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Astrophysical Reaction Rates Obtained By Indirect Techniques
Tribble, R. E. ; Al-Abdullah, T. ; Alharbi, A. ; Aysto, J. ; Banu, A. ; Burjan, Václav ; Carstoiu, F. ; Chen, X. ; Clark, H. L. ; Davidson, T. ; Fu, C. ; Gagliardi, C. A. ; Hardy, J. C. ; Iacob, V. E. ; Jokinen, J. ; Kroha, Václav ; Lui, Y. W. ; McCleskey, M. ; Mukhamedzhanov, A. ; Nica, N. ; Park, H. ; Roeder, B. T. ; Saastamoinen, A. ; Simmons, E. ; Tabacaru, G. ; Tokimoto, Y. ; Trache, L. ; Woods, P. J. ; Zhai, Y.
ndirect techniques have been used to obtain information about reaction rates for several proton capture reactions that occur on short-lived nuclei. The techniques used to carry out the measurements are reviewed and the results obtained are presented. Also future prospects for further measurements with a new facility, T-REX, are discussed.
Trojan horse method with neutrons induced reactions: The 17O(n,alpha)14C reaction
Guardo, G. L. ; Spitaleri, C. ; Lamia, L. ; Gulino, M. ; Tang, X. ; Bucher, B. ; Burjan, Václav ; Couder, M. ; Davies, P. ; deBoer, R. ; Fang, X. ; Kroha, Václav ; La Cognata, M. ; Ma, C. ; Mrázek, Jaromír ; Mukhamedzhanov, A. ; Notani, M. ; O'Brien, S. ; Pizzone, R. G. ; Rapisarda, G. G. ; Roberson, D. ; Sergi, M. L. ; Tan, W. ; Wiescher, M.
The experimental study of the 17O(n,alpha)14C reaction has been performed in the energy range 0-350 keV. This reaction could play an important role in explaining heavy elements (s-process) nucleosynthesis in various astrophysical scenario. To over-come the practical problems arising from the neutrons production, a new application of the Trojan Horse Method has been recently suggested.
Monasteries in Danger. Disputes about Liquidation of Czech and Moravian Monasteries of the "Old Orders" in the Period before the Battle of White Mountain
Chládek, Oldřich ; Čechura, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Maur, Eduard (referee) ; x, (referee)
Liquidation of monasteries in the era of Reformations is a phenomenon which has been studied only to a certain level. There were very many cases of abolished or liquidated monasteries. The author concentrates only on two cases (Augustinian canonries in Kłodzko and Olomouc) where efforts to liquidate a monastery were met with resistance from the community or monastic structures. It is a multilayered topic, requiring a thorough analysis. Due to the fact that these disputes were interfered by a number of influential personalities (supreme provincial officials, nuncios, bishops, superiors of monastic orders etc.), it represents an ideal material to study the relationships within the high society in the era before the Battle of White Mountain. Besides the high politics we can also focus on other aspects - such as legal arguments of the conflicting parties or linguistic, art historical or theological layer. After research not only in Czech, but also in foreign archives (e.g. Rome, Kraków, Kłodzko, Wrocław, Vienna), the author refills or corrects older conclusions (Jan Tenora, Aloys Bach etc.). He also tries to verify the theory that within the Catholic Church those monasteries were abolished which were - in the economic and also spiritual layer - in a state of deep crisis.
Morpho-Colorimetric and Non-Parametric Analyses in Statistical Classification of Vascular Flora (Classification in Image Analysis)
Frigau, Luca ; Antoch, Jaromír (advisor) ; Dohnal, Gejza (referee) ; Wilhelm, Adalbert F.X. (referee)
Luca Frigau Abstract of PhD thesis This dissertation deals with statistical methodologies to apply to morphological classification of seeds through extracting information directly from their digital images. It concentrates more on the classifi- cation task, trying to enhance the quality of prediction, and on the automatizing of the classification process. These tasks are very important in botany because they avoid human contradictions in seed classification and to save a lot of time to specialized botanists. Firstly we focused on describing all stages necessary to move from a picture containing raw information of scanned objects to a data matrix usable as input for further statistical analyses. We illustrated how to convert an image so as to enhance its inner contrast in order to get easier the image segmentation. It has been introduced an approach that adapts a widely used method for detecting moving objects from video, called background subtraction (foreground detection), to image segmentation framework. It has been shown how it assists segmentation process to get good results, and allows to automate the process when foreground color of images is not constant, as well as speeding it up significantly. Then methods for enhancing quality of objects and removing residual noise have been illustrated. At the end of...
Projections of future water-energy-vegetation regimes at the Lysina catchment, Czech Republic
Lamačová, Anna ; Yu, X. ; Duffy, Ch. ; Krám, Pavel ; Hruška, Jakub ; Farda, Aleš
Hydrologic models represent useful tools for the understanding of forest hydrological functions. At the Lysina Critical Zone Observatory (50°03’ N, 12°40’ E; area 0.293 km2), a forest catchment in the western Czech Republic, a distributed physics-based hydrologic model, the Penn State Integrated Hydrologic Model (PIHM), was used to simulate long-term hydrological change under forest management practices, and to evaluate the comparative scenarios of the hydrological consequences under anticipated climate change. Stand age-adjusted LAI (leaf area index) curves were generated from an empirical relationship to represent changes in seasonal tree growth. By considering the age-adjusted LAI, the spatially distributed model was able to successfully simulate the integrated hydrologic response from snow melt, recharge, evapotranspiration, groundwater levels, soil moisture and streamfl ow, as well as spatial patterns of each hydrologic state and fl ux variables. Corrected climatic data from the ALADIN-Climate/CZ regional climate model with SRES A1B scenario and diff erent forest age categories (Norway spruce monoculture) were used for projection of hydrologic pattern shift at the study site in the future (2025–2050, 2071–2100). Th e model projections suggested that that the decrease in mean annual runoff would be from 422 mm (observed in 1990–2011) to 361 mm (2021–2100) and 345 mm (2071–2100) with notable changes in seasonal patterns represented by a runoff decrease in the spring and summer months.
Trends of PM2.5 and Chemical Composition in at a Regional Backround Site in the Western Mediteranean over the Past Nine Years
Cusack, Michael ; Alastuey, A. ; Perez, N. ; Pey, J. ; Querol, X.
The findings in this article provide good evidence that the implementation of Pollution abatement strategies in Europr is having a direct effect on the level of PM2.5 and its various components. It is also hypothesised that the current economic climate, in reccesion since mid 2008 in Spain and many counties in Europe, is also affecting atmospheric pollutants through a reduction in activities associated with a healthy economy. A reduction in PM2.5 concentrations has been observed in Spain and across Europe, in most cases, this reduction has been gradual and consistent over time, implying the success of cleaner anthropogenic activities. Additional to this progressive trend, in some cases and especially for RB stations in the IP and Ispra in nothern Italy, a marked decrease has been recorded since 2008, coinciding with the begidding of the economic crisis. Finally, large scale meteorology has been shown to be an important influental factor on ambient aerosol concentrations across the Iberian Peninsula, with the North Atlantic Oscillation controlling the frequency of Sahara dust instrusions across the Iberian Peninsula in winter. Specially at MSY, organic matter and secondary inorganic aerosol accounted for the majority of the reduction observed.
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Resonances of Mácha. Fourth Congress of World Czech Literary Studies: Other Czech Literature (?)
Piorecký, Karel ; Křivánek, Vladimír ; Charypar, Michal ; Fořt, Bohumil ; Hrbata, Zdeněk ; Ibrahim, Robert ; Koten, Jiří ; Sládek, Ondřej ; Sgallová, K. ; Šerlaimova, S. ; Berkes, T. ; Budagova, L. ; Čolakova, Ž. ; Galmiche, X. ; Grigorov, D. ; Melnyčenko, I. ; Procházka, M. ; Valcerová, A.
Arranged every five years at the initiative of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Institute of Czech Literature, the congress brought together some 150 researchers from all over the world this year. Discussions over “otherness” in Czech literature were divided into four subject areas. In view of the anniversary of Karel Hynek Mácha’s birth in 2010, one of the proceedings was called Resonances of Mácha. The studies included in this collection focus primarily on the work of poets and prose writers whose work forms part of Mácha’s legacy and derives inspiration from him. Another way to understand the importance of Mácha’s work is offered by contributions that place it in the context of European and particularly Central European romanticism. The opportunity also presents itself to consider the influence of interpretations of his texts on the formation of Prague literary studies structuralism.
Application of morphology filters to compensation of lateral illumination inhomogeneities in confocal microscopy images
Michálek, Jan ; Čapek, Martin ; Mao, X. W. ; Kubínová, Lucie
Due to multiple distortion effects, confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) images of even homogeneous specimen regions suffer from irregular brightness variations. In this paper, a fast correction method based on estimating a spatially variable illumination gain, and multiplying acquired CLSM images by the inverse of the estimated gain, is presented. The method does not require any special calibration (reference) images since the gain estimate is extracted from the CLSM image being corrected itself. The proposed approach exploits two types of morphological filters: the median filter and a morphological operator called the upper Lipschitz cover
Vlastnosti a zdroje předměstského pozaďového atmosférického aerosolu v Praze
Schwarz, Jaroslav ; Havránek, Vladimír ; Maenhaut, W. ; Chi, X. ; Ždímal, Vladimír ; Hovorka, J. ; Smolík, Jiří
A comprehensive aerosol characterization was perfprmed for a 15-month period at Suchdol, a suburb in the NW of Prague. PM, mass concentrations, mass and number size distributions, PM10 chemical composition and the main factors influencing the PM10 concentrations were determined. The regional air pollution during low mixing periods was found to be the most important factor influencing the local levels of air pollution.
Chemická velikostní distribuce předměstského aerosolu vzorkovaného v Praze 2008 s použitím vlhkostně kontrolovaných inletů
Štefancová, Lucia ; Schwarz, Jaroslav ; Maenhaut, W. ; Chi, X. ; Smolík, Jiří
Ambient aerosol sampling was provided using two humidity controlled inlets. Dry particles were retained upon 15%RH, whereas wet particles were collected at 85-90%RH. 11 intakes was done during winter campaign and 10 during summer one. Mean mass concentration obtained for winter than for summer. In both cases the value did not exceed EU annual limit for PM10. Chemical composition was determined by ion chromatography. The most abundant were hygroscopic ions as NH4+, SO42-, NO3-. Their particle growth due to high RH was observed on their mass-size distribution. NH4+ cation has good correlation with SO42-and NO3- anions. Mean mass concentrations of WSOC, EC and OC were determined for both campaigns. WSOC value in winter was 0.80 µg/m3and 0.78µg/m3 in summer.

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