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Screw, Thou Shall Hate the Political Prisoner! Bory Mutiny as a Means to an End to Strenghten the Discipline Inside the Prison Guard Corps?
Zeman, Kryštof ; Randák, Jan (advisor) ; Rychlík, Jan (referee)
The thesis deals with so called "The Bory Rebellion" case, the trial fabricated by the communist regime, which took place in April and May 1950. The thesis captures the whole course of the trial, the issue by whom it was iniciated , how the investigation and hearing passed. Further it describes preparation and subsequent realization of the political campaign aimed to multiply the effects of the trial towards the Prison Guard Corps. It also seeks to find out whether the primary objective of the trial actually was to strengthen discipline within the Corps, or there was also another aim pursued by the ruling dictatorship, and how , and if at all, there was any coverage of the case towards the general public. Some attention is also paid to the victims of the trial and their further fates. The thesis primarily exploits original files of the National Archive and the Archive of the Security Bodies. Key words Prison Guard Corps, prison, rebellion, prison guard, political prisoner
Implementation of Google Home voice assistant
Matula, Vladimír ; Štůsek, Martin (referee) ; Zeman, Kryštof (advisor)
The main goal of this bachelor thesis was to investigate the smart devices field together with technologies linked to it. Further, it describes the implementation of Google Assistant to Raspberry Pi 3 and options of controlling it via the Dialogflow platform. The thesis provides hands-on experience and is structured into two parts. The first, theoretical section focuses on Internet of Things and Device to Device communication. It also describes currently available smart home assistants and their functionalities. The thesis also describes the Dialogflow platform together with it's functionalities and options of it's use. The practical part of this thesis describes implementation of the Google Assistant in Raspberry Pi 3, development and integration of application created for it and the creation of home weather station.
Development of an Amazon Alexa Skill for Amazon Echo
Dobrík, Andrej ; Zeman, Kryštof (referee) ; Pokorný, Jiří (advisor)
V posledných rokoch nastala významná zmena v spôsobe interakcie medzi používateľmi a inteligentnými zariadeniami. Pre ludí je najpraktickejší spôsob interakcie s týmito zariadeniami hlasová interakcia. Veľa firiem si túto zmenu v interakcií uvedomilo a začalo vytvárať software a príslušný hardware pre tento spôsob interakcie. Táto bakalárska práca sa bude venovať týmto produktom, konkrétne produktom Amazon Echo, ich schopnostiam a požiadavkam. Nasledujúc vysvetlením komunikácie Echa. Priblížením Amazon Alexa Skills Kit a vytvorením a implementáciou nového vlastného Amazon Alexa Skillu pre Amazon Echo.
Implementation of the NB-IoT and LTE-M Technologies within the NS-3 Simulation Tool
Lubajo, Lubajo Moses Wolyan ; Zeman, Kryštof (referee) ; Mašek, Pavel (advisor)
Sítě LPWA (Low-Power Wide-Area) je možné v dnešní době realizovat bezdrátovými komunikačními technologiemi NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT), Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) a Sigfox. Každá z technologií má výhody i nevýhody, které danou technologii předurčují pro specifické komunikační scénáře. Tato bakalářská práce je zaměřena na technologii NB-IoT a její implementaci v rámci simulačního nástroje NS-3. Získané výsledky jsou diskutovány.
Utilization of Android Wear Platform for Voice-control Services in Smart Home
Frolich, Libor ; Zeman, Kryštof (referee) ; Hošek, Jiří (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the connection of smart homes and voice-controlled assistants. There are described used devices: Huawei Watch 2, Raspberry Pi 3B+, TP Link LB130 smart lightbulb and Intertechno ITR-1500 wireless sockets. Linking has been achieved through the Actions SDK, combined with a smart Google assistant. The problem was implemented by connecting a simulated home and designing a server application. The server was running on the Raspberry Pi computer using the Node.js. At the end of the thesis was solved the problem of processing voice commands and updating of the operating system of smart watches.
The "Ice" Phase of the Cold War on the Spines of Dikobraz: the Hardest Period of the Cold War (1947-1956) in satirical reflection of the West in the Weekly Dikobraz
Zeman, Kryštof ; Rychlík, Jan (advisor) ; Stehlík, Michal (referee)
The essay is focused on the way the West was being reflected during the most dangerous phase of the Cold War on the pages of the Czechoslovak satirical and humoristic weekly Dikobraz (in English The Porcupine). The observed period 1947 - 1956 is deliniated by two key events in the history of the Cold War, namely the Truman's doctrine in its beginning and the breakthrough 20th congress of the Soviet Union's communist party, which led to a certain relief of the harshest Stalinist course in the Eastern block. The essay seeks to capture main tendencies in creating the content of Dikobraz, who and what were most frequently attacked and why. Together with that the essay touches on changes in the editorial staff and an impact of the changes on its content. The task was, apart from other things, to show Dikobraz as an important instrument of anti-western propaganda in the service of the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. Powered by TCPDF (
Family change and its impact on the health of children in the Czech Republic
Štípková, Martina ; Kreidl, Martin (advisor) ; Sobotka, Tomas (referee) ; Zeman, Kryštof (referee)
The thesis focuses on the patterns of nonmarital childbearing and its influence on the health of newborns in the Czech Republic between 1990 and 2010. Numerous and profound social changes took part in these two decades after the fall of state socialism. Socioeconomic inequalities grew, a competitive job market was introduced and social policy was reformed. Family behaviour changed, as well. A more than four-fold rise of the proportion of children born outside marriage was among the most remarkable changes in this regard. Two research questions were addressed: 1. how did unmarried motherhood and its socioeconomic background change; 2. how did these changes influence disparities in the health of newborns by family arrangement. Data from the birth register are used for answering these questions and analysed with multilevel regression models. The method was aimed at explaining variability between contexts defined by time and space. Health of newborns is measured by birth weight. Family arrangement of mothers is measured with their marital status. Unmarried mothers are further split by the presence of a partner measured with the mother's willingness to declare child's father. The results show that birth outcomes on nonmarital children improved and marital status gap in birth weight closed substantially in the...
Application for Wearables Running Apple WatchOS
Singh, Kevin ; Zeman, Kryštof (referee) ; Mašek, Pavel (advisor)
Bachelor work „Application for wearable electronics with Apple WatchOS system“ deals with theoretical analysis of M2M (Machine-to-Machine), H2H (Human-to-Human) and D2D (Device-to-Device) communication and wearable electronics. Later in the theoretical part, smart watch Apple Watch is described, which contains required WatchOS system. During compilation of this bachelor work were created two applications. One was made for iPhone and a second for Apple Watch. Both applications are able to show information about Internet connection and the user s location. The application for iPhone is also able to store data in the local and server s database.
Application for Smart Meter Data Readout Using Zigbee Technology
Bräuer, Jonáš ; Štůsek, Martin (referee) ; Zeman, Kryštof (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with communication of wireless devices using ZigBee technology. In the theoretical part, the ZigBee protocol is compared to other technological solutions of sensor networks (WPAN and LPWAN) and its structure is being explained. In the practical part, a Java application for remote configuration and data collection has been created.
Applications for Wearable Devices based on Android Wear OS
Šmejkal, Petr ; Zeman, Kryštof (referee) ; Hošek, Jiří (advisor)
The semestral project "Application for Android Wear wearables” describes basic principles of the communication network - M2M (machine to machine), H2H (human to human) and D2D (device to device). It is also focused on wearables especially smart watches, available operation systems for smart watches and system Android, Android Wear. In the practical part is described functionality, design and structure of developed application for Android wear smartwatch.

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