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Inclusion of children with physical disabilities in nursery school
Vančurová, Veronika ; Loudová Stralczynská, Barbora (advisor) ; Horáčková, Klára (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the topic of inclusion of children with physical disabilities in pre- primary education. The theoretical part summarizes the knowledge of the development and current state of common education of children in pre-primary facilities. The legislative framework for education of children with physical disabilities in the Czech Republic is analyzed. The specifics of education of children with physical disabilities and possibilities of their support in kindergarten are outlined. Attention is also paid to the requirements for the personality of a teacher or pedagogical assistant in an inclusive environment in interaction with children with physical disabilities. In the practical part, the methodological basis of empirical research is first defined, which consisted in processing a number of case studies of children with physical disabilities, which were included in pre-primary education in mainstream nursery schools. The data were collected through in-depth interviews with nursery school teachers and analysis of school documents and other documentation for individual children. Categories were created for data analysis and evaluated. After completing the research, I stated that inclusion in the area of children with physical disabilities is of a high standard in the nursery...
Early Childhood Education and Care in Finland
Čadková, Kateřina ; Loudová Stralczynská, Barbora (advisor) ; Horáčková, Klára (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focuses on pre-primary education and care in Finland. The aim of the thesis is find out specifics of pre-primary institutions and to compare two specific pre-primary institutions from the perspective of structural and procedural setting. Bachelor thesis is consist of theoretical and practical parts. The goal of theoretical part is to inform about political situation, demography and the social system's support in Finland briefly. The main topic of theoretical part is describing different types of institutions, which provide pre-primary education and care. Moreover, it is also focuses on the legislative conditions and curricular documents of these institutions. The end of the theoretical part deals with qualification of pre- primary education teacher. Practical part of bachelor thesis contains two case studies of two pre-primary institutions in Finland. This part follows the specifics of structural settings, but also educational forms and methods of both preschool institutions. The case studies use observation method, structured interviews and document analysis. At the end of the practical part, there are some inspirations of Finnish pre-primary education, which would be a solution for current issues of pre-primary education in the Czech Republic. KEY WORDS Finland, pre-primary...
Implementation of ulticultural education in the Step by Step program in primary education
Mírná, Milena ; Horáčková, Klára (advisor) ; Pěnička, Jaroslav (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on implementation of multicultural education in the Step by Step program in primary education. The theoretical part is divided into three chapters. The first one defines the basic concepts that apply to multicultural education. In addition, it also mentions officially recognised national minorities in the Czech Republic and the evolution of the number of foreigners residing on or territory. Further this chapter explains prejudice and stereotypes. The second chapter focuses on multicultural education as one of the cross-section modules in Framework Czech Educational Program. In this part, the thesis characterizes the cross-section theme and describes the thematic circuits and possible approaches to teaching. The third chapter discusses the educational program Step by Step and details its core parts. In the practical part of the work, qualitative research is described in detail, carried out with the fifth grade of Elementary School Petřiny - Sever, which follows the educational program Step by Step. This researched that is focused on prejudice, stereotypes and differences is implemented in the form of weekly project in the "activities centers", in which the teacher participates. His job is to find out if pupils are able to identify these phenomena in not only the society,...
Specifics of the work with pupils with hearing impairment during the hours of Physical Education of primary school
Jinochová, Martina ; Horáčková, Klára (advisor) ; Felcmanová, Lenka (referee)
My diploma thesis deals with pupils who are struggling to hear and a cochlear implant may be their hearing aid. The goal of my thesis was to look into the specific work with hearing impairment pupils in lessons of Physical education in elementary school. In theoretical part knowledge of mentioned problem from professional literature was collected. My attention was dedicated to the problem of the first grade hearing impairment pupils' integration to the education system. This thesis presents the cochlear implant as one of the essential opportunity for better quality life of hearing impairment people. Moreover I make the readers familiar with functioning and indication of a cochlear implant, and organisations which support people like these. Besides that I also write about PE education and support of hearing impairment pupils in PE lessons. In empirical part I used a qualitative research design. The collection of information was realized with the methods of watching and deep half-structured talks. The gained information was analysed by using the method of opened coding. The research questions were focused on the most important aspects in PE lessons - in communication, activity, and safety. For answering to research questions led particular categories gained from the opened coding analysis. The...
The posibilities and limits of using ICT during the 1. grade
Pekařová, Tereza ; Mazáčová, Nataša (advisor) ; Horáčková, Klára (referee)
The theme of the thesis is the Possibilities of using ICT at the first level of elementary school, but also the definition of negatives and limitations in teaching at elementary school. The thesis is divided into two parts, namely the theoretical part and the practical part of the work. I focus mainly on the use of ICT and on the prerequisites for introducing ICT into elementary schools and subsequently on the individual ICT tools in elementary schools and the possibilities of their use. The use of ICT is understood as a tool for developing pupils' general and cross-curricular competence and for developing communication and critical thinking at the first level of elementary school. Innovative teaching methods based on active and empirical learning and expanded by information and communication technologies can increase the engagement of pupils and improve their results, as shown by the questionnaire survey and the chapters of the theoretical part of the thesis. The methodology of the thesis is based on the analytical and comparative method in the theoretical part of the thesis and on the method of quantitative research in the form of a questionnaire survey in the practical - empirical part of the thesis. The theoretical part is based on a set of literature, which is presented at the end of the...
Usefulness of visual aids and other teaching methods and techniques for learning selected areas of Czech orthography by foreign pupils with regard to styles and types of learning
Bařtipánová, Petra ; Horáčková, Klára (advisor) ; Laufková, Veronika (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on how it is suitable for pupils with different mother tongue to learn selected orthographic phenomena. The aim of the thesis is to find out which activities or methods the teacher can use to achieve the highest memorability of orthographic phenomena by pupils with a different mother tongue with respect to their teaching types and styles. High attention is paid to the method of working with visual aids. This diploma thesis focuses on problematic orthographic phenomena taught from the third to the fifth year of elementary school, which are difficult to justify for pupils with a different mother tongue. To achieve the highest quality of research several qualitative methods were used, namely observation, testing and semi-structured interviews with pupils and class teachers. The knowledge presented in the theoretical part of the thesis is an important basis for the processing of the empirical part itself. Within the empirical part, I elaborated a case study of nine pupils with a different mother tongue. The results of the survey show that the ready-made visual aids helped most pupils. During preparation of three lessons, I took into account all the learning types and styles, which proved to be effective. On the other hand, the dominance of type or style has not always been...
Visualization of text as a means of improving the reading skills of understanding with pupils with a different mother tongue in primary school
Vaněčková, Lucie ; Horáčková, Klára (advisor) ; Whitcroft, Ladislava (referee)
In my diploma thesis I am dealing with the problematics of reading comprehension by children with a different mother tongue (immigrant children) at the elementary school. I point out the importance of visualization in the learning process and various forms of graphic text visualizations which help the children to comprehend and adopt the syllabus. I specifically concentrate on texts in the subjects Science and History which are demanding for immigrant children, mainly because of a high number of special words and information. In the theoretical part I give brief information about the education of immigrant children at Czech schools, their problems in the Czech language, reading comprehension, the visualization and the possibilities of graphic visualizations. In the practical part I decided to use a qualitative survey, namely the method of the case study. I use the method of participant observation and in-depth interviews with the teacher and the student who I create for the special worksheets based on principle of graphic visualization and I monitor and examine their progress in adopting the vocabulary and discussed syllabus. The aim of my thesis is to map the forms of text visualizations, to use them appropriately when creating the working sheets, to incorporate them into the training of reading...
Educational proces in case of pupils with different mother tongue on level A1 at primary school in the Czech Republic: a case study
Jetenská, Kristýna ; Laufková, Veronika (advisor) ; Horáčková, Klára (referee)
My thesis is aimed at the process of teaching the Czech language for pupils with different mother tongues at the level A1, so the aim of this thesis was to describe the approaches to the educational process at two primary schools. I chose to do case studies about the approaches. The practical part is based on theory and contains answers to all research questions about the approaches of school management at primary schools, teaching methods and educational materials. Furthermore, I focused on the progress of four pupils with different mother tongues, so the practical part contains four detailed reports about them. The results showed that ideal school management supports teachers in professional development and provides special lessons of the Czech language as a foreign language. Ideal teachers, who teach the pupils with different mother tongues, use different kinds of teaching methods and individual approaches. In addition to this, they know how to teach these pupils in general and from a language perspective. Key words pupil with different mother tongue, pupil with special educational needs, integration, inclusion, case study
Evaluation of pupils at a primary school
Brunátová, Pavla ; Hejlová, Helena (advisor) ; Horáčková, Klára (referee)
The presented thesis focuses on the problem of evaluation of pupils at primary school using teacher's action research. The target of the thesis is to determine the influence of analytical feed-back on the self-evaluation of pupils in the 1st to 4th grade. First part of the thesis contains the theory of problem of evaluation, feed-back and self-evaluation, as well as findings from evolutionary psychology. The second part summarizes results obtained from the action research that were aimed on capturing of the evolution of self-evaluation during the individual grades. Conclusions include confirmation that systematic performance of a proper analytical feed-back by the teacher leads to the development and improvement of the self- evaluation skill. Influence of the feedback on self-evaluation is also evaluated. Thesis confirms importance of partnership approach in education.

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