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Estimation of above ground woody biomass of SRC hybrid poplar clone J-105 in different fertilizer treatments in Czech-Moravian highland
Tripathi, A.M. ; Trnka, Miroslav ; Fischer, Milan ; Orság, Matěj ; Fajman, M. ; Marek, Michal V. ; Žalud, Zdeněk
Short rotation coppice poplar hybrid clone J-105 (Populus nigra x P. maximowiczii) is studied as an alternative source of bio-energy in the region of Czech-Moravian Highland. The plantation was established in 2001 at the locality Domanínek in the vicinity of Bystřice nad Pernštejnem (Czech Republic, 49o32’N, 16o15’E and altitude 530 m a. s. l.) where mean annual rainfall of 609 mm and mean annual temperature of 7.2oC was recorded between 1981 and 2010. The total area planted with the clone was close to 1.5 ha with total plantation area being close to 3.5 ha. The plantation with planned density of 9,216 trees ha-1was established on the former agricultural land and the length of the rotation cycle was set to 6-8 years. At the beginning of the second rotation period i.e. in spring 2009 (following winter harvest), the plantation was divided into four randomized blocks with different nutrient treatments and three replicates (4×3). These treatments comprised of application of mineral NPK fertilizer (nitrogen 305 kg ha-1, phosphorous 154 kg ha-1 and potassium 291 kg ha-1), sewage sludge (4200 kg/ha-1) and ash (1000kg ha-1) and lime (5 ton ha-1), while control was with natural nutrients content only (deposition and leaves mineralization). The objectives of the study were to estimate the above ground annual yields (based on allometry and stem inventory), the mortality and the shoot to stump ratio as the main productivity characteristics.

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3 Tripathi, Abishek
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