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Public Preferences for Environmental Policies and Behavioural Changes
Zvěřinová, Iva ; Vinopal, Jiří (advisor) ; Vávra, Jan (referee) ; Šauer, Petr (referee)
Iva Zvěřinová PhD Thesis Public Preferences for Environmental Policies and Behavioural Changes Abstract Environmental problems, such as climate change, are generally perceived as serious issues by the public in European countries. However, people tend to assign them a low policy priority and disagree with the introduction of some policy instruments, such as carbon tax. Few people also behave in an environmentally friendly way and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. What are the preferences of the inhabitants of several European countries regarding climate mitigation policies and behavioural changes? What makes these policies more acceptable for the public? Would people from these countries be willing to accept climate mitigation policies or behaviour, and if so, under what conditions? This thesis aims to answer these questions by applying a theoretical framework that integrates attitudes and perceptions with preferences. In the empirical part of the thesis, we analyse data from several questionnaire surveys on public responses to climate policies and climate-related behaviours in several European countries. The thesis contains four empirical studies focusing on: i. public preferences for climate mitigation policies; ii. public preferences for policy instruments to reduce GHG emissions; iii. consumers'...
Electric car reaches space, but only makes it into the Czech Republic after a discount
Ščasný, Milan ; Zvěřinová, Iva ; Rajchlová, Z. ; Kyselá, E.
The study summarizes the results of a questionnaire survey on public perceptions of electric vehicles and their purchase in the Czech Republic. 43 % of a representative sample of the adult population planned to buy a car within the next three years.
Local food: attitudes and behaviours of Czech consumers
Pešková, Veronika ; Zvěřinová, Iva (advisor) ; Kyselá, Eva (referee)
(in English): The diploma thesis deals with the issue of local foods and analyses factors influencing the purchasing behavior of Czech consumers. The theoretical part focuses on the problems related to the definition of local food, relying on the three domains of proximity taxonomy as proposed by Eriksen (2013). It further examines the reasons of increased interest in local production, which include anti-globalization trends, environmental issues and other value changes in society. Significant foreign and Czech research of local production and Czech consumer behavior is presented. At the end of the theoretical part, selected theories suitable for explaining the purchasing behavior of local foods as well giving insight into the theoretical foundation and research of this thesis are described. This is primarily the Alphabet Theory (Zepeda & Deal, 2009), which is based on earlier theories of Value-Belief-Norm Theory (Stern et al., 1999) and Attitude-Behavior-Context Theory (Guagnano et al., 1995). The empirical part builds on the theoretical basis and provides an analysis of the Czech consumer based on qualitative semi-structured interviews as well as a quantitative survey representative of Czech population aged 18 to 65 years in terms of selected sociodemographic characteristics. They give insight...
Importance of Plastics and the Impacts of Plastic Waste: The Sociological View on the Possibilities of Solutions of Plastic Waste Accumulated in the Oceans
Heuer, Dan ; Zvěřinová, Iva (advisor) ; Kyselá, Eva (referee)
Importance of Plastics and the Impacts of Plastic Waste: The Sociological View on the Possibilities of Solutions of Plastic Waste Accumulated in the Oceans Dan Heuer Abstract: The Paper deals with a question of plastic waste in the oceans. Especially, it asks about particular solutions concerning plastic waste and its effectiveness. Firstly, it is identified how human understands plastic as a material. Subsequently, negative impacts on the environment caused by plastic waste are summarized. Especially, little pieces of plastic are significant problem. Animals often mistake it for food so they can transfer harmful substances to the food chain. The main part of the work is an analysis of particular solutions. It shows that the prevention and development of bio-plastics has greater potential to solve this problem than recycling and other methods. Although there is needed to know that all of the solutions work together in cooperation so they are dependent on each other. Author presents the model of Competing functions of the environment. This system demonstrates that even though the resolving of the problem is not achievable in short period, it would be very positive that humankind is trying to fight against the stream of plastic waste to ocean. Therefore establish the balance among utility possibilities which...
Environmental Education in the Czech Republic with Reference to Scouting Experience
Musilová, Markéta ; Zvěřinová, Iva (advisor) ; Duffková, Jana (referee)
The aim of this paper is to highlight the concept of environmental education as a strategy to support pro-environmental behaviour. Paper connects environmental education with Scouting and suggests their possible closer cooperation. It tries to support this connection by mapping work scoutmasters with nature. The research was carried out using qualitative method of "Understanding interview". The interviews were conducted with scoutmasters of girls and boys troops. Thanks to different variables of the observed units, such as the practices in the country or in a major city, it shows a number of different circumstances. Research suggests a different work with nature in urban and rural sections and also some gender differences. Interviews and observation also revealed some findings related to contemporary changes like working with technology, higher demands on education of children and also worries of parents. Besides analysing the differences, is the research deals also with reflection of scoutmasters on the topic of pro-environmental behaviour within scout centres and troops. These all findings may serve as a feedback for the environmental department of Scouting and for those who would try to support environmental education in "Junák".
Analysis of Buying Behavior of Electric Vehicles
Kolmanová, Marie ; Zvěřinová, Iva (advisor) ; Vlček, Josef (referee)
The thesis is focused on consumer behavior in relation to electric vehicles. In the beginning, the issue of alternatively fuelled vehicle is briefly introduced, including the explanation how this product is supported by the European Union. The next part is devoted to the theoretical background applied in the work. After the theoretical part, there is the literature review followed by both, the qualitative and the quantitative investigation. The results obtained were compared with the results stemming from international research projects. In accordance with the Theory of Diffusion of Innovations, the participants of qualitative survey were labelled as innovators or early adopters, for whom technical knowledge is more important. But on the other hand, for later adopters, the interpersonal relationship is more important, as they can compensate the lack of technical knowledge this way. As follows from the results of qualitative survey, decision-making connected with the acquisition of electric vehicles is influenced by the overall awareness (or knowledge, experience), then by technical characteristics of the purchase together with economic factors and by the perceived expectations of other people. Most of participants have some knowledge about electric vehicles. They often mention barriers preventing...
Explanatory factors of consumer behaviour: the survey of organic food consumers conducted on sample of inhabitants of Prague and Znojmo district
Zvěřinová, Iva ; Buriánek, Jiří (advisor) ; Vlček, Josef (referee)
Production, processing, transport and consumption of food form a significant part of the environmental burden. Organic farming and organic food production represent for many experts, policymakers and for a part of lay public a way to reduce the environmental burden. The volume of organic food production hinges on, among others, the willingness of consumers to prefer organic food to conventional food and also to change consumer behaviour. Although organic food consumer and purchase behaviour is sometimes found to be environmentally motivated, health motives are prevailing in many developed countries. Recently, organic food consumption has grown significantly in developed countries. The diploma thesis is for these reasons aimed at analysis of motivational factors and barriers that affect consumer's purchase decision-making related to organic food. First, the overview of scientific literature concerning organic food consumption behaviour is presented. Factors that explain it can be divided into four major types: attitudinal variables, contextual forces, personal capabilities and habits. In the diploma thesis, we focus on risk perception, which can be classified as the attitudinal variable. Considering the perception of health and environmental risks, it is important to point out that manufactured...
Survey of preferences of people for climate change policies: do Czech, Polish and British respondents support policy implementation?
Zvěřinová, Iva ; Ščasný, M. ; Czajkowski, M. ; Kyselá, E.
The study summarises results of a questionnaire survey on preferences of inhabitants of the Czech Republic, Poland and the UK for climate change policies. While Czechs would be on average willing to pay around 13-17 EUR per month for the 40% or 80% GHG emission reductions, and the citizens of the UK would be willing to pay 44-46 EUR per month, the Poles’ mean WTP for adopting these targets vs. the current 20% target was not statistically significantly different from zero.
Methods of selecting staff and their use
Zvěřinová, Iva ; Vinšová, Tereza (advisor) ; Grůšová, Olga (referee)
The thesis presents a theoretical knowledge of staffing, especially pay attention to methods of selection and use of them. Application of work sampling analysis of the company and assess the methods that are used in selecting employees in different occupations. Finally are these methods evaluated and recommended changes.

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