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Piezoelectricity in technical practice
Škarabelová, Lenka ; Frk, Martin (referee) ; Kazelle, Jiří (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis is dedicated to the study of the principle and possibilities of use of the piezoelectric effect. Since the use of piezoelectric effect in electrical engineering is very extensive, the main focus is placed on the ability to exploit this effect in the field of ultrasonic and piezoelectric resonators. Next aim of this work is practically and theoretically to get acquainted with the measurement of small changes in weight, using electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance (EQCM), also with an ultrasonic equipment from company Olympus and ultrasonic defectoscopy for detection of possible imperfections in the material and their evaluation.
Roughness measurement with laser profilometry
Mach, Radoslav ; Frk, Martin (referee) ; Hejátková, Edita (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with technology of laser profilometry for material roughness measurements purposes. The theoretical part deals with all aspects of the issue in an effective way and highlights the essential characteristics of used components and material roughness. The focus of this work is in first step to describe the external factors affecting the visual image processing such as increasing of environment temperature and its effect for a camera sensors. And particularly the relationship between CMOS and CCD technologies. The second step is for measuring roughness parameters of materials, such as metal, wood, rubber and plastic with three different lasers. Results demonstrate correlation between the wavelengths of the used laser lights with particular materials.
Electrical properties analysis of epoxy resins with various fillers
Horák, Luděk ; Kazelle, Jiří (referee) ; Frk, Martin (advisor)
Presented bachelor thesis is focused on studying electroinsulating epoxy resin-based sealings. It describes the chemical composition, production, properties and measuring methods of basic electric quantities of these materials. This work also embodies a preparation of composite epoxy resin samples with different kinds of micro-ground siliceous sand as a filling. The samples given are measured on the temperature dependency of relative permitivity, dissipation factor and inner resistivity.
Additives effect on electrical properties of the epoxy resins
Šebesta, Petr ; Kazelle, Jiří (referee) ; Frk, Martin (advisor)
Work was carried out in collaboration with SYNPO, Inc. Pardubice, which provided samples resins with various additives for measurement. The work is divided into three theoretical and one practical chapters. The first chapter focuses on dielectrics in general. It deals with their properties and storyline running in them. The second chapter discusses epoxy resins, their formulation, production and application in manufacturing. The third chapter offers a view of the measurement methods used for diagnosing electrical dielectrics. The practical part describes the preparation of samples and their composition, and consequently their measurement with the evaluation of measurement data.
Calibration of contact and non-contact thermometers
Skalický, David ; Kazelle, Jiří (referee) ; Frk, Martin (advisor)
This work deals with the calibration of contact and contactless thermometers. The theoretical part describes physical laws, which are important for contact and contactless measuring of temperature, requirements for thermometers, suitability of use different types of thermometers and materials used for construction of temperature sensors. The following part describes metrology with the focus on metrology system of the Czech Republic. This thesis also describes errors and uncertainties of measurments, especially on their division, sources of uncertainties and methodology of type A and type B uncertainty determination. The practical part is focused on the calibration of thermometers within the Czech Metrological Institute and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication in Brno.
Mobile applications development for remote control of instrumentation
Macek, Michal ; Křivík, Petr (referee) ; Frk, Martin (advisor)
The presented work describes the growing trend of using mobile devices to control laboratory instruments and displaying of measured data. The main objective is the application development for mobile devices, which will allow to remotely control and measure with laboratory instruments. The practical part is focused to programming mobile application which will be able by using the local network to connect multiple laboratory instruments, setting them for different types of measurements and then display measured data.
Study of rheological properties of alternative electro insulating fluids
Botlová, Simona ; Jirák, Josef (referee) ; Frk, Martin (advisor)
This master thesis deals with clasification of electrical insulating liquids and analysis their reological properties. Theoretical part describes viscosity and possibilities of its measurement, electrical and non-electricl properties of electrical insulating liquids and themselves electrical insulating liquids. Practical part describes measurement of viscosity and density of chosen vegetable oils, their components and transformer oils in wide temperature range. At the conclusion of the thesis, analysis of measurement results is done.
Inorganic fillers effect on electrical properties of the epoxy resins
Doležel, Tomáš ; Jirák, Josef (referee) ; Frk, Martin (advisor)
This thesis deals with problems of electrical insulation materials based on epoxy composites used in the electronics industry. This thesis is divided into theoretical part focused on composite materials, their technological processing and diagnostics. It also describes dielectric materials, their properties and events taking place in their structure. The experimental section describes the measurement of electrical properties of samples of electrical insulating materials with different types of fillers.
Comparison of electrical properties of alternative electro insulating fluids and mineral oils
Jurčák, Tomáš ; Polsterová, Helena (referee) ; Frk, Martin (advisor)
Master thesis deals with electrical insulating fluids in electrical engineering. It includes the distribution of liquids by ISO standard, distribution of oils and the current state of research into alternative electrical insulating liquids and description of selected dielectric properties. Furthermore, measurements were taken of selected electrical properties of the samples, and later their evaluation.

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