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Emanuel Rádl's individualism in his concept of the dispute between the Czechs and the Germans
Pošvářová, Viktorie ; Doubek, Vratislav (advisor) ; Znoj, Milan (referee)
Bachelor thesis concerns on the individualistic philosophy of Czech philosopher and biologist Emanuel Radl and explains how theorist emphasizes on the activity and responsibility of each member of the state. In the thesis is summarized Radl's methodology and core historical, political and philosophical thoughts. From these ideas is formed the concept of Radl's ideal human which is incorporated to the solution of national conflict in the Czechoslovakia. Problems of the First Czechoslovak Republic are by the methodology of Radl divided into three specific crisis and their solution is based on philosophers concept of nationality as political program "for the future". Radl's thoughts in the thesis are compared with liberal and social contract theories.
Hannah Arendt on Democracy
Těmín, Kristián ; Štefek, Martin (advisor) ; Znoj, Milan (referee)
The thesis deals with the specific problem of Hannah Arendt's positive political project which has never been a central topic for her. She rather reflects political phenomenon from ancient Greek polis to modern times of mass society in the second half of the 20th Century. She assumes that one of the human conditions is acting - political activity. On the one hand, this activity needs a specific space for demonstrating itself. On the other hand, this activity presupposes the equality of acting people. However, these presuppositions have been disfigured during the growth of the society. This thesis examines the positive political project of Hannah Arendt which stands as a remedy of disfigured political space. We start with Arendt's theory of freedom and contrast it with Isaiah Berlin's theory. Then we describe the concept of acting and explain why has been disfigured during modernity. Finally, we show why we can call Arendt's positive political project or regime as a democratic one. We identify two moments (moment of deliberation and moment of participation) which are essential for understanding Arendt's political project. Then we deal with the problem of elites which is explicitly in her thoughts. But we show an interpretation which is based on J. C. Isaac article that real political space for...
The presumption of guilt regarding top politicians as a political phenomenon
Frankeová, Anna ; Znoj, Milan (advisor) ; Hesová, Zora (referee)
This thesis is divided into two parts. The first part is the theoretical one. In this theoretical part I am describing the theory of speech acts by the authors J. L. Austin and J. R. Searle. These theories are key elements for the understanding of the main methodology written by the author Q. Skinner, that is used in this thesis later on. In the theoretical part I also define the presumption of innocence which is a commonly used term in law. The reason for this is that the presumption of guilt is based on the presumption of innocence. The other half is the practical part of my thesis. I am analyzing three real cases out of our recent political history. The first one is the evolution of the concept of presumption of guilt in the political career of Miloš Zeman, who introduced us to this term. I will also be looking at two very well know political cases of Stanislav Gross and Andrej Babiš. In the end I will either confirm or refute the hypothesis. Key words: Presumption of innocence, presumption of guilt, theory of speech acts, the performative role of language, legal state, democratic values
Deemocracy and Sortition: Historical and Theoretical Perspective
Kubíková, Kateřina ; Bíba, Jan (advisor) ; Znoj, Milan (referee)
The thesis deals with the historical perspective of the sortition in the period of the Athenian democracy and the Italian city republics of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. The thesis tries to reveal the potential of the sortition and the reasons why the sortition was used as a primary tool for choosing citizens for public offices. The objective of the thesis is to find the potential of the sortition for contemporary liberal democracy. The thesis follows two historical cases in which the sortition was viewed as a democratic (or civil) instrument that breaks personal relations and limits the power of elite groups in the society. In this sense, the sortition should help to widen the civic participation in public affairs, to provide equal and fair distribution of public offices within the society, and to prevent corruption and factionalism.
Democratization in Ukraine after the Maidan in the period 2014-2019
Honda, Myroslava ; Znoj, Milan (advisor) ; Doubek, Vratislav (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with Ukraine and its political transition to democracy, which is linked to the declaration of independence in the 1990s. Presently, the political system in Ukraine, despite its liberalization efforts, is ranked among hybrid regimes as it fulfills the elements of both, democracy and competitive authoritarianism. Key terms: democracy, liberalism and neo- liberalism, for this one-case study, are defined in the theoretical part of the thesis. These concepts are used in a practical part that deals with political development since the declaration of independence to the Maidan and the subsequent five years up to the presidential elections held in March 2019. In conclusion, it is shown whether the political system in Ukraine inclines towards the liberal democracy, or, on the contrary, if it has turned back to the authoritarian and nationalist regime.
Two paths to freedom: Romania and Czechoslovakia
Bartušková, Viktorie ; Štefek, Martin (advisor) ; Znoj, Milan (referee)
The subject of my bachelor's thesis is a comparison of the two communist regimes of Czechoslovakia and Romania. Upon closer examination, we find that these two regimes differed significantly from one another. I chose these two countries consciously as examples of two extremes. On the one hand, Czechoslovakia is an example of the smooth transition to democracy without any greater conflict. On the other hand, there is Romania with its atypical regime and its violent end to the communist era. For Romania, the timeframe covered by this paper ranges from 1969 (Nicolae Ceaușescu's ascent to power) to 1990, when the first free elections were held in the country. For Czechoslovakia, the timeframe is from 1970 (the start of Normalization) to 1990 - also when the first free parliamentary elections were held. I will describe the regime in each country, the atmosphere in Romania and in Czechoslovakia in 1989, and the end of the communist regime in both countries, including the path to the first free elections.
The popularly elected president as a plebiscitarian element in the Czech political system
Vostrčil, Jan ; Bíba, Jan (advisor) ; Znoj, Milan (referee)
The diploma thesis will deal with examining the position of a directly elected president through a plebiscitary approach to the democracy. This approach is based on the idea that contemporary democracy based on vocal power of the people becomes a dangerous fiction in eyes of the theorists of plebiscitarism. Their statements are supported by several trends, among other things, the increasing importance of mass media, or the personalization of politics itself, that significantly reduce means ordinary citizens to participate in political decisions. The Czech Republic is no exception and the introduction of the popular election of the president can be considered as the most visible outcome of these trends. Despite the often negative connotations associated with the notion of plebiscitarism in the past, as well as with certain modifications provided by Jeffrey Green and other contemporary political theorists of plebiscitary democracy, it can be considered as a the most suitable mean of controlling the activities of politicians, even the popularly elected president. The main goal of my diploma thesis is to describe a several theoretical approaches that deal with a plebiscitary democracy as possible alternative to solving issues related to contemporary democracies. These appeals to "the other sense(s)"...
Euroskepticism and it's manifistation on the exaple of ČSSD and ODS
Pirogova, Miroslava ; Štefek, Martin (advisor) ; Znoj, Milan (referee)
In this bachelor paper author tried not only to explain the term "euroscepticism", to describe various theories and concepts of euroscepticism and to choose the most suitable concept for the analysis of euroscepticism but also to examine the manifestations of euroscepticism in two Czech political parties - ČSSD and ODS - from 2006 to 2018. The theoretical part is devoted to defining the term "euroscepticism", its origin and contemporary concept. I tried to explain the definition of term "euroscepticism" by means of the basic literature on the given topic, such as the work of Taggart, Kopecky and Mudd, Flood etc. Using the theoretical part, I tried to put chosen political parties into one of the euroscepticism typologies. In my research of manifestations of euroscepticism, I have been using party program documents and information from the ODS and ČSSD websites. In addition, I used Czech-language literature on this topic (Euroscepticism in the Czech Republic), data from the sociological surveys of STEM and CVVM, records of voting in the Parliament of the Czech Republic and speeches of selected members from both political parties. I chose those parties because I suppose that both are substantial competing parties that deserves attention when examining the problem of euroscepticism in the Czech...
Conservative Criticism of Obamacare and its Transformation in the Context of Donald Trump Running for President
Leichterová, Jana ; Znoj, Milan (advisor) ; Hesová, Zora (referee)
Jana Leichterová Conservative Criticism of Obamacare and its Transformation in the Context of Donald Trump Running for President Abstract The thesis deals with the debate over the health care reforms in the United States. It focuses specifically on the debate over the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, a health care reform initiated by President Barack Obama that was signed into law in March 2010. The goal of the thesis is to identify the main arguments of the conservative criticism of the Affordable Care Act, and to determine whether the debate transformed with the emergence of Donald Trump onto the political scene. The thesis provides historical context of the three main approaches to the health care policies in the United States throughout the 20th century: the Social Security path of strong government in the 1930s, the mixed "American way" with government providing social benefits to citizens through private institutions in the 1970s, and the approach of unregulated free market since the 1980s. Obama's health care originates in the urge for a national solution of the high number of uninsured citizens (more than 50 million in 2009) and rising cost of health care. The reform has three essential pillars: 1. the reform of the health insurance market that unifies the diverse state approaches and...
Political Culture and Czech Presidential Election of 2018
Novotná, Petra ; Štefek, Martin (advisor) ; Znoj, Milan (referee)
As was shown in Czech presidential election of 2013, surprisingly, selection of candidates for Czech president seems to be quite abundantly discussed across the society. This thesis is based on observation of presidential election campaign for the presidential election of 2018 and related aspects of Czech political culture. Considering the theoretical support of my conclusions, I employed crucial works of Czech and foreign theoretist's works on political culture from the perspective of political science, sociology, history and anthropology. The purpose of this thesis is, by employing the discourse analysis, to describe, how is the presidency perceived today. Building of that, I will link these acknowledgements with some specifics of Czech/Czechoslovak president and with elements of Czech political culture, as observed since the beginning of 20th century.

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