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Painting and animation in art education
Kocourková, Zuzana ; Arbanová, Linda (advisor) ; Raudenský, Martin (referee)
Bachelor thesis Painting and animation in art education Zuzana Kocourková, April 2018 ABSTRACT Bachelor thesis is focused on interconnections of painting and animation. In the theoretic part the thesis analyzes examples of different approaches and ways of using colorful material in painting and animation. It compares attitude to painting in animation and free art. The thesis charts history of painting and extraordinary approaches in animation. In the didactic part, the bachelor thesis presents the ways how to connect painting and animation in art education. In the practical part is described a realization of animation made by experimental method.
Use of selected geometry problems from the world of finance in upper secondary mathematics education
Kocourková, Zuzana ; Novotná, Jarmila (advisor) ; Tůmová, Veronika (referee)
The topic of the thesis is the use of selected tasks, which I created in my bachelor thesis, in the mathematics teaching at grammar schools. These are problematic word problems from geometry curriculum with financial themes. The aim of the thesis is to find out the role of the word problems in pupils' motivation in teaching. The theoretical part describes the issue of motivation and pupil motivation for learning. I also deal with problem of word problems, their definition and typology. The practical part is focused on experiment with aim to find out the use of selected tasks in the mathe- matics teaching at grammar school. In the experiment, I primarily examined whether the tasks motivated pupils , how successful they were in solving and the influence of financial themes in selected tasks on the pupil's emotional state or his success in solving the task. I processed statistical data quantitatively and qualitatively. To collect statistical data, I used a questionnaire and observation. The evaluation of the experiment includes statistics on pupils' motivation to solve the tasks and pupils' success in solving the task. According to research results, pupils were motivated by the tasks. The difficulty of the tasks is proportional to the level of mathe- matical abilities of pupils at grammar school. The...
Comparison of individual's performance in a discrimination tasks with respect to the hierarchy status
Kocourková, Zuzana ; Landová, Eva (advisor) ; Veselý, Petr (referee)
The ability to discriminate stimuli is the most tested cognitive task in pigeons (Columbia livia f. domestica) within up to now published experiments. Up to now, the influence of personality traits on discrimination has been poorly studied. This thesis looks into the differences in success between individuals and discrimination tasks, and analyzes factors including personality traits influencing the success rate. In this experiment, the total of 72 individual pigeons were tested in four linked tasks: 1) discrimination of black and white screen in the Skinner's box, 2) discrimination of black and white circle patch in the Skinner's box, 3) discrimination of black and white lid in a cage and 4) discrimination of reduced black and white stimuli, placed on a lid, in the cage. The criterium of success was set on 80%. In the Skinner's box, the task were passed by lower number of individuals (6% in first, 20% in second) in comparsion with the cage (48% in third and 50% in fourth). The tasks differed in environment and size of stimuli. It has been determined, that te tested subjecs were able to generalise in the Skinner's box, with an expception when the stimuli was reduced. While testing, all factors that might have influenced the success rate were observed. It has been proved, that the success rate was...
Concept of human being during categorization process in birds
Kocourková, Zuzana ; Landová, Eva (advisor) ; Exnerová, Alice (referee)
Quick and successful recognition and categorisation of a potential social or sexual partner as well as dangerous predators is an essential ability for each animal. Creation of categories and cognitive processes required to do so are of great importance to uderstanding to cognition of other species than human. This thesis aims primarily on categorisation experiments using pigeons. Recognition and categorisation might be exercised via a concept (a mental representation). Exercise of this highly evolved approach in pigeons is a subject of a dispute. This thesis goes through and evaluate research on categorisation and presence of a concept, mainly a concept of a human being. It answers what type of concept is utilised and introduces a conclusion of pigeons having a concept and an ability to exercise it. Powered by TCPDF (
Financial mathematics in selected problems from comprehensive school geometry curriculum
Kocourková, Zuzana ; Novotná, Jarmila (advisor) ; Tůmová, Veronika (referee)
Title: Financial mathematics in selected problems from comprehensive school geometry curriculum Author: Zuzana Kocourková Department: Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Education Supervisor: Prof. RNDr. Jarmila Novotná, CSc. The core of the bachelor thesis is a selection of problems that combine geo- metry and financial mathematics and can be used at comprehensive school. In the first part the author defines and describes financial literacy and its inclusion into primary and secondary school education. It also presents foundations of finan- cial mathematics. The second part of the thesis focuses on problems that combine geometry and financial matematics and on their introduction at comprehensive school level. When possible, several suitable solving strategies are demonstrated. Each of the problems is supplemented by a list of knowledge and skills prerequi- site to their solution. Keywords: financial literacy, financial mathematics, problems, geometry, comprehensive school
Crate and alternative housing systems of lactating sows
Kocourková, Zuzana ; Chaloupková, Helena (advisor) ; Kristýna, Kristýna (referee)
The aim of this work was to compare weight gain, mortality of piglets, and sows and piglets activity using permanent or temporary crating during lactation. Recently, animal breeding places great emphasis on improving welfare, by accepting their biological and behavioral needs. It was predicted that there will be no differences in piglet mortality in both housing systems. There was predicted an increase in short-term effect of activity in sows at day 4 after opening the farrowing crate. 27 sows were included in this study. Sow activity was measured by changing her positions at Day 3, 4, 5 and day 25 and the level of cortisol at Day 5 and 25. Piglets were weighted at day3, 4, 5 and 25 and mortality was analyzed every day. The short-term (day 5th after farrowing) and long-term effect (on the 25th day after farrowing) after opening the farrowing crate was analyzed. All statistical models included the housing, parity sows and litter size. On the fifth day, the activity of sows freely in the pen was higher (p=0.002). Litter size had an effect on growth rate of piglets (p<0.001) and the frequency of "rolling" of the sows (p=0.009). Parity of sows had an influence on the activity of sows (p=0.04). Measurements on the 25th of day after farrowing showed the effect of parity of sows (p=0.013) and litter size (p<0.001) on weight gain of piglets, piglet mortality should only be affected by litter size (p=0.001). Type of crating had only a short-term effect on the activity of sows in the whole experiment. Cortisol levels between groups of sows did not differ. The type of crating had no significant effect on mortality and growth of piglets. Temporary crating does not diminish the economic indicators of litter and also more provides welfare to sows and piglets. It would therefore be appropriate if permanent crating would be replaced by a temporal crating in the future.
Children, Youth and Television
Kocourková, Zuzana ; Havlík, Radomír (advisor) ; Holubec, Stanislav (referee)
Diplomová práce Děti, mládež a televize (analýza televizních pořadů pro děti a mládež) se zabývá problematikou masové komunikace a masových médií a jejich rolí ve volném čase dětí a mládeže. Těžiště práce spočívá v analýze televizních pořadů pro děti a televizního programu z hlediska mládeže jako televizního publika, které vysílají české celoplošné televizní stanice, v níž je sledován podíl pořadů pro děti na vysílání a konfrontován televizní program s definovanými diváckými preferencemi a očekáváními mládeže i s potenciálními negativními jevy, jež mohou televizní pořady obsahovat. Powered by TCPDF (

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