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Radar-based summer precipitation climatology with respect to orography in the Czech Republic
Bližňák, Vojtěch ; Müller, Miloslav ; Kašpar, Marek
The aim of this work is climatological analysis of 10-year series of summer precipitation derived from radar and precipitation\nmeasurements in high spatial and temporal resolution. The definition of the summer season is related to the fact that\nthis part of the year represents the most humid period with the most probable occurrence of extreme rainfall events.\nParticular attention is paid to spatial distribution of average seasonal and maximum 30 min - 24 h\ntotal precipitation in the middle and mountainous locations. Part of the study is also the characteristic of daytime precipitation with respect\non the Czech Republic (Czech Republic).\nDespite the relatively short period of 10 summer seasons, the present work provides new and more detailed knowledge\nthe spatial and temporal distribution of the mean and maximum sums of summer precipitation. Within climatological analysis\nis used glide sums of precipitation that are better able to capture absolute maxima in time series,\nwhich gives room for more precise calculation of frequency of occurrence, respectively. N-year rainfall sums in sub-days\nscale. Calculated climatological characteristics will be further refined in the future with prolonged time\nmeasurement.
Interests from the 110-year observation series at the meteorological observatory Milešovka
Chládová, Zuzana ; Bližňák, Vojtěch
The 110-year-old series from the Milešovka Observatory contains many interesting information not only from a meteorological point of view, but also from the point of view of historical and social events that to measure direct effects such as short-term interruption of measurements during World War I due to the lack of coal (Figure 3), measurement failures in the period after the mobilization in 1938 and others.
Experimental measurements at the meteorological observatory Milešovka
Pešice, Petr
The Milešovka Observatory was established in 1905 and has since been continuously performing standard meteorological and climatological\nobservations and measurements that are the primary mission of the station.\nMilešovka but like Lysá hora or other mountain observatory attracts experimentalists whether thanks to their exposed\nlocation and harsh weather conditions, frequent occurrence of strong winds, low cloud cover,\nor the abundant occurrence of storms and atmospheric discharges. The Milešov Measure Report summarizes current and planned experiments conducted at the Observatory.
History of the Milešovka observatory
Zacharov, Petr, jr.
The mountain station, ie a station with an altitude above 500 m, with the longest continuous series of measurements in our territory\nis the meteorological station on Milesovka mountain. The station began its activity on January 1, 1905, and the length of its measurement\nis one of the longest serving mountain stations not only in our country but also in the world. The unique location of Milešovka Station is its location\non top of a conical mountain at an altitude of 837 m. This unique location is a prerequisite for the\nhave a similar character to the ambient atmosphere.

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