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Multifilter-based Image Viewer
Hanák, Drahomír ; Zavoral, Filip (advisor) ; Kliber, Filip (referee)
The aim of this work is to design and implement a photo viewer program that can save user-defined metadata directly in photo files. That way, metadata will not be lost in case files are renamed or moved. Other goal of this work is to design a query language which can be used to search photos based on both the user defined metadata and existing file metadata. Created program should have a customizable user interface for viewing query results, editing user defined metadata and query editor which has a code-completion (IntelliSense) support. 1
Static data flow analysis for Java programs
Mečiar, Martin ; Zavoral, Filip (advisor) ; Kofroň, Jan (referee)
This thesis proposes a methodology for an acquisition of dependencies between outputs and inputs in Java programs by using static program analysis on bytecode of Java programs. JaBSSA methodology designed by the author is presented in the thesis. The methodology is based on a construction of context-sensitive call graph of the analyzed program and subsequent construction of directed data flow graph, where nodes containing particular metadata represent inputs and outputs of the analyzed program and edges represent data flows amongst them present in the analyzed program. The program on added CD contains JaBSSA's implemen- tation, which serves as a proof of the proposed concept. Java program examples together with test suite generating results of JaBSSA's implementation upon pre- pared Java program examples are part of the program. These generated results are used for demonstration of capabilities and flaws of the proposed concept. 1
Optimization of Stock Locations in Warehouses
Douša, Daniel ; Zavoral, Filip (advisor) ; Syrovátková, Jana (referee)
Warehouses contain different sections with locations that are suitable for different products divided by their size, weight, and especially turnover. The aim of the thesis is to design a model of distribution and automated reallocation of individual products within the warehouse from their receipt from suppliers to delivery to customers. It is necessary to incorporate behaviour towards new products without historical sales data, holding minimum and maximum stocks at individual locations, and adding or shifting products. The main goal of the whole work is to find an algorithm for inventory storage calculation so that the customer can get his order as quickly as possible. There are also secondary goals. These include, for example, the amount of inventory needed and the number of transfers. The solution found, even in the case of worse evaluation according to the main requirement, can be a better solution due to better evaluated side targets.
Public Transport Timetables
Riedel, Lukáš ; Zavoral, Filip (advisor) ; Holan, Tomáš (referee)
It is in the interest of people using public transport to get to the desired location as quickly as possible. That is the reason they use search engines to search journeys. Most existing search engines are limited to a predetermined area or can only be used with a permanent internet connection, which may limit the user. For this reason, we have designed a customizable application system that allows the user, under certain conditions, to search without the need for an Internet connection. In the thesis we analyse mainly with the ways of finding journeys in timetables. Our solution uses an innovative algorithm that, with its operation and time required to execute a request, deviates significantly from most existing solutions. For the convenience of the user, we have developed a desktop and mobile application that provides the user user-friendly interface that can be used to search timetables and display current traffic information. 1
A system for 3D localization of gamma sources using Timepix3-based Compton cameras
Mánek, Petr ; Zavoral, Filip (advisor) ; Vinárek, Jiří (referee)
Compton cameras localize γ-ray sources in 3D space by observing evidence of Compton scattering with detectors sensitive to ionizing radiation. This thesis proposes a software system for operating a novel Compton camera device comprised of Timepix3 detectors and Katherine readouts. To communicate with readouts using UDP-based protocol, a dedicated hardware library was developed. The presented software can successfully control the acquisition of multiple Timepix3 detectors and simultaneously process their measurements in a real-time setting. To recognize instances of Compton scattering among observed interactions, a chain of algorithms is applied with explicit consideration for a possibly high volume of measured information. Unlike alternate approaches, the presented work uses a recently published charge drift time model to improve its spatial resolution. In order to achieve localization of γ-ray sources, the software performs conical back projection into a discretized cuboid volume. Results of randomized evaluation with simulated data indicate that the presented implementation is correct and constitutes a viable method of γ-ray source localization in 3D space. Experimental verification with a prototype model is in progress.
Searching and Updating Public Transport Timetables
Havel, Filip ; Zavoral, Filip (advisor) ; Škoda, Petr (referee)
Most of the people who use public transportation have specific areas of interests which can be used to cut down the transport network to several smaller parts. It is reasonable to assume that these people will want to be informed in case a change occurs in the restricted part of transport network they are interested in. For this reason, we created an application which informs its users about the changes in public transportation that concern them. We assume that for users, the most important area of interest are the connections between individual stations, which is why this thesis mainly focuses on the possibility of search for connection in timetables. In addition to this search, we also deal with the application's adaptability and we have implemented examples of expansions for various result outputs, user interfaces and data sources. To improve general user experience, we have developed a mobile application that communicates with the main application and displays updated timetables according to the user's area of interest. 1
IntelliSense Implementation of a Dynamic Language
Míšek, Jakub ; Zavoral, Filip (advisor)
In the context of computer programming, the importance of computer assistance is being understood by many developer communities. Developers are e.g. using the same well known expressions or searching method signatures in library documentations. Code sense or IntelliSense methods make most of these actions unnecessary because they serve the available useful information directly to the programmer in a completely automated way. Recently, with the increased focus of the industry on dynamic languages a problem emerges - the complete knowledge on the source code is postponed until the runtime, since there may be ambiguous semantics in the code fragment. As a part of the Phalanger project the methods for syntax and semantic analysis of the dynamic code were designed, especially targeted for the PHP programming language. These methods produce a list of valid possibilities which can be then used on a specified position in the source code; such as declarations, variables and function parameters. This collected information can be also used to a fine-grained syntax highlighting.
Framework for Customizable Autopilot Solutions
Raška, Michal ; Zavoral, Filip (advisor) ; Kruliš, Martin (referee)
The thesis analyses, designs and implements the framework for creation of customizable autopilot solutions for radio controlled airplanes. As a proof of concept of this framework a set of applications, which use this framework, is cre- ated. The result of this thesis is the extensible modular system, capable of airplane's attitude control, telemetry transmission and wireless communication with the ground station. There is great diversity in the components used by the system, which must be hidden by the framework. The differences must be encased in order to deliver required user experience for the programmers using the frame- work and the end users of the resulting applications as well. The tests, which validate the goals of the thesis indicate, that the resulting system is capable of all required tasks and ready to implement additional features which the end users might require in the future. 1
Peer-to-peer Network for Decentralized File Storage and Distributed Task Processing
Mirbauer, Martin ; Zavoral, Filip (advisor) ; Jiráček, Zbyněk (referee)
Peer-to-peer networks allow development of high-performance, scalable and fault-tolerant applications. The most widely used peer-to-peer networks are mostly single-purpose (e.g. file-sharing) and usually lack countermeasures aga- inst sybil nodes; typical task distribution systems are centralized, which limits their performance. In this work we have analyzed the usability of peer-to-peer architecture for task distribution and designed the required infrastructure (file storage and search) including evaluation of possible security features. In order to evaluate the proposed design's usability we have implemented a client ap- plication (node) participating in the network's function, allowing access to files shared by other nodes and task distribution within the network. The resulting application is multi-platform and can be extended with more functionality.
Artificial Intelligence for Settlers
Kratochvíl, Pavel ; Zavoral, Filip (advisor) ; Krijt, Filip (referee)
The subject of the thesis is implementation of the game Settlers of Catan for two to four players. Artificial intelligence for this game was also developed in this thesis. Moreover, genetic algorithms were used in the implementation of the artificial intelligence, so that a computer player was able to beat the average player of this game. Powered by TCPDF (

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