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Feminity in the Work of Paul Leppin
Czielová, Simona ; Zbytovský, Štěpán (advisor) ; Schneider, Thomas (referee)
This thesis deals with female characters, concepts of feminity and gender aspects of the image of society and culture in the work of the leading representative of Prague German bohemians Paul Leppin. The subject of the analysis is both the prose work of the author (novels Daniel Jesus, 1905, Severins Gang in Die Finsternis, 1914 and Hüter der Freude, 1918) and selected essays (Venus auf Abwegen, 1920). On one hand, the analyses offer contextualization of intra-textual images of women and femininity in contemporary discourse; on the other hand, they are subjected to the relevant concepts of gender studies as described in the introduction of the thesis (especially Judith Fetterley).
Paradise lost. Crisis of Language around 1900 in the Context of Secularization of Language and Critique of Religion
Koval-Zaitceva, Olga ; Zbytovský, Štěpán (advisor) ; Schneider, Thomas (referee)
Beginning with the 80-s of the 19th century, literature starts to increasingly take language as a problem. First of all, claims of the language for reflecting the truth are questioned, and, consequently, it is revaluated as an instrument of cognition (mostly, negatively). Very often texts, related to a language conundrum, may contain either anti-religions argumentation, or an active use of imagery, tinged with religion, or Biblical symbology. In this work, the interrelation between religiousness, reflected in the text, and its approach to the problematics of the language are investigated. In the shadow of the crisis of the language of literature modernism, such topics as the process of language secularization, language origin, and the crisis of cognition and of a person have also been touched upon. As exemplified by F. Mauthner, W. Benjamin, H. Hofmannsthal и C. Mierendorff, different concepts of the language and ways out of the crisis, offered by them, are presented. Also, their way to interact with religiousness and and mysticism was taken into account. In the result of the research, a certain tendency has been tapped: in case when a language is approached as an instrument that has no relation to mysticism, it shows its incapacity as an instrument of cognition (Mauthner). If a language is viewed...
Ernst Jünger's In Stahlgewittern and Erich Maria Remarque's Im Westen nichts Neues - a comparison
Müllerová, Kamila ; Schneider, Thomas (advisor) ; Zbytovský, Štěpán (referee)
This thesis introduces the books Im Westen nichts Neues from Erich Maria Remarque and In Stahlgewittern from Ernst Jünger. Further is the thesis concentrated on the comparison of these two books, that is not only from the point of view of literature, but also from the point of view of history and social-psychology. The goal is a close analysis of the form and content of both writings, just as a comparison of the author's approach to the topic of first world war. The thesis also has the aim of creating a summary of the main differences and similarities of the writings so that it results in a general overview. KEY WORDS Ernst Jünger, Erich Maria Remarque, Erster Weltkrieg, (Anti-)Kriegsliteratur, Textanalyse, Textvergleich, Sozialpsychologie
E. T. A. Hoffmanns Nachtstücke: Der Sandmann and Das öde Haus - a comparison
Jurkovičová, Taťána ; Schneider, Thomas (advisor) ; Zbytovský, Štěpán (referee)
The purpose of this thesis is to analyse two short stories by E.T.A. Hoffmann, Der Sandmann and Das öde Haus. The goal of this thesis is to compare and contrast both stories and, by doing so, mediate a complex look at social and socio-psychological connections of the then era with regards to the contemporary. Firstly, I am going to present a closer look at the era of German romanticism, which will contribute to the understanding of Hoffmann's work. The next chapter talks about E.T.A. Hoffmann in the romantic context and his biography. The core of the thesis is represented by the practical part, where both stories are contrastively analysed. The analysis emphasises childhood trauma of both protagonists, which follows them throughout their lives.
Between Critique and Inner Emigration: Ernst Wiechert in the Third Reich
Bolková, Barbora ; Zbytovský, Štěpán (advisor) ; Weinberg, Manfred (referee)
Based on a narrative structure and historical context of literary works and other articles of the author, this thesis is supposed to answer a question how Ernst Wiechert's work reflects his personal and authorship development and above all his attitude to the Nazism regime. It shows in which points his early production is similar to ideologeme of German national socialism and how the author distances from them later. The thesis describes the character of his regime critics in political and moral polarity as well as the reason for the author's inside transformation from critics to Inner Emigration.
The Biblical Job and his reception in the German-speaking literature
Bendová, Adéla ; Weinberg, Manfred (advisor) ; Zbytovský, Štěpán (referee)
This master thesis presents the character of Job and his reception in German-speaking literature on the basis of three works of the twentieth century, written by Joseph Roth, Oskar Kokoschka and Günter Kunert. The starting point for the literary reception is the biblical Old Testament book Job, whose story, form and circumstances of origin are mentioned in the first part of the work. Following are the performances of individual authors and the interpretation of their works. The core of the work is a comparison of literary reception of the figure of Job in the texts with a biblical original. The subject of the study was, in particular, the question of how the selected authors deal with the biblical substance, how they use Job for their works and which meaning have the comic elements in their texts.
Pragues (night) life in Paul Leppins Hüter der Freude (1918)
Strnadová, Julie ; Hadwiger, Julia Nina Vanessa (advisor) ; Zbytovský, Štěpán (referee)
(English): The aim of this bachelor thesis is a profound insight into the novel Hüter der Freude (1918) by the Prague German writer Paul Leppin (1878-1945). First, the author and his work are concisely introduced. In the main part I concentrate on social and cultural life in Prague shortly before the turn of the century. Emanating from the novel, I compare the results of a textual analysis with the so far released publications which deal with Prague German literature and life in Prague at the beginning of the 20th century. In the end the reader should primarily have an idea of what social life looked like at the time in which the novel takes place. In addition, I want to find out how Leppinʼs description of Prague corresponds to reality and to what extent it differs. Due to the given scope of the work and the large amount of literature published in this field, it is not possible nor the intent of this work to present a historical study of social life in Prague. It is rather the matter of providing an insight into Leppinʼs ways of describing his surroundings because Prague always was an important topic for the author and played a major role in all his publications as well as in his life.
Bukovina in the work of Rose Ausländer
Pfannová, Daniela ; Zbytovský, Štěpán (advisor) ; Schneider, Thomas (referee)
This paper deals with selected poems by Rose Ausländer who is one of the most important authors from the historical region of Bukovina. The aim of the thesis is to describe various ways in which she portrays Bukovina and its capital Chernivtsi which was a unique cultural centre within the Habsburg Monarchy due to its specific multicultural character. The first part of the work introduces the history of Bukovina and its remarkable culture. A relatively large space is dedicated to this part since the literature and culture of Bukovina is still a rather unexplored territory in a Czech field of study, despite the fact that the culture of Chernivtsi has a lot in common with Prague's one at the beginning of the 20th century thanks to its German-speaking Jewish population. A short biography of Rose Ausländer is presented and her writing style is analysed with regard to the so-called Heimatliteratur (the literature of the homeland) and the influences of other authors. Furthermore, the thesis discusses several poems written by Ausländer during her stay in the USA and compares them with the way she depicts her homeland. She characterises American modern society as focused on progress which is in stark contrast to a peaceful and rather culturally-oriented society of Chernivtsi. The main part of this work consists of...
A female character in the Ingoborg Bachmannś selected short stories and her novel Malina
Širmarová, Tereza ; Weinberg, Manfred (advisor) ; Zbytovský, Štěpán (referee)
(česky) Tato diplomová práce pojednává o postavě ženy v díle Ingeborg Bachmann, konkrétně v povídkách Anna Maria, Vy šťastné oči, Štěkot a v románu Malina. Jsou zde shrnuty a rozebrány hlavní aspekty ženských postav - extatická láska a vztahy s muži, naděje, beznaděj a utopie, problémy společnosti, strach, problémy komunikace a problémy v době po zániku monarchie a po době nacistické. Hlavní hrdinky v sobě ukrývají filosofické poselství Ingeborg Bachmann, o které se pokouší i má interpretace ženy jako osvoboditelky či spasitelky. Abstrakt (Deutsch) Diese Diplomarbeit behandelt das Thema der Frauenfigur im Werk von Ingeborg Bachmann, konkret in den Erzählungen Anna Maria, Ihr glücklichen Augen, sowie im Roman Malina. Es werden hier alle Hauptaspekte der Frauenfiguren erforscht und zusammengefasst: ekstatische Liebe und die Beziehungen zu Männern; Hoffnung, Hoffnungslosigkeit und Utopie; die Probleme der Gesellschaft, der Angst und der Kommunikation sowie die Beschwernisse der Frauen in der Zeit nach Monarchie und Nazismus. Die Hauptdarstellerinnen tragen das philosophische Vermächtnis von Ingeborg Bachmann in sich, dem auch meine Interpretation der Frau als Erlöserin gewidmet wird. Abstract (English) This certain diploma thesis deals with the depiction of women in the works of Ingeborg Bachmann,...
The Snake as Means of Reflection in the Texts about Artists from the German Romantic Period
Balcarová, Markéta ; Zbytovský, Štěpán (advisor) ; Weinberg, Manfred (referee) ; Bartl, Andrea (referee)
The submitted doctoral thesis examines the function and performance of the motive of a snake in four selected texts about artists of the German romantic period and perceives the snake as an attribute reflecting the problems of the artistic existence and a way to the artistic work, possibly of the artistic work at all. When interpreting the single motives of the snake, three-phase procedure as applied by Erwin Panofsky in description of the motives in the pictures has been chosen by analogy for literary texts. The interpretation is based on the structural position of the motive of the snake in the text and its performance in the text. Subsequently, the principal role is revelation of contexts which updates the given motive of the snake - in particular they are biblical snakes, mythical snakes and a serpentine line as a line of beauty which was the subject of the period aesthetic discourse. The meaning of the motive of the snake in the texts is given primarily by the mutual interaction of theme contexts which is in the single texts realized by various ways. The motive of the snake as formed in the single interpreted texts is a highly complex motive in all the cases. Thanks to the possibility of connotation with the snakes from the sphere of the Bible and mythology the literary motive of the snake becomes a...

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