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Deaf Parents of Cochlear Implanted Children
Koryčánková, Martina ; Nováková, Radka (advisor) ; Zbořilová, Radka (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on deaf parents of cochlear implanted children. The introductory chapter of the theoretical part introduces both existing views of deafness. Second chapter describes the possible attitudes towards cochlear implantation - opinions of experts, of Deaf community and also of general public. Views of pediatric implantation are also included, with particular focus on view of Deaf community. The last part presents specifics of cochlear implantation in deaf children of deaf parents in the Czech Republic, Germany and in the USA. The main aim of the practical part is to discover on what basis make deaf parents decision about an implantation of their child and how they assess their decision. Keywords: cochlear implant, child with a hearing loss, deaf parents, cultural view of deafness, pathological view on deafness
Czech Signs for Selected Toponyms - Prague City's boroughs
Škorpilová, Karolína ; Zbořilová, Radka (advisor) ; Nováková, Radka (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with toponyms (oikonyms) in Czech sign language. The goal was to map the signs of Czech sign language for 112 Prague boroughs. The language material was collected by method of elicitation from 17 respondents. Subsequently, the signs were analyzed, described and classified in terms of the motivation given by the respondents (folk etymology). Part of the work is a CD with videos of the collected material.
Portrayal of d/Deaf People in Cinematography
Švábová, Adéla ; Zbořilová, Radka (advisor) ; Prokšová, Hana (referee)
The bachelor's thesis analyzes the topic of deaf people and deafness in feature-length motion pictures made by hearing directors. At the beginning of this thesis the author focuses on the terminology concerning deaf people, the relationship between art and deaf people and deafness, brief history of cinematography with the accent on important events concerning deaf people and deafness and then the author focuses on influence of movies on public opinion with the accent on terms stereotype, prototype and myth. Author afterwards focuses on analysis of the selected sample of movies. There are two types of analysis in this thesis, first one looks into purpose of the topic in those movies, the second one analyzes chosen movies in detail. The second analysis ends with comparison and evaluation of those movies. The purpose of this thesis is to make first insight into the topic of deaf and deafness in feature-length motion pictures made by hearing directors.
Czech deaf children and motivation to reading
Bohuslávková, Klára ; Zbořilová, Radka (advisor) ; Macurová, Alena (referee)
Bachelor thesis: Czech Deaf children and motivation to reading Klára Bohuslávková Abstract: The purpose of this thesis is to study czech hearing impaired children's reading and their motivation to reading. In theoretic part it sums up knowledge about motivation to reading in general, after that it describes need to motivation to reading at children with hearing impairment. The thesis analyzes main motivation factor for reading - the task of parents, pedagogues and cooperation of peers. Then in theoretic part it describes existing projects, which focus on supporting children's reading in Czech republic, and also projects focused on reading of children with hearing impairment. In practical part a project, which was realized in the area of Municipal Library of Prague and which targeted children with hearing impairment, is described. Following that, an interview, which was held with children during and after the project and with their pedagogues - tutors and teacher, is analyzed. At the close the theoretical knowledge from professional literature and knowledge gained during the project are related to each other.
The Communication of Teachers in the Secondary Schools for Hearing impaired in Czech Republic
Pánek, Petr ; Hudáková, Andrea (advisor) ; Zbořilová, Radka (referee)
This diploma thesis deals, in a broader sense, with classroom interaction betwen students and history teachers at secondary schools for hearing impaired in the Czech Republic. In a narrower sense, it examines a pattern of teacher's language behaviour and his/her motivation when choosing relevant language means during his/her history classes. The work consists of two parts - theoretical specialized background, and practical research. The theoretical part gives an overview of the relevant specialized terminology used in the Czech Republic and abroad, as well as a short insight into the development of classroom interaction between a student and a teacher at special schools and pays attention to the developmental linguo-didactic aspects in the Czech schools for hearing impaired. The practical part uses qualitative research as a means of a research method. I have observed and filmed history classes at three secondary schools for hearing impaired. As my research interests laid within the above mentioned research technique, I did not assess teaching methodology of the teachers. I focused mainly on the form of teacher's communication. Apart from class observation and filming, I also carried out an after-class interview with each teacher about his/her motivation for the choice of language behaviour. Special...
The identity of people with cochlear implant
Čulíková, Veronika ; Zbořilová, Radka (advisor) ; Nováková, Radka (referee)
Bachelor thesis: The identity of people with cochlear implant Veronika Čulíková Abstract: The bachelor thesis focuses on the issue of the identity of people with cochlear implant. It also addresses the views and opinions of social groups with which users of cochlear implants identify. The introductory chapters of the theoretical part are dedicated to describing identity in general. Subsequently, possible identities of people with hearing loss are described, with particular focus on identities of people with cochlear implants. Factors which can affect the development of an individual's identity are also discussed. Both existing views of deafness are introduced, along with the possible attitudes towards cochlear implantation. Opinions of experts and of general public are also presented. The practical part describes a survey among users of cochlear implants regarding the perception of their own identity, their chosen means of communication and their preferred social group.
The identity of hard of hearing people
Havelková, Pavlína ; Zbořilová, Radka (advisor) ; Hudáková, Andrea (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with identity of hard of hearing people. This thesis is based on the relevant scientific literature and is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The contents of the theoretical part are the identity and characteristics and clasification of elements affecting the identity of a person in general. The thesis focuses on identity formation of hard of hearing people in detail. The author also describes issues of subcultures, particularly the subculture of hard of hearing people. The practical part uses investigation to verify elements affecting hard of hearing people identity listed in the theoretical part. In the conclusion, the author summarizes the findings from both the investigation and the relevant scientific literature and formulates recommendations, which suggest way to minimize negative elements in the process of identity forming and support healthy identity development of a hard of hearing individual.

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