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Resilience of seniors: Analysis of interviews
Fiantoková, Barbora ; Chrz, Vladimír (advisor) ; Hrabec, Ondřej (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with topic of resilience or coping with unpleasant conditions in human life. The aim of this thesis was to identify individual experience of resilient persons in older age. We would like to capture strategies of these resilient seniors during crisis situation with an emphasis on the unique life experience of man. Due to nature of our aims problem qualitative research and a semi-structured interview was used. As we are interested in recording and understanding the unique life experience, we have chosen the IPA method to analyze the data. The research set is a statement of four resilient persons aged between 80 and 90 years. The interviews were analyzed in two steps. First we worked out experiences of individual people and their basic schemes and we emphasized the essential characteristics and features of our respondents. On the second level, we searched for common themes and categories of examined people. We called these common topics "resilience resources." The key finding of the thesis is to identify different resources of resilience and their theoretical anchorage. These resources are: openness, relationships, activity, meaning of life, sense of humor, absence of rumination loop and realism. KEYWORDS: Resilience. Old age. Qualitative research. Interpretative...
The Road to Fatherhood
Škvařil, Václav ; Presslerová, Pavla (advisor) ; Chrz, Vladimír (referee)
This master's thesis is focused on the experiences of men with the transition to fatherhood during the pregnancy period of the partner and the first months of the child's life. The aim of the study is to explore their experience with this period and to understand how the father identity is formed in the proces of becoming a father. The theoretical part introduces the topic of generativity as a prerequisite for parenting and psychological concepts focused on the process of becoming a father. It also discusses the subject of becoming a father in terms of different time periods: preparation for parenthood, pregnancy, childbirth and the first year of the child's life. Subsequently, it is described which biological and psychological changes occur in men in the process of becoming a father, and what changes occur in a relationship with a partner. The practical part presents qualitative research of men who have recently become fathers. Semi- structured interviews were conducted to discover their experience. The research is done within the framework of the interpretative phenomenological analysis. Analysis of the interviews has shown that the topic of responsibility and commitment to the child, the formation of father identity, fatherhood and motherhood, changes in the relationship, and the management of...
Analysis of the experience of people with bipolar disorder
Dally, Andrea ; Onder, Jakub (advisor) ; Chrz, Vladimír (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to survey characteristics in the experience of people with bipolar disorder. The choice of the topic is based on the lack of research of the experience of people suffering with bipolar disorder in the Czech environment. The aim of this thesis is to comprehend the life of people with bipolar disorder. The theoretical part of the thesis is focusing on the description of the historical and contemporary concept of bipolar disorder including the so-called bipolar spectrum. This part presents treatment options as well as comorbidities which are often a part of the clinical course of the disease. The aim of the theoretical part is to introduce the reader to the issue of bipolar disorder which allows a better understanding of the empirical part. In the empirical part, six respondents were interviewed to collect data. The grounded theory method was chosen for data processing and the Atlas.ti software was used for coding purposes. As a result of the data processing a process of learning how to live with bipolar disorder has emerged. The process of learning how to live with bipolar disorder is an active process that leads to a deeper understanding of the disease and skill gains mitigating manifestation of the disease. At the beginning of the learning, there are motivation...
Growing old needs „good strong story“: perspective of narrative gerontology
Chrz, Vladimír ; Dubovská, Eva ; Poláčková Šolcová, Iva ; Hrabec, Ondřej
Our contribution summarizes a number of studies aimed at resilience and integrity in old age. As a unifying Framework, we use a supposition of narrative gerontology (W.Randall), that the good aging is a creative work and the „story we live by“. Narrative gerontology is a part of a more general approach in social sciences, which assumes, that our experience, thinking, acting or identity are construed narratively. The narrative approach enables the understanding of the fact that resilience or integrity in old age needs „good strong story“. The stories that provide continuity, unity, course, and meaning to our experience, can be studied utilizing various types of narrative analysis. Presented are the results of the research of resilience in old age, where we identified several story genres. These are enabling to live the successful life against various troubles, which are connected with old age.
Resilience in Older age: Interpretative fenomenological analysis
Chramosta, Jakub ; Chrz, Vladimír (advisor) ; High, Radka (referee)
The aim of this work was to capture and understand the unique life experience of experiencing old age in resilient population and to identify the phenomena significant in this experience. The theoretical part consists of explanation of concepts of resilience and old age. For the practical part, we have decided for qualitative research. The research sample consists of three resilient individuals aged 82 to 90, selected by the employees of a care centre for elderly according to their personal experience. We gathered the data for the research using semi-structured interviews, which we analyzed by using interpretative phenomenological analysis method. The results are presented from two perspectives. The first is the analysis of the experience of individual resilient seniors, the second represents the perspective of themes that are important in the experience of resilience and are mutual to all our respondents. Themes are following - activity, routine vs. openness to experience, internal locus of control, flexibility, relationships and affiliations, humor and realistic optimism with hope. In the discussion, we link relate emerged themes to existing research and theoretical knowledge. KEYWORDS Resilience. Old age. Qualitative research. Interpretative phenomenological analysis.
Extreme Metal from Inside and Outside: What Is Being Masked?
Lazar, Jan ; Chrz, Vladimír (advisor) ; Onder, Jakub (referee)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to assess the experience of extreme metal musicians. Using a qualitative approach, 23 texts on the topic of "Why I like metal" were analysed. These reference texts were written by death, black, and thrash metal musicians. Additionaly, an interview and artifacts analysis was conducted. Based on the qualitative approach, 12 categories representing the experience of metal musicians were formulated. However, this view did not correspond with the general notion of extreme metal. Two views, one "from the inside" and another "from the outside" of the metal community, were thus formed. Based on the growing dissonance of these two views, the theoretical concept of hermeneutice of suspicion was applied. Based on this interpretative stratégy, four areas have been identified, in which metal musicians mask metal aggresion, primitiveness, incomprehension and inaccessibility. KEYWORDS Metal music, experience of musicians, analysis of texts, analysis of interview and artefacts, hermeneutics of suspicion,
Analysis of the risks of the work of dispatchers of the Emergency care Areíon for elderly people
Papíková, Lucie ; Onder, Jakub (advisor) ; Chrz, Vladimír (referee)
The thesis deals with the analysis of the risks of the work of dispatchers of the Emergency care Areión (in czech: Tísňová péče Aerión = TPA) for the elderly people. The aim was to find out what their dispatchers consider to be burdensome and demanding and what, on the contrary, helps them in emergency situations. With the help of idiographic research with emergence, which I analyzed with using the principle of the grounder theory, I tried to answer by the interviews with five respondents how TPA dispatchers perceive their work and workload. Whether they feel competent to communicate and deal with people in crisis and perceive their competencies. What are all the factors and situations in the work, which are burdensome and demanding for the dispatchers and how they deal with such a burden. And finally, what could improve the overall quality of TPA work from the point of view of dispatchers. In the theoretical part I deal with issues of aging and elderly as a target group of TPA social service. Next to the service itself; and the techniques of conducting crisis calls on emergency lines and telephone crisis intervention methods used on trust lines, as two types of work that are most closely resemble to the TPA social service. KEY WORDS: elderly people, emergency care, crisis intervention, call techniques
A Case of a Beginning Teacher in the Caucasus
Šimáková Dosoudilová, Anna ; MALANÍKOVÁ, Hana (advisor) ; CHRZ, Vladimír (referee)
The diploma thesis A Case of a Beginning Teacher in the Caucasus: authorial approach in a school system seeks to depict and reflect on teacher´ s first year at work. The case study draws on author´s job experience at an international school in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. Since this job experience taught the author a lesson, she wants to gain a deeper insight into her own pedagogical activity as well as to examine the options how to work creatively and originally within a limitating school system. The first part of the thesis operates experimentally with a biographical narrative method – the period in a beginning teacher position is being described in a novel way, using stylized literary diary entries as well as authentic ones, supplemented by personal correspondence from that time. The second part of the paper reflects on the narrated experience and analyzes it with the help of pedagogical and psychological literature. With respect to author´s intended future in educational sphere, she addresses topics which require a closer examination (nonviolent communication, consistency, freedom and order in a class and in relationships, a need to remain present and connected) and she searches for sources that could serve as an inspiration for her further educational activities. Method of nonviolent communication as well as principles of unschooling and dialogical acting with the inner partner are presented as the main inspirational impulses. Combining those together with the reflection of the teaching and examples from the school, a sort of beginning teacher´s handbook is being composed, to be used as a good practice in author´s future teaching. Finally, the whole story is being looked at through the narrative analysis which reveals signs corresponding to a genre of Bildungsroman. Furthermore, the story seems to be a story of the quest; the quest for meaning of what author does, the quest for her adult identity, for her place in the society and for the approach to educational institutions and their students. At that point, the thesis comes to the need of creating school system without hierarchy, which would rather be a community of equal individuals where relationships are not built on power principle, on command and prohibition, but they stem from highly developed empathy.  

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