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Relationship between crying and prosocial behavior in adults: pilot experimental study
Zíková, Lucie ; Lukavská, Kateřina (advisor) ; Smetáčková, Irena (referee)
This thesis deals with the verification of the hypothesis, that a crying person can be helped better than if the latter would not be crying. The aim of this thesis is to carry out a pilot version of an observational experiment and thus identify the problematic moments and other variables, which might enter into the experiment. Mixed design was used to verify this relationship and it consisted of a quantitative analysis of data gathered from mood questionnaires as well as from the observational experiment and the qualitative analyse of data from semi-structured interviews with respondents. The thesis presents basic theoretical concepts and studies relevant for its aim. The survey results have shown that individuals are not capable of identifying the crying during the proposed experimental situation, because they have not paid much attention to the person concerned. The degree of attention towards a crying person depended, inter alia, on the assumed purpose of the presence of the crying person. The distance from the observed situation, the estimation of the competencies of the actress (whether she could handle the situation by herself) and the evaluation of the seriousness of the situation also played their role. It also turned out that when the respondent decided not to help the crying actress; it...
Comparison of content projects of land consolidation in the Czech Republic and the Central European region
The aim of this thesis is the literature review and comparing the projects of land consolidation in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. This work is based on the available literature, databases of public institutions and documents of Land office in Slovak Republic a private engineering office GEOPOZEM CB IN Budweis. The thesis includes the short history of the land consolidation until year 1993, when Czechoslovakia was split for two countries. Subsequently, the work is focused on individual files land consolidation, separately within the Czech and Slovak Republic, the selection of criteria for the comparison of various projects of land consolidation and analyzing the specific parameters describing the content of chosen land consolidation.
The historical development of land consolidation in Europe
The aim of this bachelor thesis is processing an overview of the development of land consolidation in Europe from ancient times to the present, in the form of research, which was based on the available literature, documents of the FAO and electronic database ScienceDirect. Bachelor thesis includes the definition of land consolidation, their importance in many spheres of society and the emergence of agriculture, whose gradual changes caused new phases of land consolidation. Particular attention is focused on the Czech Republic, especially from the 18th century, which is followed by a case studies of individual countries in Europe.
The issues of reserves according to Czech accounting regulations in comparison with international accounting standards
The theoretical part of the bachelor thesis deals with the creation, valuation, posting and reporting of reserves. According to the Czech accounting standards, the reserves were divided to the accounting and legal reserves. The main objective was to compare the reserves according to Czech accounting standards and International Accounting Standards. Many differences between the standards were defined. The differences in-clude particularly the creation of reserves that are created in the Czech Republic but not created according to the International Accounting Standards. The accounting unit selected for the analysis of practical data was VETAS České Budějovice, s. r. o., which worked only with legal reserves for repairs of tangible assets. Examples were presented to indicate the differences in accounting depending on whether a repair had or had not been executed, and subsequently the accounting was compared with the current legislation when an accounting unit creating its reserves must transfer money in the amount of the reserve to a special account at a bank. Furthermore, accounting for restructuring reserves according to the Czech accounting standards was compared with the International Accounting Standards. Here, the difference between the terms of time when such a reserve was created, along with the difference between the amounts of the reserve to be created, was presented. The conclusion dealt with the differences in the accounting between accounting units that create reserves and accounting units that do not create reserves, and the differences of the impact on the profit and loss and subsequently also on the corporate income tax.
Neurotic Disorders of Early-school Age Children
The thesis deals with neurotic disorders problems, which can, due to different causes, affect children in the early-school age. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts and their characteristics (neurotical disorder, history of the concept, early-school age, neurotical symptoms of children, disorders such as: sleep, somatic, food-intake, excretion, adaptation and anxiety, obsessional-compulsive, communication and speaking, sadness and depression, suicidal tendencies and behaviour). Further on it describes a number of internal and external factors, which can participate in the originating of child{\crq}s neurotic disorders. The end of this part is dedicated to the treatment by means of psychotherapy, psychopharmacotherapy, eventualy by means of relaxation. These therapeutical procedures end with preventive aspects and advices how to communicate with neurotic children. The practical part contains four briefly case reports of neurotic children, which lead to the understanding of the problem described on concrete example. Simultaneously it refers to the fact, that in many cases the disorders are a result of dysfunctional family environment.
Valuation of trademarks of Choceňská mlékárna s.r.o.
Zíková, Lucie ; Svačina, Pavel (advisor) ; Jurečka, Jan (referee)
The thesis is focused on the intangible assets, particularly trademarks. In the beginning it deals with the classification of intangible assets and its conception by the Czech legislation and International Valuation Standards. The main part of the work relates to trademark legislation, classification by various criteria and functions. It gets on with a description of the valuating methods. Practical part includes the valuation of trademarks in a concrete example.
Externí audit a jeho spolupráce s auditem interním
Zíková, Lucie ; Toušková, Vendula (advisor)
Práce je zaměřena na externí audit, a dále pak na jeho spolupráci a vztah s auditem interním. Týká se vývoje auditu, vysvětlení základních pojmů,právní úpravy. Podrobněji je práce zaměřena na externí audit, zejména pak na jeho význam, cíle a postup provádění. Práce by shrnuje především teoretické informace o auditu a podává základní obraz o auditorské činnosti.

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