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Art and reality
Barabášová, Magda ; Hogenová, Anna (advisor) ; Fleischerová, Andrea (referee)
This bachelor thesis The Art and reality to analyse selected philosophical sources concerning the problem of the artistic reflection of reality, their mutual confrontation and, also, questions related to them which arose after focusing the artwork on the idea, as being stated by the author. Moreover, it tries to clarify the question of the genesis of the artwork as the sensory object and the question of the dialogue between an artwork and a recipient. The initial sources for the analysis were the Plato's Republic, Aristotle's Poetics, Kant's Critique of Judgement, and Hegel's Aesthetics. Although the selected sources come from the former philosophy, they are being reinterpreted, and associated with different artworks throughout the history of art, also concerning the modern art phenomenon. Regarding objectives of the artwork, the highest objective has been ascertained as the good, and the idea of simulating the sensorial world has been refuted. The technical aspect of the artwork seems to be a mere tool of creation. The modern art has already questioned the significance of the technical aspect as the highest value by its conceptual tendencies. From the perspective of recognizing through the artwork, a new possibility of cognition arises - the anamnesis. Rather, it is finding the existing content of...
Mobile App for Viewing Internet Pictures
Kočnar, David ; Kolář, Martin (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
This thesis explains issues concerning the development of mobile applications for Android and describes a complete design and development of mobile application Impres for image viewing. In addition to the mobile application there was also created a server application in PHP providing data from different internet sources. Taken together this service aims to bring to its user an inspiring content consisting of phototography and other visual art. The service will automatically add new content and create user-personalised selection. The work also describes theoretical knowledge and procedures necessary for technical design and development of mobile applications. Conclusion evaluates solution and proposals for possible other features.
Sádecká, Lucia ; Vacková, Lenka (referee) ; Mazanec, Martin (advisor)
The bachelor project focuses on the phenomenon of the Burda style magazine, which for more than 50 years has been advertising to its readers about pattern making, along with tips and tricks. This allows the readers to fill the wardrobe of current trends that they should be able to make themselves In this project, I chose one specific issue from 07/17 magazine, which I transferred from patterns provided with the material needed according to the template and workflow. I kept the original sewing method using the orientation map provided by the designers (using a silk screen), which forms the design of the whole collection. The aim is, on the one hand, to test the functionality and the practicality of the offered dresses in the magazine, but at the same time emphasis is put on the quality of craftsmanship. According to the popularity of the magazine, this quality still has its visible place in the fashion industry. How? What is this heading towards? Does the social artefact of this confection still make sense in this era?
Responses of Spanish Civil War in Propaganda Art in Czechoslovakia
Spanish civil war was with no doubt a conflict which affected people around the world , including artists from Czechoslovakia. In my thesis I try to describe the significant influence of the war on some politically interrested Czechoslovak artists, and to present this influence on meaning and visual form of their works. International politics and art context in Europe between the World Wars caused sympathy of many progressive and avantgarde artists of that time towards Spanish antifascist republicans. These artists attemted to actively change or influence the events in Spain via their art and works. Relationships between the most active Czechoslovak artists, and their motivation, was strongly connected to their political beliefs and views (related to the situation in Spain, based on which fraction they supported), more than during any previous time period. In this cause we can find side by side liberal democrat Josef Čapek, 19th century anarchist Stanislav Kostka Neumann or Antonín Pelc, the propaganda star of Czechoslovak communist era after the year 1948. This broad coalition against fascism corresponded to spanish People's front. The main issues of my thesis are political and historical context of civil war, social situation in Europe, Spain and Czechoslovakia, meaning of chosen works and also formal signs, mainly because the form is usually influenced by the unstable 30s and progress of dictatorships in Europe as well.
"Gulliver on the Back of a Whale." Media Image of Pavel Juráček's work in 60s and 70s and after 1989
Kokta, Josef ; Bednařík, Petr (advisor) ; Novotný, David Jan (referee)
The goal of the master thesis deals with the media image of work of a screenwriter and director Pavel Juráček in the Czechoslovak and Czech press in 1960-1970 and after 1989. Juráček was one of the most outstanding filmmakers of so-called Czechoslovak New Wave, whose career was stopped because of The Warsaw Pack Invasion in Czechoslovakia and following restoration of firm rule of a communist party. That's the reason why a first research period is set to 60s and early 70's when Juráček was going through his main artist evolution. The part of the thesis is focused on his films: The Cars without Homes (1959), The Dynamite Watcher (1960), Black-and-White Sylva (1961), Ikarie XB 1 (1963), Joseph Kilian (1963), A Jester's Tale (1964), Nobody Gets the Last Laugh (1965), Every Young Man (1965), The End of August at the Ozone Hotel (1966), Kino-Automat - Man and His house (1967) and Case for the New Hangman (1969). The second shorter part of the thesis is focused on the transformation of the media image of Juráček's work after his death in 1989 mainly because of publishing of his literary heritage, most importantly his diaries.
Graphic design of Czech interwar avantgarde magazines and its creators
Moučková, Kristýna ; Slanec, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Čeňková, Jana (referee)
Diploma thesis Graphic design of Czech interwar avant-garde magazines and its creators deals with yet not very well covered topic of analysation of visual form of First Czechoslovak Republic cultural magazines that contains some of the avant-garde methods in its graphics. This thesis in its theoretical part relies on foreign influences, mainly on Russian constructivism, Dutch De Stijl artistic movement and German school of Bauhaus that played major part in shaping of the Czech avant-garde. With regard to the main topic of the text the emphasis is on specifics of graphic magazine creation and design, specifically on the works of Karel Teige, Ladislav Sutnar and František Muzika. The practical part of the thesis is then dedicated to three avant-garde magazine analyses. Journals ReD, Žijeme and HOST represent three different approaches of how the creators were able to work all avant-garde elements in the graphic form of the periodicals. In the analysis the attention is paid mainly on the front pages, composition, fonts, image components, other graphic elements that make up the whole visual aspect of every page and graphic form of advertising. In the end all three magazines are compared with one another to provide at least elementary overview of avant-garde graphic methods used in Czech magazines in...
The tuition of drawing on The Pedagogical Institute in České Budějovice (practical - theoretic thesis)
ČÍŽKOVÁ, Barbora
The thesis is dedicated to the topic "the subject of postulation in drawing" aimed at the education of pedagogues. In particular, used at the "Učitelském ústavu v Českých Budějovicích" institution based in the city of Ceske Budejovice. The institution is especially valuable by hosting many respected public figures across the whole Czech Republic. The target of the theoretical part in this work is to, at least partially, map the educational genesis of pedagogues in the field of drawing within the Southern part of the Czech Republic and try to approach the transformation of this subject. Whereas the practical part summarizes and transfers all discovered information into a representative output panel with the emphasis on its practical usage in the tertiary sphere of education.
The use of gallery and museum education in leisure activities
BÍLEK, David
The theoretical part of the essay explains gallery and museum education in the Czech Republic. The essay describes the possibilities of making art for children. The essay explains the methods of education in leisure activities in terms of educational objectives. In practical part of the essay the author uses his own experience in organizing the gallery education in leisure activities. He describes his project, realization and evaluation of the educational programme.
Chair. Project for lessons of art on 2nd grade primary school.
The presented master thesis on the project theme called The Chair, for art lessons on higher primary school is composed of two interconnected parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part, intended as a source of inspiration for the application of the topic in the educational process at the primary school, focuses on the characteristics of the seating furniture in the context of historical development and the chair as a motif in art. The practical part contains brief schema of project teaching, captures the preparatory and implementation phase, documentation and reflection of particular art lessons associated with the thematic unit of study. The master thesis contains a representative photographic documentation in the annex.

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