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Temperature changes during pulse charging of lead-acid battery
Szabó, Andor ; Bača, Petr (referee) ; Křivík, Petr (advisor)
The most frequently used electrochemical power sources are the lead accumulators. The introduction of this bachelor thesis offers a brief overview about the history, possible categories and construction of lead accumulators. The first part of this thesis is devoted to the chemical and physical processes taking place upon the operation of lead accumulators; in addition, thermal phenomena and methods of charging are also reviewed. The practical part concentrates on the impulse charging of accumulators based on power pulses, and in particular, examines thermal changes upon charging.
Charging of lead-acid accumulator by pulse current
Jurčák, Tomáš ; Vaněk, Jiří (referee) ; Křivík, Petr (advisor)
Most used and oldest secondary current source is lead-acid battery. This bachelor´s thesis provides short introduction to lead-acid batteries, to their distribution, structure, chemical reaction inside lead-acid battery and negative effects on battery. Next part is focused on charging of lead-acid battery, here is shortly described few types of charging with emphasis on pulse charging. Last part is focused on construction of experimental electrode and experiments with pulse charging.
Degradation of Photovoltaic Modules
Poledník, Tomáš ; Křivík, Petr (referee) ; Vaněk, Jiří (advisor)
The bachelor diploma thesis is focused on the constructional technology of the solar modules as well as on the problems of the induced degradation under the influence of the potential. It specifies the key issues and possible elements that influence the effect of environment with regard to possible causes of the origin of degeneration. The thesis includes the description of measuring of the polycrystalline and monocrystalline technologies that are resistant to the leading potential. Furthemore, the measuring was carried out on the chosen testing pieces that had been affected by the degradation of the output
Effect of additives in lead-acid batteries for hybrid electric vehicles
Tobolák, Jakub ; Křivík, Petr (referee) ; Bača, Petr (advisor)
This thesis is focused on lead-acid batteries used in hybrid electric vehicles. These batteries operate under partial charge, which brings problems with premature capacity loss. Tasks is to examine the influence of glass fibers as possible additives to the negative electrode of these cells in order to extend their life. The text describes the problem of hybrid electric vehicles, lead-acid batteries and other electrochemical sources.
Measuring station for the system of the remote energy supply
Dočekal, David ; Vaněk, Jiří (referee) ; Křivík, Petr (advisor)
This thesis is focused on the creation of measuring workplace for remote power supply system. This is the measuring of the workplace, engaged in the processing of measured data, the production of electrical energy made by a photovoltaic panel and wind turbines. In the theoretical part, the reader is familiar with the issue of renewable energy sources. The first chapter is about the energy of the wind. Here is described the emergence of the wind, the basic division of wind power, through the production of electrical energy to the measurement itself. The second chapter deals with the solar energy. This chapter describes the emergence of the solar energy, photoelectric effect, description of characteristic features and related evaluation of the photovoltaic panel. The reader learns the basic distribution photovoltaic panels here and their manufacturing. The third chapter is devoted to measurement methods and specifying the basic conditions for the evaluation of the operation of wind turbines and photovoltaic panel. In the fourth chapter describes the basic data on individual facilities, which have been selected for this thesis and the involvement of the measuring site. There is also included wind power JPT-100 photovoltaic panels A-130 anemometer TX20ETH, pyranometer SG420 and temperature sensor PT100. Measuring software is described in the fifth chapter. In the last chapter, contains the experimental measurements in the selected time interval and the actual evaluation.
Optimisation of the house heating by use of the renewable energy sources
Husák, Ondřej ; Frk, Martin (referee) ; Křivík, Petr (advisor)
The thesis contains is familiar with the issues of renewable energy and global warming. Assessing the use of these resources in households in the Czech Republic. The selected family house, perform measurements on the existing heating system. In conclusion, there is suggestions for optimalization system houses, the possibility of linking the with renewable energy sources and an assessment of economic turn.
MnOx based positeve electrode for AFC
Benčik, Ondřej ; Křivík, Petr (referee) ; Novák, Vítězslav (advisor)
This work deals with the alkaline fuel cell. The basic focus of work is the production of graphite electrodes. Furthermore, the measurement electrodes of different catalytic materials.
Examination of temperature changes in lead-acid battery system
Starý, Viktor ; Křivík, Petr (referee) ; Bača, Petr (advisor)
In the automobile industry is always more often talking about hybrid electric vehicles at the present. Functioning of these hybrid automobiles is provided by source of energy. This source is represented by accumulator. When accumulator is working we can see temperature changes. This project is dealing with used types of accumulators for hybrid electric vehicles. In the second phase is dealing with enquiring of temperature changes during different modes of operating.
MnOx based positeve electrode for AFC
Benčik, Ondřej ; Křivík, Petr (referee) ; Novák, Vítězslav (advisor)
This work deals with the alkaline fuel cell. The basic focus of work is the production of graphite electrodes. Furthermore, the measurement electrodes of different catalytic materials.
Optimization of use properties Lead-Acid batteries
Lábus, Radek ; Dostál, Zdeněk (referee) ; Jareš, Petr (referee) ; Křivík, Petr (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the limitations of degradation mechanisms of Lead-Acid batteries, which significantly contributes unequal distribution of current (and therefore internal resistance, charge passed and power loss) on the surface of the electrodes of Lead-Acid battery. The unevenness of distribution of these parameters significantly influences the distribution of current tabs on the electrodes. In this work it was developed realistic model of Lead-Acid battery cell with plate electrodes with different variants of the distribution of current tabs. Measured results obtained in this model were compared with the results found out from the mathematical simulations. Through these simulations, it was possible to take a look deeply into the processes and changes in the electrodes of Lead-Acid batteries during discharge. Goal of this work was for predefined variants of positioning of the current tabs to simulate distribution of current, internal resistance, charge passed and power loss during discharge. Another goal was to compare the different variants and to find the optimal variant of current tabs positioning based on minimizing of unevenness of examined variables distribution.

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