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Selection and use of plant assortment for works of garden and landscaping from the period of the First Republic
Kuťková, Tatiana ; Uher, Jiří
The aim of the methodology is to create a methodical procedure on the basis of which it is possible to proceed with the study, identification and selection of a suitable assortment of plants, with emphasis on ornamental plants - trees, bushes and herbs, designing, designing and the realization of the renovation of the garden-architectural objects of the period of the First Republic in the territory of the Czech Republic, which may be the object of interest in monument care, in order to promote and maximize their authenticity. It is also a goal to mediate an overview of the most commonly used plants in the current period.
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Methodology of care for garden and landscaping works from the period of the First Republic
Šimek, Pavel ; Štefl, Lukáš
The aim of the methodology is to create a methodical tool for optimal care about works of garden and landscaping especially with emphasis on the vegetation component composition. The origin of the methodology was the effort of the authors and the whole realization team to create a functional methodology that would remove the information barrier in the area of care of vegetation elements. This topic, which is specific to the period 1. Czechoslovak republic, has not been dedicated to professional circles bigger attention. The partial methodical step was therefore a relatively extensive analysis literary sources (especially professional periodicals) and access to period views the then authors for the care of landscaping architecture.
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Methodology for Restoration of the First Republic's Villa Gardens
Zámečník, Roman ; Šimek, Pavel
The aim of the methodology is to create a coherent process aimed at restoring the gardens built between the world wars of the 20th century. The starting point in the methodology was the effort to analyze, interpret and draw attention to this specific segment of national cultural wealth, which has not yet been given greater attention in the professional circles. As a proof of the development of the garden art of the Czech lands, it presents the first republican art, especially its segment - the garden of villas, one of the most vulnerable proofs of the maturity of our culture.
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Methodology for securing and protecting other garden-architectural works that will not capture the project's scope
Zámečník, Roman ; Vaida, Pavel ; Kuťková, Tatiana
The aim of the methodology is to create a methodical approach on the basis of which it is possible to carry out a survey of garden and architectural works that originated between two world wars in the then Czechoslovakia and was not the subject of the project Gardening and Architectural Design in the Context of the National Revival Objectives during the First Czechoslovak Republic. The methodology focuses on a number of specific activities based on the scale and form of the research area of ​​cultural heritage, with the aim of defining the process of identifying, locating, classifying, analyzing, interpreting and preserving information about the area under investigation through sophisticated collection databases. The methodology is based on the underlying premise: what we do not know, we can not protect and preserve it for the next generation. It relies on methods of data processing, evaluation and preservation, which have been verified through the realization of the project Garden-Architectural Creation in the Context of the Implementation of National Revival Objectives during the 1st Czechoslovak Republic.
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Methodology for processing plan documentation
Fencl, Petr
The presented methodology solves a clearly defined task - processing plan documentation for a given volume number in a limited time frame and limited financial resources. Because it is 94% of plans on tracing paper, we can take the whole process as the processing of the registry and archives of his last contact with the printing device - ie the scanner. The methodology aims to describe the process from collection matrices to final storage in the archive. Considerations in determining the progress of the work and the decision-making process is very important for solving complexity. For example, typically stored on archival break them individually in a paper sleeve / pocket / with a description and identification number on the carton. In our case for the 6500 format, I need 6500 sheets of sufficient size eg. 70 g / m2. This amount is two pallets of paper with a height of about 80 cm. That means the material 1.6 m in height. When transferred to a pocket, it is already 3.2 m. When you insert the matrix and stored without tying palette brings tripled - that is almost 10 m in height material.
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Methodologies for processing personal papers with a significant share plan documentation
Šárka, Steinová
Presented methodical aid is focused on organizing personal estates with a significant proportion of plan documentation. Its aim is filing instructions on the arrangement, identification and retrieval methods of objects recorded in the planned documentation of important landscape architects.
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