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Social responsibility of a company producing alcoholic beverages
Doškářová, Pavlína ; Halík, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Šaršon, Vít (referee)
This thesis analyzes corporate social responsibility with the focus on CSR of Plzeňský Prazdroj company. It includes also research which should look into efficiency of CSR and show possible gaps for even higher efficiency. At the end you can find key findings and reccomendations of next steps.
Child as a good "job", or rather a burden for the family?
The thesis deals with the sphere of a dual point of view to the importance of the child for the family. The first point of view considers the child to be a limiting factor (burden) and the second one to be a possible source of income (advantage). The thesis consists of theoretical and practical part. The aim of the thesis is to describe the current situation on the field of social (and family) policies in relation to families and to explicate, if their provisions can really affect, possibly to what degree, the attitude of the families to parenthood
Fear in the performance of the nursing profession
This thesis deals with the profession nurses, their skills of communication and collaboration in the team, their potential concerns in the profession and the responsibility that comes with health care profession entails.
Rock Climbing As a Way of Getting Courage in Faith?
The main aim of the thesis is to answer the question whether rock climbing, as a sport leisure time activity, can offer values substantial for life. The fundamental chapter, which is focused on rock climbing values, consists of two parts. The first theoretical part presents a few examples of values that are important for rock climbing. The practical part is based on a survey carried out among rock climbers. Both parts come to the conclusion that rock climbing is inspiring for rock-climbers as well as non-climbers. However, it is the courage to take responsibility for life that is essential for it to be fully-fledged, and only for such a person is rock climbing an inspiring activity.
Nurse as Risk Manager in the 21st Century Hospitals
The main intention of this thesis was to monitor the activities of nurses as risk managers in selected healthcare facilities. The first objective was to map the current state of accreditation procedures in the Czech Republic, the number of accredited facilities and the types of accreditation. Another objective was to find out in which healthcare facilities there is a nurse as a risk manager or who has the responsibility of a risk manager in healthcare facilities. The third objective was to explore the activities of nurses - risk managers. To achieve these objectives, the following research questions were set: 1st What is the current state of accreditation procedures in the Czech Republic? 2nd In which accredited facilities there is a nurse - a risk manager? 3rd research question: What are the activities and roles of a nurse - a risk manager? (What activities nurses carry out in the performance of their duties; whether nurses feel a change in the provision of nursing care; which risks and incidents nurses encounter in their facilities and what are their solutions; what is the level of communication between the parties in the risk management process in a given facility; which benefits are seen in risk management). The research was conducted with respondents from those healthcare facilities that were willing to cooperate. The research conducted is a qualitative one. The respondents underwent interviews according to the structure of categorized questions. Subsequently, transcripts of the interviews were made as well as the analysis and categorization of the data was carried out and presented in tables under the framework analysis according to Ritchie and Spencer. The research revealed the answers to the research questions. In no of the facilities that have responded to the questions there is a nurse with the function of a risk manager. Activities within the risk management are taken over by staff at other positions, mostly quality managers, head nurses or auditors. Detailed proportion of these functions is clearly presented in the accompanying graphs. Research question 3 yielded a great number of responses. For example, nurses who have competence in risk management play mainly the roles of communicators, defenders, authors, auditors and mentors. In exercising their functions, they have observed changes, as compared with the past, in the responsibilities of nurses, patient activity, greater transparency, the quality and safety of the care provided. They describe in detail the risks and incidents which they have met at their workplaces, and how they have been solved. The respondents see the advantages of risk management in the fact that it is a good tool for defending not only patients but also nurses themselves; that it is a tool to increase responsibilities and activities of patients and to improve the quality and safety of the care provided. All the responses are clearly presented in tables and confronted with the knowledge derived from professional literature and our own experience. The results of the thesis can be provided to the healthcare facilities where the research has been carried out; it could be provided to competent institutions and also, in the form of an informative brochure, to nurses and other healthcare personnel. We would suggest a higher level of education about risk management potential. Our suggestions also include changes to legislation - powers, the establishment of clear procedures and rules, and the regulation of education in risk management so that implementation of this tool is unified and becomes accessible to all facilities.
Liability insurance of motor vehicles
KALÍK, Michal
In this work deals with the liability insurance of motor vehicles. The theme is very interesting not only for its diversity, economic and social importance, but also many attractions and theoretical knowledge that is relevant and important for every motorist in this country. Work should bring the readers a basic knowledge of the insurance branch, from beginning to development. Is focused on liability, the basic legal norms, including the current offers for selected insurance of Czech republic.
General liability
The Bachelor thesis is focused on General liability, which is extended to the issue of liability of the town Písek due to injuries of citizens of the town incurred on the roads in winter period 2009/2010. The target of the first part of this work, a theoretical part, is to provide a comprehensive overview of the topic, which is complemented by a comparison of selected insurance products. The second, practical part, highlights to low awareness of citizens regarding the evidence of resulting the injury and a relatively low number of people in Písek, who suffered a loss and have received compensation to date. The contribution of the thesis is a detailed development work and consideration of the situation which arose in Písek in winter.
Philosophical Ethical Aspects of Upbringing and Education
Substantiality and sense of the work is charting of the historical evolution of the affinity between and children and the indisputable qualitative movement towards child´s (or if zou like pupil´s) needs and possibilities. Within this evolution the work presents the board range of opinions and ways not only from the sections of pedagogy but psychology, philosophy and theology too. It showa obvious and less obvious mistakes and isufficiencies by many exemples, which perprtrate - in former times and nowadays - those who participate in the upbringing and education of children. They strive to afford (propose) some clues on how you can beware of those insufficiencies or how reduce them. There are many citations of importhant ideas of the front experts from out prenominant branches in this work, subserve for quiding for the author of the work.
The conception of the responsibility, the existence, the death and the redemption by Lévinas
The work deals with the key concepts in the philosophy and cogitation of Emmanuel Lévinas: the responsibility, the existence, the death and the redemption. The aim of this work is methodical and digested to clear up of these terms. The first and second chapters treat about the life and publication of Lévinas and about the relation with Judaism and Talmud, because Judaism has the huge influence of Lévinas´s cogitation. Another chapter deals with the conception of responsibility by Lévinas and with the interpersonal relation. The fourth chapter processes the conception of the existence, mainly the conception of the existence as anonymous existence. The last chapter deals with the conception of the death and the redemption in the philosophical and religious sense.
Decentralised bodies of the European Union
This bachelor thesis named Decentralised bodies of the European Union deals with the analysis of the European agencies. The thesis starts with the legal structure of the European Union and the division of its policy to three pillars and it outlines the operation of four principal institutions of the European Union. It describes the history of creation of the agencies, its legal basis and the frame of their activities. The thesis reveals the operation of the agencies within the frame of the European institutions and describes their competences and authorities. In the end, it investigates the existence of the agencies if they are profitable or unnecessary.

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