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Plan how to support marketing activities development in boat rental in Znojmo
Horáková, Jana ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Šrámek, Martin (referee)
Title: Plan how to support marketing activities development in boat rental in Znojmo. Objectives: The aim of the thesis is to analyze (including SWOT analysis) the marketing activities of the company Půjčovna lodí Dyje in Znojmo. On the basis of these findings to propose a plan for their development. The next task is to establish support activities and complementary activities to contribute positively to the promotion of rentals not only in Znojmo but also in the region South Moravia. The result of the work would be a proposal for specific technical and creative steps to complement existing but also new marketing activities of the 2018 period. Methods: Information and data were based of the documents and information provided directly by the company Půjčovna lodí Dyje. They were subsequently used in analyzing the marketing environment, where the organization is located. After identifying the weaknesses and strengths that were subsequently highlighted in the promotion, will be build a SWOT analysis of the company. Results: The company Půjčovna lodí Dyje has shortcomings in the promotion and indirect communication tools with customers. Based on this knowledge, a plan has been developed to support the development of existing and brand new marketing activities that appeal to the wider public and...
Nanofibrous vascular grafts
Horáková, Jana ; Lonský, Vladimír (referee) ; Tonar, Zbyněk (referee)
There is a pressing need to develop vascular graft since no clinically available appropriate prosthesis with inner diameter less than 6 mm works in a long term after implantation. In the thesis, blood vessel substitutes made from biodegradable polymers were created and characterized as potential candidates for such a medical device. The idea of tissue engineering scaffolds is based on mimicking natural environment - extracellular matrix therefore ideal bypass graft was designed as double layered structure with defined morphology of each layer. The proposed structure was created by electrospinning of polycaprolactone (PCL). The morphology of the resulting fibers resembled inner and medial layer of native arteries suggesting that this similarity will help body to regenerate functional tissue after implantation. Besides PCL, novel polymer from the same group of polyester - copolymer polylactide-polycaprolactone (PLC 70/30) was electrospun into a tubular form. Vascular graft made from copolymer PLC created only single layered prosthesis. Further tests were conducted with both presented electrospun materials in order to compare their bulk and surface properties. Copolymer PLC was slightly more hydrophilic than polycaprolactone. Thermal behavior revealed that copolymer is mostly amorphous with melting...
Determination of barbituric acid by SIA-technique with spectrophotometric detection
Horáková, Jana ; Hraníček, Jakub (advisor) ; Jelínek, Ivan (referee)
This thesis is focused on the determination of barbituric acid using two methods of flow analysis: flow injection analysis and sequential injection analysis, with spectrophotometric detection. Two reactions were selected for the determination of barbituric acid and different experimental conditions were optimized conditions for its determination. In the case of flow injection analysis, the concentration and flow rates of many reagents, the sample volume and the volume of the reaction coil were optimized. In the case of sequential injection analysis the same parameters except the optimum volume of the reaction coil were optimized. The optimal volume of the reaction coil was replaced by the optimum retention time in the mixing coil. Determination of barbituric acid by reaction with a nitroaniline mixture achieved a calibration range from 2,0.10-6 to 1,2.10-4 mol dm-3 and from 3,9.10-6 to 6,2.10-5 mol dm-3 using using FIA and SIA method, respectively, under the optimal conditions. Determination of barbituric acid by inhibition effect on the reaction between hydrochloric acid and bromate ions served a calibration range from 5.10-6 to 3.10-5 mol dm-3 using FIA method and 2.10-5 to 1.10-4 mol dm-3 using methods SIA under optimal conditions. Powered by TCPDF (
Flexible forms of employments
Horáková, Jana ; Hůrka, Petr (advisor) ; Morávek, Jakub (referee)
- Flexible forms of employment This thesis deals with the flexible forms of employment as an alternative to an indefinite term employment with eight-hour working days and as an instrument for increasing employment relationship flexibility. These forms of employment, also called atypical or precarious, are attractive for employees who want to achieve a balance between their professional and personal lives, or for employers who can use these forms of employment as a competitive advantage or as an instrument to solve their economic problems. The thesis is divided into introduction, conclusion and five chapters which are divided into sub-chapters. The first chapter briefly describes the terms and principles which are important for the characterization of flexible forms of employment. The second chapter contains the definition of flexible forms of employment, their enumeration and brief summary of the survey on how czech employers use the flexible forms of employment. The third chapter deals with the flexible forms of employment provided for in the Labour Code. Namely fixed-term contract, agency employment, agreements on work carried out beyond employment, part-time job and homeworking. The next chapter deals with the forms which are not contained in the Labour Code, namely job sharing, compressed...
Motivation as a leadership
Jirát, Tomáš ; Fiedler, Jiří (advisor) ; Horáková, Jana (referee)
This thesis deals with the concept of motivation as a leadership for its use in people management. The work is contains two main parts. The first part is called a literature review and describe all the information that is needed for an understanding of the topic. Literature research provides information on leadership, motivation, managers, and their functions and also about motivational theories. It also explains the concepts like stimulus, motive and motivation disorders. The second part is practical. It is trying to confirm the theoretical knowledge in practice. Describes selected companies and five experienced managers who work in these companies. Managers were asked to answer a dozen open questions on the subject of motivation as a way of leading people. Since it is managers at different positions and from different companies, their answers are compared with each other and commented. The summary is drawn from a comparison of theoretical knowledge with the experience of managers.
The Importance of Manager´s Communication
Endlerová, Eliška ; Horáková, Jana (advisor) ; Fiedler, Jiří (referee)
This thesis focuses on an important part of running an organization. The importance of communication elements for working executives. Communication is vital and one of the most important components of management. The work is divided into theoretical and practical part. In the first part of the text they are defined concepts such as management and its level manager's personality and his style of work, communication and its distribution channels, social responsibility and ethical principles. Literary literature search is a theoretical part which was prepared on the basis of both of appropriate literature. The practical part is devoted to the research. Directed interviews with managers of different positions addressed the company. Is to analyze the communication between superiors and subordinates. The basis for this research is a list of answers managers of different jobs in the organization. The answers of respondents were recorded in the pre-prepared questionnaire. These responses led to the creation of the final assessment and conclusion. The aim is to determine how large the importance of communication to managers in their work.
Analysis of influence of glycosylation on assembly and molecular architecture of enzymes.
Horáková, Jana ; Bezouška, Karel (advisor) ; Ryšlavá, Helena (referee)
Our laboratory studies the influence of glycosylation on protein architecture and the biological activity of fungal hexosaminidases. I studied the enzyme from Penicillium oxalicum which has an advantage of quite a homogenous glycosylation. The propeptide of this enzyme is naturally glycosylated only at two places - asparagine 11 and serine 66. Catalytic subunit and propeptide of the hexosaminidase enzyme from Aspergillus oryzae were separated from each other for reconstitution experiments. In the propeptide part of the enzyme separated from the Penicillium oxalicum hexosaminidase, asparagine 11 and serine 66 were swapped for cysteine by targeted mutagenesis. The newly synthesized propeptide modified with cellobiose, which is a compound most similar to naturally occurrency saccharide chitobiose, promised a significant chance of restoration of enzyme activity. The glycosylated propeptide was separated from the nonglycosylated. In reconstitution experiments we observed the influence of glycosylation on the enzyme structure and activity using different glycosylated propeptides. The highest efficiency occurred during the reconstitution by the original propeptide. Next we used combinations of artificially glycosylated propeptides of which the highest reconstitution efficiency had cellobiose(Asn11...
The practical use of games in chemistry lessons
Horáková, Jana ; Šulcová, Renata (advisor) ; Teplá, Milada (referee)
The Practical Use of Games in Chemistry Lessons Mgr. Jana Horáková This rigorous thesis concerns with the practical use of the games within science lessons (chemistry) at secondary school level. The possibilities of motivating methods in the term of didactic games are summed up in the introduction. The thesis contains six suggestions regarding the didactic games useful in chemistry lessons. The following statistical assessment of the practical uses of didactic games takes into account students' opinions got in a research. The conclusion contains the facts about suitability of the practical uses of didactic games which could be possibly helpful in other educational fields.

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