainly interested in child's psychological development in the context with the examined issue. The theoretical part of the thesis also provides the definition of the prereaders period and terms of non-reader and prereader are explained here. Prosaic genres intended to this age group are also examined in this part of the thesis. Criteria for selection of children's books by the adults and the knowledge of five book titles are examined through the questionnaire survey. The practical (analytical) part of the thesis contains the analysis of the selected children's books ("Medvídek Kuma" by Martina Skala, "Už se nebojím tmy," "Kozí knížka" by Tereza Říčanová, "Jak Cílek Lídu našel" by František Skála and "Dobrodružství pavouka Čendy" by Pavel Čech) according to the predefined criteria. The Conclusion provides...
Bibliological profile of Jan Werich
Malá, Ivana ; Vorlíčková, Blanka (referee) ; Khel, Richard (advisor)
Předkládaná bakalářská práce otevírá nový pohled na Jana Wericha - českého spisovatele, dramatika a herce. Jejím cílem je nabídnout ucelený knihovědný portrét této významné osobnosti české kultury. Práce byla vypracována na základě analýzy literárních textů Jana Wericha, které mají z velké části autobiografický charakter, a dále dokumentů, které se jeho životem a tvorbou zabývají. První kapitola pojednává o čtenářských zvyklostech Jana Wericha, o oblíbené době i místě čtení, o jeho pohnutkách ke čtení a zabývá se také jeho vztahem k tiskovinám. Druhá část přináší poznatky o Janu Werichovi -spisovateli a o způsobu tvorby jeho literárních i dalších textů. Třetí kapitola objasňuje Werichův vztah ke knihám, knižní kultuře a přináší dostupné informace o jeho osobní knihovně - jejím vzhledu, umístění i obsahu. Čtvrtá kapitola mapuje vztah Jana Wericha k papíru a přináší informace o různých způsobech jeho použití. Poslední dvě kapitoly nabízejí pohled na papír v díle Jana Wericha - jedna část je věnována papíru na jevišti, druhá literárním motivům "knihy a papíru" v jeho díle. Součástí práce je také kapitola věnovaná základním bibliografickým údajům ze života Jana Wericha a jeho nejbližších.. V závěru práce jsou pak stručně shrnuty získané poznatky. [Autorský abstrakt].
Dementia in the Czech Republic: development, projection and risk factors
Cséfalvaiová, Kornélia ; Langhamrová, Jitka (advisor) ; Malá, Ivana (referee) ; Růžková, Jiřina (referee)
Doctoral thesis deals with dementia, which social, health and economic impacts are alarming worldwide. Expected dramatic increase in the number of people with cognitive impairment will put high demands on health and social care. Population aging and the increase of elderly persons aged 65+ evoked a need to address this issue, since age is the major risk factor for dementia. Conflicting conclusions of the European and international studies confirm the difficulty of quantifying the disease. Different definitions and measurement methods lead to different results. In the Czech Republic, in comparison with other developed European countries, there is no relevant research on the expected increase in the number of people with dementia or trends and determinants of severe cognitive impairment. Available estimates of the prevalence of dementia in the Czech Republic are based exclusively on the international prevalence studies EURODEM and Eurocode. Dissertation provides an estimate of the number of people with dementia in the Czech Republic to 2050 based on the construction of life tables for demented people. The thesis also includes analysis of risk factors of severe cognitive impairment based on socio-demographic and health variables. This knowledge is very important for the development and maintenance of effective policies and programs responsive to the needs of individuals living with cognitive impairment in the Czech Republic.

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