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Meat production and husbandary in developing and developed countries and its environmental impacts
Šenfeldová, Štěpánka ; Frouz, Jan (advisor) ; Matějíček, Luboš (referee)
Although animal husbandry is vitally important to most of us, it's impacts on nature are alarming. In this work I deal with the environmental impacts of keeping farm animals, in particular in the area of their impact on global climate change, soil contamination and pollution, atmospheric emissions, water management and the impact of animal husbandry on biodiversity. I also ask whether the impacts of animal husbandry differ in developed and developing regions of the world and look at future trends in animal husbandry. Meat consumption is rising significantly in developing countries, whereas in developed countries its production is, if anything, stagnant. The means of production differ fundamentally. The predominant form of production in the developed countries is intensive, which is primarily characterised by high concentration of the kept animals in halls and large production of manure, increased utility of animals and associated reduction in their numbers. The predominant form of production in developing countries is extensive, which is associated with increasing the numbers of animals, in particular by grazing. Keeping animals outside on pasture has a negative impacts on natural stands and the erosion process. A global reduction in meat consumption and the utilisation of new alternative...
Vehicle thermal battery heat recovery system architecture loop
Stanko, Michal ; Beran, Martin (referee) ; Bazala, Jiří (advisor)
Táto práca sa zaoberá významom a možnosťami rekuperácie tepla výfukových plynov, ktoré pomáhajú pri štarte urýchliť zahrievanie motora a tým znižovať emisie. Teoretická časť pojednáva o emisiach a v snahe znížiť ich o predošlých konštrukčných riešeniach v priebehu rokov. Praktická časť je venovaná vytvorení modelov s implementovanými systémami rekuperácie tepelnej energie a ich dopad na teplotu chladiacej kvapaliny a oleja ako aj na celkovú spotrebu vozidla.
Home photovoltaic power plant
Brázda, Kryštof ; Brázdil, Marian (referee) ; Pospíšil, Jiří (advisor)
This thesis is focused on evaluation of operational parameters and economic return of photovoltaic power plant installation on chosen family house. In thesis there is elaborated a detailed overview of energy consumption of selected house. The photovoltaic power plant is designed for the selected object. Two possible variants of the system solution with regard to the use of accumulation, sale of surplus electric energy management and procurement priorities.
Základní trendy ve vývoji spotřeby domácností ČR v období 1990 až 2017
The topic of this bachelor thesis are the basic trends in the development of household consumption in the Czech Republic between 1990 and 2017. The goal of this thesis is the basic assessment of trends in household consumption in the Czech Republic, both in size and structure. Furthermore, the thesis deals with the effects and aspects of household consumption, both directly and indirectly. The thesis also dives into the issue of decresasing savings and debts, that Czech households have. At the end of the thesis, the overall context of economic-social development and trend analysis in the Czech Republic is discussed. The data were used from the statistical systems of the CZSO, the MLSA and the CNB.
The importance of fish in human nutrition and prevention of cardivascular diseases
Škrletová, Štěpánka ; Bušová, Milena (advisor) ; Kudlová, Eva (referee)
Fish are a perfect source of high quality proteins, vitamins and minerals which are also easily digestible. Sea fish contain considerable amount of Iodine and unsaturated omega-3 acids. Unfortunately, we in Czech Republic are substantially under average in fish meat consumption compared to EU. Consumption of fish meat can prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease and therefore there is a recommendation to regularly consumption fish meat thanks to their favourable influences. In theoretical part of this bachelor thesis is a comprehensive overview of the information about the importance of fish meat, description of its structure, utility, consumption and potential risks. Practical part is focused on research. For evaluation of the state of consumption and level of awareness was used survey. After the results were processed, it was found that 76 % of responders is consuming fish meat and 15% of responders is more likely not to consume it. It has also been found, that the responders are mostly informed about the nutritional values of fish meat. Key words: Fish meat, omega-3, consumption, KVO, nutrition
Automatization of Analysis of Performance and Power Consumption
Rudolf, Tomáš ; Jaroš, Jiří (referee) ; Nikl, Vojtěch (advisor)
This thesis deals with increasing efficiency of supercomputers. Higher efficiency can be achieved by reducing frequency of processor if the algorithm does not slow down significantly. This thesis presents set of scripts designed to monitor consumption of processor along with scripts that visualize these measured values. It also allows easy control of processor frequency. The created solution gives user a capability to measure given algorithm efficiency and optimize computing power of specific computer exactly for the algorithm. Due to this work the user will be informed about whether it is advantageous to run his algorithm on one or other frequency of the processor.
Comparison of energy mixes
Kadáková, Nina ; Milčák, Pavel (referee) ; Baláš, Marek (advisor)
This research type paper is focused on the comparison of the energy mix of Czech Republic with the energy mix of other three states, Slovak Republic, Italy and Norway. In this paper there are described energy sources which the chosen states use for production of electricity. The total installed outputs of the power plants in various years, production and consumption of electric energy and the source ratio for production of electricity are also stated, based on which the final compression is created.

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