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Evaluation of the best method of inventory management (in different company conditions)
The aim of bachelor´s work was to evaluate current way of supply management of chosen company, to propose own system of supply management and evaluation of gained outcomes with regards to further development of the company. Current split up of stock into three groups {--} strategic stock, aggregated stock and order stock I found out as absolutely suitable. As for the strategic material (wood) the company does not have other option but accept the market rules with worldwide short supply and rather invest its attention to exploring new sources of wood. It is also absolutely correct not to create any stock of materials which can be ordered after the order from the customer. Based on above mentioned the application of proposed method is suitable for aggregated items only.  Safety stock I propose to set up a safety stock with regards to possibility of items exhaustion within delivery time from the supplier. The company´s philosophy is to maximally meet the customer´s demand and that is why no delays in production are acceptable. Another reason for creating safety stock is that the company uses new technologies without necessary experience and therefore it is very hard to guess acceptable stock level.  EOQ {--} optimal order quantity This model allows decreasing of total expenditures connected with stock holding. Using of this method leads to optimalization of total amount of issued orders and ordered quantity per each order. Implementation of this system would decrease costs in total amount of 853.744 czech crowns. I would recommend to orientate itself to negotiation with suppliers and to require quantity discount in case of increased ordered quantities. At the end I would like to sum up that the company is very well settled in the market, still in phase of grow and expansion. Its outcomes show excellent level of management.

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