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Porovnání sklízecích mlátiček různých výrobců při sklizni obilovin a řepky
The diploma thesis on comparison of combine harvesters in terms of work quality is based on professional literary research, which describes the parts of combine harvesters from adapters to threshing devices. The methodology of this thesis describes the procedure for obtaining results and values for comparison between John Deere 9640 WTS, New Holland TC5060, Claas Lexion 450 and Sampo Comia C8 combine harvesters during work. The results and the conclusion of the work compare the calculated, measured and determined results achieved precisely according to the methodology of 2017. The combine harvesters are compared in the areas of work quality, namely in the lossability, the theoretical throughput, the quality of spreading and crushing of straw and finally in efficiency and fuel consumption. The work also includes the costs associated with opearting combine harvesters.
Agrotechnická opatření při pěstování a sklizni Stévie sladké (Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni) v polních podmínkách
Stevia or Stevia rebaudina Bertoni is a plant with very intresting but up to this date not very utilised potential. It a subtropical plant with a sweeting power us much as 300 times higher than in case of sucrose. It is often used as a compensation for sugar- sweetener, suitable for diabetics and people who suffer from overweight. There is processed the characteristics of the plant, botanical description, conditions of cultivation and chemical composition. The practical part elaborates on growing stevia, her germination, reproduction, growing in field conditions and hibernation. The purpose of the thesis was to expand the knowledge regarding cultivation, reproduction methods and wintering options of the stevia plants. A field and a greenhouse experiments were staged with a focus on temperature indicators during the growing season and their impact on the total number of wintered plants. The dry matter yield of the plants was rated per an area unit and statistical processing with experiment results.
Hodnocení a porovnání sklízecích mlátiček CLAAS TUCANO 440 a CLAAS TUCANO 450 při sklizni obilovin a řepky ozimé
BRÝNA, Ondřej
This diploma thesis deals with the evaluation of CLAAS TUCANO 440 and CLAAS TUCANO 450 combine harvesters for the harvest of cereals and winter rape. It evaluates problems in terms of losses, depending on grain humidity, quality of crushing and spreading plant residues. The thesis sets basic performance and is supplemented by a simple analysis of investment and operating costs. The methodology of the solution was based on own measurements, information obtained from the owner, literature and agricultural standards.
Hodnocení sběracího vozu STRAUTMANN GIGA VITESSE CFS 440
KOLÁŘ, Michal
This thesis is focused on the evaluation of the slip wagon Strautmann Giga Vitesse in the business of primary agricultural production. Measurements were made at harvest zavadlé forage, luskovinomixed grain and cereal straw. The literary part is focused on the historical development of pick-up cars, the agro-technical requirements, the main parts from which cars of the consist, information about the manufacturer of agricultural equipment company Strautmann and wagons Giga Vitesse. The practical part contains evaluation of the quality of work from the collection of plant matter from the lines after the flush, but also the calculation of individual performance and economic evaluation. The resulting information comes from the values measured at work pick up of the car, such as working times, the amount of unpicked vegetable matter or chop length. The necessary data for the economic evaluation of the car provided by the management of the enterprise Dražovický AGROPOL s.r.o the Resulting values are given in the form of tables or graphically.
Posouzení faktorů ovlivňujících koncentraci prachových částic při lisování píce
ŠŤASTNÝ, Vladislav
The objective of this diploma thesis is to assess the factors affecting the concentration of dust particles during forage pressing. For this purpose, five presses for square bales and five presses for round bales were selected. They were harvesting different kinds of straw. Thanks to measurement using an aerosol monitor, the concentration of dust particles during the harvest was detected. The measured values were evaluated and the amount of concentration of the dust particles between the square and round bale presses was compared. There were also set the methodological steps of the measurement procedure.
Sklízecí mlátičky: příprava výukových materiálů
ŠÁDA, Ondřej
This thesis contains an overview of harvesting thrashing machines. The thesis is divided to chapters according to the used systems and it provides a view of agro technical requirements, a division of the main parts, and the description of their fundamental functions. This work should be used as an additional study material for the students from the agricultural department, transport and manipulative techniques department of the South Bohemian University.
Stroje pro sklizeň píce: příprava výukových materiálů
ZUKAL, Martin
This bacalar thesis provides an overview of forage harvesting machines. The thesis is divided into chapters according to individual types of machines and provides a view of their agrotechnical requirements, partition, description of basic carried out operations and description of their basic work. The bacalar thesis should serve as supplementary teaching text for students of the Department of Agricultural, transport and handling Technology of the Faculty of agriculture of South Bohemian University. Information and parameters are found in the technical literature on agricultural machinery, promotional materials and websites of manufacturers and vendors of this technique.
Stroje pro šlechtitelské a semenářské provozy
Skřivánková, Eva
This work deals with the characteristics of breeding and seed operations, with a focus on their technical equipment. Furthermore, there are described operations from soil preparation, through the pre-sowing preparation, sowing to harvesting and subsequent processing and treatment of seeds. The largest part of this work is an overview of the different machines used on small parcels of land. Included are photos of selected machinery.
Moderní sklizňová technologie pro jádroviny
Andrusiówa, Petra
Thesis titled "The modern harvest technique for pome fruits" which characterize the individual growing technologies, with the introduction of growing systems and describes the ways of harvest. The thesis characterize partially the mechanized harvesting methods, where the product is intended for direct consumption and techniques used within the full mechanized fruit harvesting which is intended for further processing of the product. The thesis also focuses on the use of mechanization for partially mechanized harvesting and compares the cost of two types of harvesting kits.
Teorie a konstrukce mlátících ústrojí sklízecích mlatiček
Remeš, Jan
The thesis describes the history and the history of threshing grain combine harvesters. The paper describes the types of threshing unit. They are given energy indicators, the main technical data threshing system and their calculation. The paper gives an overview of the performance categories, sales, capital costs, operating costs and on the percentage of combine harvesters on the market today. The following describes the structure threshing device manufacturers marks Case, Claas, John Deere and New Holland, and there is shown a graphical comparison of their technical parameters. The work describes the mass flow threshing mechanism. Theoretical calculation is expressed by the dependence of flow quantity on the length of the threshing drum and then compared with the actual measured values.

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