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Silence in the Contemporary Roman Liturgy
Novák, Václav ; Tichý, Radek (advisor) ; Kotas, Jan (referee)
Silence in contemporary Roman Catholic liturgy. The thesis studies the phenomenon of silence in contemporary Catholic liturgy of the Roman rite. The first part looks for the semantic field of the term "silence" from the perspective of several disciplines. The second part consists of an analysis of currently used liturgical books of the Roman rite, while the attention is paid to introductory instructions, to rubrics and to liturgical texts as such. Third, synthetic, part follows up with a typology of various types of silence in liturgy. A list of all identified incidences of silence within liturgical books is added and these passages are classified according to the above-mentioned key.
Baptismal Liturgy of Christian Churches
Feranec, Bystrík ; Tichý, Radek (advisor) ; Kotas, Jan (referee)
Baptismal Ceremonies of Christian Churches The diploma thesis Baptismal Ceremonies of Christian Churches deals with baptismal ceremonies of Roman Catholic Church, Greek Catholic Church, Orthodox Church and Czechoslovak Hussite Church; and Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren. The phenomenon of the baptismal sacrament will be taken in of historical view of baptismal ceremonies and itself in the process of baptismal liturgy. The thesis which is on the ground of historical studies and of contemporary forms of worship will demonstrate common and different elements of baptismal liturgy and to what extent the baptismal theology incorporated into ceremonies varies or resembles. Keywords Baptism, the liturgy, baptismal ceremonies
Liturgy of the Mass after the Councils of Trent and Vatican II. Outline Comparison
Harcuba, Lukáš ; Kotas, Jan (advisor) ; Tichý, Radek (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the analysis and subsequent comparison of Roman liturgy of the mass its two forms: ordinary and extraordinary, as were defined by Pope Benedict's XVI document Summorum Pontificium in 2007. First chapter briefly summarizes basic principles of Christian divine service, in the second chapter we discuss structure of liturgy celebration, as was formed over the centuries. In the subsequent chapters the orders of mass according to the Missals of St. Pius V and Paul VI are analysed and compared in outline. The work is complemented by excursion on the liturgical space, as it is used for celebration of the liturgy in two mentioned forms of the Roman rite.
Czech Religious Song in the Liturgy after the Second Vatican Council
Maršíková Michálková, Alena ; Kotas, Jan (advisor) ; Tichý, Radek (referee)
This thesis Czech Religious Song in the Liturgy after the Second Vatican Council focuses on the repertoire of songs contained in hymnbooks "Kancionál" (Hymnal), "Mešní zpěvy" (Czech gradual), "Hymny" (Hymns) and "Hymny a básnické modlitby" (Hymns and poetic prayers). Includes theological principles of songs, history of Czech spiritual hymns, analysis of the editorial approaches for songbooks and analysis of the hymns in relation to the requirements of the liturgical renewal documents. The thesis focuses primarily on "Kancionál" (Hymnal), "mešní píseň" (mass song) and singing a song of thanksgiving after Communion. The thesis evaluates compositional approaches for lyrics and music of mass songs.
Officium to Saint Norbert and its development
Sojka, Václav ; Tichý, Radek (advisor) ; Kotas, Jan (referee)
Officium to Saint Norbert and its development This thesis focuses on Premonstratensian order liturgy, in particular, on officium of St. Norbert, its origin, development, structure and implementation within the liturgical year of the order. This liturgical devotion is closely connected already with the early existence of the order, however, in the course of development of Norbertine devotion in the period of 12 -17 centuries significant variations in the focus of individual liturgical celebrations can be observed (memorial, triumph, translation). Celebration of the Norbertine officium later results in creation of the so-called Officium Votivum and the antiphony to St. Norbert. As the basis of source research, following documents were used: individual editions of the Roman and Premonstratensian Breviary, and, in particular, the later editions of the breviary of the period of 16-19 centuries. For the comparative purposes in general, I take into account also the first biographies of St. Norbert (Vita A, B), with their characteristic features. This thesis should contribute to a deeper understanding of the issues of officium in the Premonstratensian context. It also points to the broader tradition underpinning the current Premonstratensian solemnity of St. Norbert, the feast of translation of relics of...
Czech advent masses and their place in the liturgy of Advent
Benda, Václav ; Kotas, Jan (advisor) ; Tichý, Radek (referee)
Czech advent mass and their place in the liturgy of Advent This thesis deals with the phenomenon of Czech advent mass and their place in the liturgy of Advent. It represents the interconnection of music and liturgy from the beginning through Gregorian chant , polyphonic music, folk and spiritual song to the votive Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary, at the advent mass was sung . With the advent mass bachelor thesis observes their development from inception to the present form and location in the now commonly used hymn books . They recorded town , where most advent mass singing and where they are most often placed archival indicative of their original form. These records, ie different rorátní books and hymn books are also briefly mentioned . Attention is drawn to the most frequent interpreters advent mass , and those are the literary fraternity. The work also mentions the importance of the advent mass for the Czech language and shows the advent mass as a natural expression of deep devotion in the Czech Keywords Singing, song, advent, liturgy, music, advent mass, literary brotherhoods, Hymnal, Marian devotion
Analysis of endurance indicators in selected tests in relation to continuous and intermittent loading
Kotas, Jan ; Malý, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bunc, Václav (referee)
Title Analysis of the endurance indicators in selected tests in relation to continuous and intermittent loading Objectives The aim of this study was to examine the accuracy of the prediction formulas for indirect estimation VO2max from performances in the field tests. The criterion for comparing estimated values were results from laboratory spiroergometry test. Methods Ten physically active males (24,5 ± 2,5 years, 179,5 ± 6,2 cm, 75,8 ± 4,9 kg, BMI 23,5 ± 1,3 kg/m2 ) performed four different test sessions. Laboratory treadmill test was used for the direct measurement of the maximal oxygen consumption (VO2max) and three field tests for indirect estimation of the VO2max (Cooper test, Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test Level 1 and 2). All the performances from field tests were calculated using prediction formulas. Results Directly measured values of VO2max during laboratory testing were in average 58,24 ± 2,77 .min-1 . Indirectly estimated values of VO2max from performances in the Cooper test were in average 61,15 ± 3,73 .min-1 , in Yo-Yo IRT1 52,46 ± 2,51 .min-1 and in Yo-Yo IRT2 53,19 ± 1,56 .min-1 . There was found large positive correlation between laboratory testing and Cooper test (r = 0,76). This correlation was the only one statistically significant. The...
Anointing as the Sacramental - new possibilities?
Michalec, Pavel ; Tichý, Radek (advisor) ; Kotas, Jan (referee)
1 Abstract Anointing with the oil as a sacramental - new possibilities? The use of oil as a sacramental is present in the whole history of the Church. In this thesis we deal first with the nature of sacramentals and with the concept of blessing in the antiquity and in the biblical period. We also consider the sacramental use of oil in the history of liturgical worship. Then we examine recent ways of using the oil as a sacramental according to liturgical books - i.e. we study different ways of application of the oil of the catechumens, of the chrism oil, of the blessed oil intended as a meal and of the blessed oil ("myron") used for anointing in the Eastern Church. Present ways of the sacramental use of oil that are not directly presupposed in the liturgical books are further investigated. These include: anointing of the assembly during a youth meeting, during retreats and Pentecost vigils. The question of the "exorcised oil" is also briefly considered. Finally, several proposals are presented for the inclusion of anointing into the liturgical worship of the Church. Keywords Anointing, oil, blessing, sacramental.
New movements and their liturgy focusing on the Eve of Sunday
Brácha, Martin ; Tichý, Radek (advisor) ; Kotas, Jan (referee)
Title: New movements and their liturgy focusing on the Eve of Sunday In its first part, the thesis deals with the phenomenon of the liturgical celebration of the Eve of Sunday and with its importance and development from the beginning of the church. It also discusses here in general the phenomenon of the new movements emerging after the Second Vatican Council, their influence on the renewal of the church and on the implementation of the lay apostolate. In its second part, the thesis brings a description of the chosen movements - the Community of the Beatitudes, the Neocatechumenal Way and the ecumenical community of the brothers of Taizé - regarding their distinctive celebration of the Eve of Sunday. This part brings also a description of their celebration of the liturgy of the Eve of Sunday itself: of the Vespers of resurrection, the Sunday Eucharist and the Light celebration. In the last, third part, the thesis gives a analysis on the common moments of the liturgical celebration of the Eve of Sunday from the theological-liturgical and also from the pastoral point of view. Keywords: new movements; Eve of Sunday; history of the liturgy; The Community of the Beatitudes; The Neocatechumenal Way; Taizé
Christian Rituals and Substitute Rituals with Reference to Social Situation in Czechoslovakia of the 2nd Half of the 20th Centrury
Slavíková, Milena ; Tichý, Radek (advisor) ; Kotas, Jan (referee)
The thesis in its first part describes the evolution of rituals in general from the anthropological point of view. The focal topic of the thesis is an attempt to explain the reasons for arising of other non-Christian rituals in the course of history, with special emphasis on rituals of the 2nd half of the 20th century in Czechoslovakia, mainly of the period of the totalitarian regime. The thesis aims to ask about legitimacy of substituting Christian rituals, whether they have been just mere substitution or whether we can regard them as complementary or paralel rituals. Last but not least the thesis inquires into specificity and irreplaceability of Christian rituals. Keywords Secular Rituals, Religious Rituals, Liturgy, Christianity, Comunism.

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