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Public on societal threats
Pilnáček, Matouš
he June CVVM survey included a block of questions focused on the perception of threats and preparedness in the Czech Republic.
Public Fears, Feeling of Safety and Satisfaction with the Activities of the Police – November 2019
Tuček, Milan
In November survey of the Public Opinion Research Centre, citizens answered questions concerning their fears, their sense of security and their satisfaction with the activities of the police.
Confidence in Some Representatives in International Context - November 2019
Pilnáček, Matouš
In a survey conducted by Public Opinion Research Centre in December 2019, we investigated how people trust to political Parties and whether they are willing to take part in elections to the Chamber of Deputies. In the press release there are two different types of information: the likely voter model and the party preferences. The likely voter model indicates anticipated result of hypothetical elections to the Chamber of Deputies in the time of conducting the survey. The party preferences give us information about public sympathy for political parties in the group of citizens who have voting right and there is also included a part of citizens who will not take part in elections or they do not know who to vote for.
Confidence in Some Representatives in International Context - November 2019
Červenka, Jan
November 2019 survey focused on attitudes of Czechs to some representatives in international politics. Respondents were asked to express their confidence or non-confidence in some main figures of international policy and persons involved in recent important events as well as supreme representatives of Central European countries.
Czech Public's Attitudes to Foreign countries – November 2019
Hanzlová, Radka
In November survey CVVM investigated how sympathetic or unsympathetic are some selected countries to the Czech public. In this survey 25 countries were selected. The most sympathetic country among them according to Czech citizens is Slovakia followed by Austria, Sweden, Italy, France and Great Britain.
Public Opinion on Post-War Transfer of Sudeten Germans and Beneš Decrees - October 2019
Spurný, Martin
Currently, 52% respondents share the opinion that Beneš decrees should continue to be in force, 13% stood up for their cancellation, and 35% had no opinion on this issue. Another question focused on the post-war transfer of Sudeten Germans from Czech borderland in 1945-6. 41% of respondents considered this historical act to be just. On the contrary 38% marked the transfer as unjust (simultaneously majority of them claimed necessity to make a thick line behind the past) and 21 % had no opinion on this.
Czech citizens relationship to the public holidays – october 2019
Spurný, Martin
In october survey of CVVM citizens expressed their opinion on how important it is to remind the importance of Czech public and other holidays.
Confidence in some institutions - October and November 2019
Červenka, Jan
In October and November 2019 within the regular survey, the Public Opinion Research Centre (CVVM) questioned respondents about their confidence in some institutions including the Ombudsman, the Constitutional Court, the Supreme Audit Office, the Czech National Bank, the Office for Personal Data Protection, the Czech Academy of Sciences, public universities, the Supreme State Prosecutor, the Security information service (BIS), and the National Office for Information and Cyber Security (NÚKIB).
Czech citizens relationship to their place of residence - October 2019
Čadová, Naděžda
Part of the CVVM October survey were questions about Czech citizens relation to the place where they live. All respondents were asked about their relationship to their village, to their city, to the region in which they live, to the Czech Republic and to the Europe.
Citizens on Economic Situation of the Czech Republic and Living Standard of Their Households - November 2019
Červenka, Jan
According to the November 2019 survey of CVVM, 46% of people evaluate the current economic situation in the Czech Republic as good, 37% view it as neither good nor bad, and 16% consider it to be bad. 49% of Czechs evaluate the living standard of their household as good, 13% consider it to be bad, and 38% characterize it as neither good, nor bad.

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